Top 15 programs for making music

Nowadays, not only professionals and experts with special equipment, but also beginner amateurs at home can create unique and high-quality musical compositions. The best programs for creating music will help in this matter .

Each of them is a professional or simple recording studio, featuring interesting effects, built-in musical instruments and options for working with sound. We’d be glad if you rate our selection of music creation software.

Rating software for music creation 2022

Music Production Software Review 2022
Adobe Audition – A simple and easy-to-use audio editor with professional tools for creating musical material. It performs batch converting of audio, cleans up noise, creates ringtones for mobile phones, works with plug-ins and audio CDs. Adobe Audio has a large selection of effects for great sound, convenient equalizer, multitrack mode, vocal removal and noise reduction options. The trial period gives a month to get acquainted with the product.

FL Studio (FruityLoops) – The application is perfect for both professionals and beginners in the music industry. It is an editor-sequencer that works great on different OS and supports many well-known plugins. In functionality, you can perform an elementary procedure for cutting a track or create a complex piece of music. FrutiLups has a lot of virtual instruments and a real-time gate, exports audio, carries out internal mixing, professional mastering, overlaying audio recording on a video sequence and a lot of other necessary options with music.

MAGIX Music Maker is a multifunctional and convenient product for creating high-quality compositions that can impress the user with the functionality and arsenal of virtual instruments. Music Maker works with different audio formats, uploads projects to web resources, records sound from different sources, supports VST 2 and various musical styles. In functionality, the user can compose, correct and process melodies, create interesting styles, use about 2000 loops and effects, use a mixer, analog of a drum machine and synthesizer. The trial version is active for 30 days.
















Sound Forge Pro – Professional music station with real-time sound editing. It has a built-in set of software for working with music, various filters and effects to make your work unique, as well as a multi-format converter for converting data. The software works with a large number of audio formats, edits multi-channel data, supports ASIO, VST and DirectX, and also processes video. Differs in accurate sound adjustment, good performance and high quality of the created material. The price for the licensed version of the utility is quite high, so the developers have provided 30 days to work in the demo version.

Virtual DJ – Decent sound editor with quality tools for mixing, mixing, audio editing and processing, simulating a DJ console, player and scrambler. It has a built-in CD and MP3 converter, works with popular formats, simulates vinyl records, edits video material and sorts tracks. The music processor recognizes musical styles, supports VST effects, simultaneously works with multiple sound cards, records works on CD and has a three-band equalizer. Also Virtual DJ has a karaoke option and works with controllers of midi devices.

Studio One – Utility prescribes high-quality musical material, performs mastering, arrangement, mixing and sound recording of compositions. Music creation is carried out in real time using MIDI and sounds of real instruments, resampling and normalization functions, interesting special effects, the use of an unlimited number of tracks and integration with plug-ins. The creative environment of Studio Van will allow you to realize your potential and embody ideas in a piece of music.

Mixcraft – Represents a powerful recording station that includes a large selection of virtual instruments, sound effects and useful options for processing music. The software allows you to arrange, master, beat mixing, voiceover, special effects and transitions. Midi-sequencer has many styles, high-quality samples and loops, records sound from a headset, processes video clips, supports multichannel VST and ReWire plugins. Mixcraft has a non-linear video arranger, controls key and tempo. The trial version is active for 14 days.

Traktor Pro – Creates high quality musical compositions by applying impressive special effects, tools and filters to your work. The tractor is popular among DJs due to the mass of possibilities of the musical environment, editing, mixing, scratching, equalizer and other useful functions. The software is able to read audio from any source, save work in various digital formats, import and export material, output sound card data, conduct fine adjust the bass and treble. The utility has a DJ chat, emulates a four-channel mixer and plays back tracks in reverse. The menu is in English and there are video tutorials for understanding the basics.

NanoStudio – Compact home audio studio for creating quality compositions with an impressive array of effects and considerable possibilities. It is a trio of synthesizer, sequencer and mixer. It has pads for generating beats, records sound from a microphone, supports connecting musical instruments and can work with hot keys. NanoStudio saves projects in various convenient formats, records and edits audio clips, supports sound cards and midi-keyboards. Despite the English-language shell, help and introductory lessons will help a beginner understand how the software works.

Ableton Live – This high quality product creates interesting music and edits video clips. It rightfully deserves attention due to the almost unlimited arsenal of virtual instruments, unusual effects and top options for mixing compositions. Full-fledged editing of audio and video material, mixing music in real time, creating audio compositions and using samples is available. Ableton Life supports various instruments, has a convenient mixer, sampler, synthesizer, electric and acoustic drums. The trial period is limited to a month of work.

SunVox is a multifunctional recording station that creates unique musical compositions using expanded and constantly improving functionality. The program looks like a sequencer with a built-in modular synthesizer and a classic tracker with optimized speech synthesis algorithms, an interpolator for a smooth transition of sound and modules for transitions. In SanVox, you can export and import audio, process multi-format works, record sound from a microphone, support plug-ins, MIDI and several sound systems. The user can preview edited and completed projects, apply filters and effects to work, and customize the interface.

Cubase – This program has a large selection of functions and settings for creating and processing music. The sound station creates and works with beats, has VST3 convolution reverb, tools for working with rhythm and vocal parts, high-speed MIDI sequencing and supports virtual equipment based on VST (i). work with audio, so you can easily implement even complex ideas.

Reaper – A simple but functional enough studio for video and audio editing. Creates high-quality multichannel audio compositions, mixes material into a single format, batch converts, dilutes music with interesting special effects and removes noise. The ripper works with all familiar formats, supports ASIO drivers, 64/32 bit OS and portable work. A multitrack editing and audio recording mode is also available.

MadTracker – Home audio studio to create music from scratch even for a beginner with a weak PC. A simple and easy-to-use utility that is not demanding on device resources and is distributed free of charge. It has a large selection of music samples, various instruments and effects, works with VST plug-ins and transmits sound in real time. By pressing the keyboard, you can simply register notes, adjust the tempo and volume in the settings, pause the recording, connect the instruments and ask the specialists about the work of the program. in the built-in chat.

AudioMASTER – Qualitatively edits sound files using a large number of decent functions and a variety of special effects. The wizard is able to conduct high-quality audio recording, cut, combine and extract sound, create sound atmospheres and apply interesting effects to the project. Has a high-quality equalizer, works with any material, edits sound in video recordings, records voice, generates ringtones, correctly extracts sound and captures music. The free version is only active for 10 days.