The most realistic gaming simulations

Despite the fact that most gamers regard games as light entertainment, there will always be connoisseurs who put realism and reliability in game mechanics at the forefront. We recall the most thoughtful simulators in which the mechanics are as close to reality as possible.

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is a truck driver simulator. With all the resulting road romance that many love so much. The game partially recreated more than 30 cities in California, Nevada and Arizona, adapted the realistic mechanics of driving trucks and loaded the game quite well with content, most of which comes down to the delivery of goods.

For those who want to see the underside of the life of truckers, American Truck Simulator will be almost the only opportunity to appreciate this kind of activity. You can add good (for 2016) graphics, detailed truck models and fairly detailed cities to the piggy bank of arguments. Interestingly, the game is part of a duology, which also includes Euro Truck Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

In the new part, the developers plan to raise the bar of realism to a whole new level. This is not about complicating ready-made game mechanics, but about trying to recreate a real map of the entire Earth. There is no question of any conventions – the developers will add to the game all the airports that exist on earth.

Such ambitions are encouraged, and when the developers manage to recreate a photorealistic picture, the game automatically goes into the status of hotly anticipated. At least for fans of flight simulators, of which there have never been so many. Not without a well-thought-out training mode, where players will be put on the shelves all the main aspects of the game. The choice of players is offered as a mode of weekly tests, and free flights around the globe.

It must be emphasized that this is a flight simulator, and not “flying”. Players will be forced to immerse themselves in the concepts of aerodynamics and master several aircraft control schemes. Otherwise, it can turn into a couple of thousand dead cells and a complete rejection of the game.

By the way, the new part of the series will be released in August 2020.

Fifa Football Manager

A cult game for all football fans who are not afraid of well-developed gameplay and the strategic component of the project. It’s like the Civilization series – to understand all the intricacies of the game, you need to spend at least a few dozen hours behind it. A couple hundred is better, no kidding.

Footbal Manager brings together financial, sporting and legal issues under one wing, making the game very close to real football, with all the intricacies, including hiring coaches, negotiating contracts, properly managing resources and team time so that it can achieve real success. For some, this will seem like a dreary routine, but for someone it will drag on for more than one week.

Gran Turismo series

Gran Turismo can be called a compromise between realistic simulation and racing games that the average gamer can handle. The franchise is a Sony exclusive and all games are released only on PlayStation consoles . It was the well-developed physical model, combined with a large number of real-life tracks and cars, that brought the success of the series. Not the last place the developers paid to the graphics.

The game can be perceived as an interactive guide to cars. Therefore, the developers attached quite informative descriptions to the fireballs. Gran Turismo also has a fairly good tutorial mode that will teach you the basics of the game and make it clear what kind of driving style is required to confidently move through the story campaign. Here you can’t just push the gas, as in Need For Speed, and from the very first minutes the game will make this clear.

Farming Simulator

A project that successfully combines genres such as tractor / truck driving simulator, plant growing and processing simulator, manager simulator, livestock breeding and much more. Perhaps it is for a large number of game mechanics, harmoniously integrated with each other, that the players love this series.

Farming Simulator is distracting. This is a very routine game, if not meditative. There is no compelling story or memorable characters. But there is realism, a sea of ​​everyday questions in the spirit of “you need to refuel the tractor / find a suitable field for sowing / process the crop / visit the horses / go forage” and much more.

It is almost impossible to master such a layer of new knowledge without guidance, so the developers have created a fairly extensive training system. The latest installment of the series features six different modes to introduce players to different aspects of the game: farming, fertilizing, pesticides, soil handling, baling and forestry.

The black

In this list there was a place for detectives. With a wonderful story, deeply developed characters and ongoing investigations. A project that has become a kind of benchmark for detective games. Similar gameplay mechanics were later borrowed by the craftsmen from CD Project Red in their most successful game The Witcher 3.

Any mission and investigation in LA Noire is a thoughtful, deep and interesting story that you immerse yourself in. Therefore, it is precisely a large number of details that creates the overall picture, which the developers did very well.


The game teaches how to conduct interrogations and work with evidence. The success of the mission directly depends on this. Perseverance, competent deduction and attention to detail are encouraged here. It also has amazing facial animation, probably one of the best in games in general (for a second, the game came out in 2011)

Forza MotorsportThe second most popular series of racing simulators, but only for Xbox owners . Forza is exclusive to Microsoft consoles and competes with Gran Turismo. Many gamers consider it to be one of the best racing games ever made.

The strengths of the project are repeated in the case of Forza Motorsport. An extensive fleet of cars, real tracks, an excellent physics model, weather effects and customization of the parameters of the car, which can obey the player, so that the control of the car can be customized.

Cooking SimulatorMy own restaurateur. The game is a must-play for anyone interested in learning about the behind-the-scenes side of the kitchen. The attention to detail captivates in Cooking Simulator. Starting from the fact that the player must maintain the right balance between ingredients and spices while preparing dishes, and ending with the arrangement of his kitchen, the development of the restaurant and the brand as a whole, the effective organization of the workspace, the purchase of products, the development of the menu and the search for new recipes.

The aesthetic side of the issue was not ignored either. Install a radio in the kitchen and listen to your favorite tracks? You are welcome. Too boring? You can install darts and practice shooting in between cooking. Tired of the interior of the kitchen? You can paint the walls, redo the ceiling and much more. Also, Cooking Simulator can be perceived as an interactive cooking tutorial.

Death Stranding

Only without jokes. This game has implemented the most realistic character walking mechanic ever seen in the gaming industry. Craftsmen from Kojima Production have thought of everything: the amount of weight carried on the character, the angle of the surfaces, the speed of movement, the height of the load.

Игра Death Stranding Special Edition (PS4)
Игра Death Stranding (PS4)
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The main character gained 60 kilograms of equipment? Be prepared for the tower on your back to stagger in different directions and constantly pull the weight onto yourself. Turned on the run and ran down a small slope? Equipment can outweigh, and the hero will fall forward. If there is a bumpy road ahead, you can easily stumble and lose all the packages. And if this happened next to a reservoir, be prepared for the fact that most of the equipment will be carried away by the current.

And if Sam can handle this amount of equipment without too much difficulty…


…the journey with so many parcels can drag on for an hour and a half of real game time. The main character will stumble, lose balance and balance .

Death Stranding does not claim to be a realistic and authentic game. But the walking simulator turned out to be as believable as possible. And considering that 80% of the time players have to spend long dashes from one point to another, such a mechanic makes you make friends with it and understand its depth.