The most unusual and crazy keyboards. Part 2

As the name suggests, this keyboard is designed for one hand. In the presence of only 35 keys, the gamer should be enough.

Bastron Glass Touch Smart Keyboard
Smart keyboard Bastron Glass Touch looks interesting and futuristic. The wired keyboard is only 7mm high and has an aluminum base and a tempered glass top with an applied keymap. The capacitive touch keyboard has built-in vibration and audible feedback that plays every time you type.
The numeric keypad can turn into a touchpad and replace a mouse.

Belkin Nostromo n52te Black USB

Fifteen-key gaming keyboard. Anatomical arrangement of buttons, looks like a glove. Designed for large and very large hands.

Bliss Air Keyboard Conqueror Gray USB

In fact, this is a gamepad with a built-in keyboard. For gamers who sometimes need to type text.

Bliss AK05b Air Keyboard Black USB

Wireless keyboard with radio connection. There are 83 keys in total. There is a USB hub, headphone and microphone inputs.

Blue Orb OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard

If aliens used keyboards, they would probably gravitate towards the ergonomic OrbiTouch keyboard without keys. You can work on it without your fingers. Typing is done by rotating two spheres – the left one defines the color of a group of characters, and the right one indicates a group of letters.

Braille book

Designer Yongdo Choi has created a keyboard in the form of a Braille book – a keyboard for the visually impaired.
Soft touch powder coated ABS material makes this keyboard a pleasant to touch device.
















Breez desktop hand-warmer

This is not a keyboard, but a keyboard accessory from Korean engineers that I could not pass by.
This is a finger warmer. Imagine trying to type on a keyboard in the cold. Whether you work or play, this hand warmer will help keep your fingers warm.

Chicony KPD-0250 Gray USB

In the center there is a regular keyboard, and on the sides there are additional game blocks with oval design lines. The buttons can be reprogrammed.


Divided into two, this keyboard is both a keyboard and a mouse.

Cyber ​​Snipa Game Pad V.2 Black USB

Another keyboard for gamers. All the buttons you need are in place, but the drawing of the main buttons can be annoying.

Datahand Professional II

I know what you are thinking by looking at the photo of this mountain device. No – The Datahand Professional II is neither a convenient device for quick and easy amputation of fingertips, nor is it a digital bathroom scale for people with very small feet. It’s just a normal, completely incomprehensible $ 995 data entry device.

Delux Designer

The Delux Designer short keyboard has only 28 essential keys (including 12 specially programmable hotkeys) and a dial. This will be sufficient for most programs.
Delux Designer lets you keep your other hand free to use your drawing tablet and lets your workflow run much faster than usual.

Delux DLK-T9 Black-Red USB

Wired membrane keyboard with 48 keys. Has a symmetrical design. The buttons have standard functions and cannot be reprogrammed. But there is a backlight.

EIKS SafeType Keyboard

SafeType takes its own place among strange keyboards. The movements used to operate this strange, ultra ergonomic device resemble a strange invisible handshake. For those who find it really hard to work on this keyboard, the manufacturer has placed a pair of rear-view mirrors, like on a truck. This is probably the only vertical keyboard in the world.

Elgato Stream Deck

A versatile keyboard for content creators. You can hang any command on each of the 15 buttons. Each button has its own icon screen. It will be useful for all sorts of streamers and content creators.

Elgato Stream Deck Video Controller
Exponent Keyboard

This keyboard mimics the design of Thomas Hansen’s typewriter, and allows your hands to circle around the device.
Above the QWERTY layout is a set of orange keys that let you add whole words to sentences to make your typing sound confident and assertive. You can enter words such as Believe, Approve, Insist, and Disagree with the click of a button.

Fangyuan Keyboard

This is a regular keyboard, but with an unusual design. The cool blue color and neat design leave a strange and pleasant impression.
The programmable dial can adjust the volume or brightness. The built-in docking station allows you to position your smartphone or tablet at the ideal viewing angle. And the numeric keypad with built-in numeric display can be detached and used as a stand-alone calculator.

FingerWorks Touchstream ST

The Touchstream ST is a membrane keyboard with a twist: it accepts multi-button input. Unfortunately, this device is no longer for sale since Apple acquired FingerWorks and its patents in 2005.

Fucktron glass keyboard

The keyboard doesn’t just have a funny name. It can be used as a keyboard, general display, or even a game console. With its transparent OLED touchscreen display, users can change the keyboard layout, background, and color scheme at the touch of a button. Not only can it be used as an input device, but it can also be turned into a striking aesthetic element that will add flavor to your desktop.

This completes the second part of the review. Write in the comments which keyboard you like best.