The Real Top Budget Gaming Mechanical Keyboards on Gateron and Chery.

Good day everyone. Faced the problem of choosing a budget gaming keyboard. Since, like many, I did not particularly deal with this issue, I did not know the subtleties, differences and, in general, the need. And now, during the quarantine period, spending 60% of the time at the computer, I finally finished my “A4Tech Bloody B318”, the “light strike” key started sticking and decided, so to speak, to update my peripherals with a brand new keyboard. There are a huge number of gaming keyboards in stores now, and like many consumers, I decided to look at tops, read reviews, read forums and was faced with what is actually on the Internet: there are a lot of purchased balanced or completely unprofessional tops and information, everything is either ali express, or PR. And so I decided to figure it out myself in all this dense forest. To begin with, I decided to stop at the choice of mechanical keyboards, since I mainly play network games and it’s time to try it for a long time, but since I have no experience and my friends don’t have this type of peripheral, I didn’t want to immediately spend a large amount of money. And I decided to pay attention to the budget segment. Working in the wholesale trade, I know firsthand that the budget segment is not always bad and the top segment is not always such a top one, because almost all famous brands now have production in China, especially since, as it turned out, special attention should not be paid at all to the inscription on box and even more so for the price. After reviewing a bunch of information for several days, I stumbled upon the site found a very informative article about switches (switches), from there and a number of forums I realized that you need to pay attention to keyboards with switches ”

5) ZET Blade Kailh Black Optical and ZET Blade PRO Kailh Red Box.

Tolerable keyboards, the most budgetary from the list on Kailah with a clear skeleton design, with RGB clear backlighting, Pbt-dobleshot keycaps included, there is a TKL option. Quite an interesting option, the price quality is justified. An option for those who were looking for “Hator” in Russia.

4)Red Square Redeemer RGB.

I’ll clarify that I’m talking about the first version of the keyboard, since it comes with Gateron switches, and version two already comes with Red Square’s own switches. The keyboard is from Russian manufacturers, but it is made in China, the company also produces Dark Projekt keyboards, about them below. Of the pluses, I will highlight the removable switches “Gateron”, due to this, someone writes about backlashes, but this is debatable, an interesting, bright, unusual design with RGB backlighting. But there are a lot of controversial points that need to be said. The software is clumsy, the backlighting is dull, the materials are rather weak, the inscriptions, the fonts are quickly erased. At the time of release, it cost around 7 thousand, now 5 thousand, and for this price, in principle, normal understandable mechanics on good Gateron switches, with the possibility of replacement for each mode.

3) Dark Project Kd 1\2\3.

All three keyboards actually differ in form factor. Version 1 full size, 2 60% keyboard and 3 version TKL (no num pad). I repeat that these are the keyboards of the Russian company, they are also “Red Square”, which has only a group in “Vkontakte”, and on the official site you can only download the utility for keyboards. Let’s go. And so, these are “Gateron” quick-detachable switches, the possibility of customization by buying sets of keycaps of your own production, a skeleton with RGB backlight, an interesting font, the print on the keycaps is located on the end, so not everyone will go. No matter how I tried to understand why it costs 8 thousand, I did not understand. Since this is generally the well-known keyboard “GK61”, its price on Ali Express is 3 thousand, about which there is a rather large article on “Peekaboo”. I’m talking about the version ”

2) MSI Vigor GK60CR,MSI Vigor GK70CR.

Two very interesting and controversial options. I’ll tell you right away about the “GK70”. Regarding the price of Wildberris, you can buy it for 6300 tr, and since there is a guarantee of the best price, you can buy it here and I will describe it as “GK70”, because I mainly considered this option. Since the story with RGB lighting was important for me, if this is not a criterion, then you can take “GK60” there are no more differences, except for the TKL form factor in “GK70”. And this is the only keyboard for the money with real “Cherry MX” switches, great RGB backlighting, great software, good functionality, great materials, skeleton, a set of Pbt-dobleshot keycaps. And for the money, this is a very strong device. Of the minuses, and this is purely a matter of taste, but the design didn’t work for me, namely the branded dragon and, as they say, in red “Cherry” There is a sand effect, but I haven’t tested it myself so I can’t say. But I repeat that at the time of writing she has a very tasty price.

1) Well, the first place for me both in terms of price and filling is Cooler master ck550 \ 552 \ 530.

Why it, design, form factor and colors for every taste. A clear brand, good updated software, simply gorgeous RGB lighting with a huge selection of modes, Gateron red switches, skeleton, Amron processor. Of the minuses, the only thing is simple keycaps, but this can be explained by the price. This brand usually gets drunk from 10-11 thousand. It is understandable.

Now I want to answer why there is no Razer, Logitech and HyperX, HP. In order:

Razer. The price is too high, plus the raiser has its own switches, which are not particularly favored.

Logitech. Overpriced, Logitech went their own way and, together with the Japanese company Omron, made their own switches called Romer-G and they are also not particularly liked. At the same time, we are talking about the budget 413, if we disassemble the older models and those who love the G710+ and G610 so much, then there we will see Cherry MX and the 413 is frankly weak.

HyperX. And the budget HyperX Alloy FPS PRO, made of corton and sticks, without RGB backlighting but with good Cherry MX switches, but there is a reasonable question, why such a price and it is the answer why I don’t consider this keyboard.

HP. I’m talking about the Omen 1100 and Pavilion 800, the price includes but the description is a gross mistake, because if you dig, then the switches on these Outemu keyboards, which are an order of magnitude worse than Cherry MX and Gateron, and Omena for this price even has no backlight.

I would like to say that this is my personal opinion, I did not want to offend anyone, but I would like to know your opinion. Which mechanical gaming keyboards in retail under 8 thousand rubles would you put in the rating. Thanks.