The Tortoise Hunted The Bird

The Tortoise Hunted The Bird ... Video Viral

Seychelles: Can a tortoise hunt a bird despite its slow speed? If you think the answer to this question is “no”, then watch this video in which a turtle can be seen hunting a bird:

The video was filmed on the “Frigate” island of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa.
The woman who made the video is Anna Zora, who is also the island’s deputy forest manager for environmental protection.

The nearly two-minute video shows Seychelles’ “giant tortoise” hunting down this little bird with a slow, constant effort.

The video also suggests that the tortoise was injured because it was neither flying nor running.

By the way, turtles are known for their slowness and innocence, which often fill their stomachs by eating flowers, leaves and plants.

Some sea turtles eat algae (seaweed) while swimming and also prey on fish, prawns and jellyfish, but the majority of turtles are herbivores.

So far, turtles have been seen eating the bones and meat of dead animals and birds, but this is the first time that a turtle has been seen preying on a bird and devouring it.

This discovery means that instead of considering every future tortoise to be “completely innocent” and “harmless,” they must be careful. Do you know that they chew the hand of the one who feeds them?