Tiger 3 Loss

Tiger 3 Loss

Mumbai: Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan has suffered another major setback after his film ‘Radhe’, which is related to his upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’.

Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan’s Eid release film ‘Radhe’ proved to be a flop.

Not only this, now another big blow to the actor is related to his upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’. The set for the shooting of the film ‘Tiger 3’ was prepared in the month of March which was made by 250 to 300 workers together but the film could not be shot due to lockdown after the global epidemic of Covid19

Heavy rains caused by Typhoon Taute caused severe damage to the film’s set, although the recent monsoon rains made up for it, causing the film ‘Tiger 3’ to suffer a loss of Rs 90 million before its release.

Producers and directors were advised that it was better to demolish the set, after which 150 to 200 workers were assigned to demolish the set