Top 10 purchases for the summer

Air conditioner
The heat does not spare anyone and can suppress the pleasure of summer sunny days. So, summer air conditioning equipment is – quite deservedly – the most popular, important and necessary purchase for the season.

Undoubtedly, the best option is a full-fledged split system , which is able to cool heated air in the summer, heat it in the non-heating off-season, and dry the air in case of excessive humidity. Among the advantages of a split system in comparison with other cooling options are wide functionality, capital installation and quality of work. There is no need for compromises in the use of an air conditioner: you bought it, installed it and use it. But its main disadvantage is the relatively high purchase price along with the installation. In addition, this is often not the most suitable option for rental housing.

So a portable mobile air conditioner can come to the rescue . This is a massive outdoor unit that can be moved from room to room and from apartment to apartment. It looks like a replacement for a wall-mounted split system, but there are nuances with the air vent system. You can watch our video or read this article for more details .

In extreme cases – a simple fan . At very high air temperatures, the fan will be practically useless, but it will help you breathe a little more freely, dispersing stuffiness. But budget and better than nothing!

Everyone who lives near rivers, seas and other bodies of water knows that with summer comes unbearable stuffiness and high humidity. Washed linen dries for several days, carpets, bed linen become damp, furniture swells, wooden doors. Excessive humidity brings not only domestic problems, but also becomes a source of poor health, a state of constant fatigue and lethargy, worsens sleep, and provokes an exacerbation of allergies. It spoils furniture and textiles, because of it mold can appear in the house.

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Humidity in the home can be combated with a wall-mounted air conditioner that effectively dries the air, or a separate dehumidifier. In a multi-room dwelling, it will be difficult to solve the needs of all rooms with one dehumidifier, but most home devices can be moved from room to room. Or you should choose a universal device with high air exchange and dehumidification intensity and keep all doors open while the device is operating.

The dehumidifier is a mono-device. Of the additional options, it may only have ionization, which additionally rids the air of dust and allergens, as well as the possibility of aromatization using essential oils.

We made it to the summer kitchen! Many people note that in the heat, they naturally do not want heavy, rich food, and even more so, there is no desire to stand at the hot stove and sweat even more. In the hottest periods, it usually draws on simple and light food: vegetable soups and salads, smoothies. Cool cocktails, lemonades, homemade fruit and berry ice cream are also the best companions of the summer mood. All these dishes are easiest to prepare with a blender.

If you plan to cook mainly drinks and liquid soups, a stationary blender is best suited for these tasks. The immersion blender in a rich configuration will expand your possibilities. The submersible part can be used to puree soups, make mousses, whip frozen bananas and berries into a simple ice cream, use a chopper to crush ice and mix ingredients for smoothies, use a whisk to mix milk and ice cream for cocktails, and so on

The blender is also useful for those who love long walks and hikes, as it easily prepares healthy cereal bars and other quick snacks.

Thermos and thermo mug
The best companions for fresh air lovers. For city walks – a compact thermo mug, and for longer trips and overnight stays in nature – a full-size thermos .

During the day, they can store cold water, which will remain so and will not heat up under the sun. And in the evening, on the contrary, it is pleasant to drink hot tea or coffee, to save valuable boiling water cooked on a fire during the campaign. You can also carry food in food thermoses, and this is convenient when it comes to short trips out of town: there is not always the opportunity and desire to make fires or fry kebabs on the grill. To focus on the outdoor experience rather than cooking, you can take a ready-made lunch from home and pack it in a thermos to keep it hot even after a long time.

The main parameters of a thermos, as well as thermomugs, are the volume and time of maintaining the temperature. Also pay attention to your personal convenience. Thermoses can be narrow, wide, with or without handles, with or without additional utensils. The choice depends on your goals in the first place. How to choose the right one – was told quite recently in a detailed guide .

electric scooter
It seemed that the peak of the popularity of scooters should have already passed, but these devices are only getting used to urban culture more and more firmly. Scooter rentals are growing in many cities, and people appreciate this vehicle for its portability and simplicity combined with speed. In addition, there is some share of children’s fun in scooters. You can ride them in parks or go to work and on business. For different tasks and initial data – different devices.

For example, for overcoming long distances, trips over rough terrain – models with a power reserve of 25 to 50 km on a single charge with large 9-10-inch wheels for confident driving on various surfaces, including pits and potholes. Such a scooter will be quite heavy and overall. More compact and lighter devices on small 6-8-inch wheels are suitable for easy walks in the park, children and teenagers. Often, walking models are folded for easy carrying or transportation in a car to a place of rest. The required engine power depends on your weight. Up to 250 W is enough for children and teenagers, and for people weighing from 80-90 kg – scooters with a power of 350 W or more. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the scooter to carry you on the slopes and maneuver, with a radical difference in load weight and power, the scooter may stop altogether.

Read more about choosing an electric scooter here .

Comfortable headphones

Have you been waiting for the warm season to finally go out for morning runs? For athletes, active and peppy, headphones will come in handy . Listen to audiobooks while running or walking, turn on your favorite tracks and put together the best playlist for your personal experience. For true audiophiles, on-ear or full-size headphones that completely isolate the sounds of the outside world. But in summer, in such constructions, ears and head can sweat a lot, and complete sound insulation is not safe for the city. A great alternative is in -ear or TWS earbuds .

Lightweight, compact, no wires and battery operated. Your only task is to monitor recharging in time. There are separate models ” for sports ” with reinforced fixation in the auricle, which prevents the headphones from falling out during active movements.

Don’t want to part with your favorite music in the rain or are looking for music for swimming – models with water protection and submersible.

smart watch
By the way, in order not to take your smartphone with you for swimming or jogging, a smart watch with an MP3 player function and extensive built-in memory will come in handy. Synchronize your watch with your headphones and choose the right tracks right from your wrist.


Smart watches are, of course, off-season. But in the summer, during active leisure and long walks, it is doubly useful. For athletes and adherents of a healthy lifestyle, the functions of tracking sleep, heart rate, the number of steps taken, calories burned, physical activity will be useful. For lovers of hiking – built-in navigator, maps, the ability to make routes, compass, weather. The latest features are also in modern smartphones.

Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm
[case – black, strap – black, 1.4″, Super AMOLED, 450×450, IP68, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, for Android 6.0 and above]
24 999 ₽ *
However, while walking – especially with a heavy backpack – every time you take out your smartphone to check the route, it can be inconvenient. In addition, frequent use of the phone quickly discharges it, and charging must be protected. Smart watches hold a charge for a very long time and give you access to the most necessary functions quickly and easily.

Children’s smart watches are a must-have for parents of growing children. With this gadget, you can safely let your child go for a walk without worrying about him. Thanks to the tracking function, you will be aware of where the child is now – the smart watch will send you his coordinates.

Children’s watch ELARI KidPhone 4GR
6 999 ₽ *
Thermal bag for picnics
And also a barbecue, skewers, sets of camping utensils, deck chairs, folding furniture … We published a complete set of all things for a picnic in this material . Here we will focus on the thermal bag . It is useful for trips to the country house, the river bank, to the forest for a picnic.


In summer, food spoils much faster: pickled meat can turn sour, drinks can cool, ice cream can melt, and so on. The thermal bag helps to keep the temperature of the food for some time. By itself, it does not heat or cool – it only protects against heat loss thanks to insulating dense materials and a reflective coating inside.

If you want to keep drinks or ice cream cold, additional cold accumulators are needed. Keep them overnight before use in the freezer, and then put them in a thermal bag along with the products. Nothing extra is needed to keep warm and hot dishes.

Isothermal bag Aceline NS-28
[28 L, Hold up to 6 h, 38 cm x 29 cm x 26 cm, Green]
1 599 ₽ *
Pay attention to the capacity and method of carrying the thermal bag. Also, some have external pockets where you can arrange cutlery, napkins, disposable utensils, spices and other little things necessary for a picnic.

Swimming pool
The best purchase for a summer house or a country house, where there is a pumped water system, and the easiest way to cool off in the heat. It does not need such serious maintenance as a full-fledged year-round pool.


For adults, the optimal solution is a frame pool . They come in different sizes, as well as depth and, as a result, water capacity. The average service life of frame pools is up to 10 years, and some of them are equipped with frost-resistant bowls and it is not necessary to dismantle them after the summer season.

Frame pool Bestway 56424
[volume – 5700 l, 400 cm x 211 cm x 81 cm]
14 999 ₽ *
The simplest design of the frame pool is rod, on a rigid frame and a vinyl cover. The main condition for installing the pool is a flat surface. Ideally, a pit is dug for them, but this is especially important for stationary monolithic systems. Rod or sectional (on prefabricated sheets) can be placed on the ground.

For children, there is a simpler solution – an inflatable pool . It doesn’t need anything other than an air pump. An adult person will not fit entirely in an inflatable pool, although you can sit.

Inflatable pool Bestway Fast Set 57266
305*76 cm, without accessories
3 599 ₽ *
Opening a tin can, pulling a cork out of a bottle, cutting something off, twisting it, unscrewing it – the multitool has many uses. And even more scenarios where it can come in handy: on a long journey, in the country, on a hike, on a picnic, at home, at work. A high-quality multitool can replace several tools at once, including kitchen ones, and will be of great help in unforeseen situations.

Multitool Leatherman Rev 832136
[14 in 1, tools – tool steel, knife]
Not available
Even if you are not a particularly traveler and do not go hiking, a multitool can come in handy all of a sudden when you don’t have a screwdriver, pliers, corkscrew, knife or other tool at hand. You can throw it in the car and carry it with you just in case or grab it. The most important thing when choosing a multitool is not to save money if your comfort or safety can greatly depend on its functionality.