The most common mistakes when using the TV

Many do not read the manuals for the operation of the equipment, because the first desire after the purchase is to turn it on and start using it as soon as possible. And guides on the correct use of household appliances and electronics are not particularly entertaining reading, since they are overloaded with complex terms and dry technical information. Therefore, we decided to make the guide in the form of “bad advice” to make reading the rules fun and interesting.

Choosing, buying and delivering a TV
The guides say that this needs to be paid a lot of attention, but this is nonsense. While you read all these guides on choosing and buying, you will break your eyes, and your brain will be overloaded with unnecessary information. Therefore, it is necessary to act easier. I wanted to buy a new TV – I entered the store confidently, quickly ran along the windows, chose the largest and most beautiful one – and went to the checkout. Trust your intuition and emotions, they rarely fail.

And in no case do not be intercepted by sales consultants, carefully build the trajectory of movement between the windows. And if you are still “caught”, then say the magic phrase – I just look – and look for the TV yourself.

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Refuse from discounts, bonuses, promotions and other things, as well as from delivery. Why overpay for it? Televisions are now light steel – Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 , for example, weighs only 17 kg in a package, everyone will carry it home even without a car, on foot. And if there is a car, then in general beauty. True, a box 140 cm wide may not fit in the back seat, but then put it on the roof. After all, the box is strong, it is not afraid of rain or snow.

55 “(140 cm) TV LED Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 black 42 999 *
Unpacking your TV

There is some kind of laughter in the instructions! It takes two people to get a regular TV out of the box and move it. And so and so it is necessary to turn, and press no-no with your finger – well, who unpacks TVs like that in real life? This is a simple matter – he cut the scotch tape, turned the box over, shook it, and the TV went off by itself. They are strong now, the frames are metal, nothing will happen to him.


Well, if you accidentally touched the screen with your finger. Just think, there will be a small black spot, that’s okay. Did you teach geometry at school? 55-inch TV screen area – almost 8733 cm 2 ! And the area of ​​the black spot from the finger? A couple of centimeters in total, you won’t notice it in a couple of weeks.


They also say that a TV brought in from the frost must stand and warm up to room temperature. Condensation supposedly forms inside. But what kind of frosts do we have? The heyday of global warming is coming. Now, if -40 on the street, and the TV was driven for two hours, then so be it, let it stand for a couple of minutes before turning it on.

Assembling and installing the legs

The box with the TV will have legs or a frame that are screwed on from the bottom. If the bolts are of different sizes, trust your intuition. You will immediately understand what and where to screw it. If the bolt does not tighten or is very tight, just apply force. And we do not recommend looking at the operating manual – everything is printed in small print. Until you find the text in Russian, it will take a few precious seconds that separate you from turning on the TV and the long-awaited football.


But the most important thing when assembling is to keep the stickers around the edges of the screen! First, the TV looks much more expensive with them. Secondly, when you call your friends to show off your new TV, you can read the characteristics directly from the stickers. Well, really, don’t you keep the operating manual close at hand? By the way, it should be thrown out right away, like other waste paper, not to mention the box one and a half meters wide – where should it be stored? And if something happens to the TV, you can wrap it in newspapers and tie it with twine, and so carry it to the service center.

Installing the TV

The legs are screwed on, it’s time to put it on. What can you advise here ? Put wherever you want. And it doesn’t matter that the table is wobbling, and the bedside table is very close to the aisle – it won’t fall! Bark at your pets right away: not only the husband / wife and the child will walk on tiptoes, but even the dog and the cat, do not worry. Some new TVs follow the instructions from behind with strings attached to the edge of the bedside table. Here’s a laugh, it’s a shame to be so timid.


They also say that excessive heating is harmful for TVs, but remember the school physics course. If heat enters the TV, then, according to the law of conservation of energy, where will it go? Obviously – in liquid crystals! This means that the response of the matrix will become faster, and maybe even the hertz frequency will increase. You can also put a TV set near the radiator and put it in the sun.


Manufacturers also write that TVs are afraid of liquids, but this is a relic of the past. Remember what TVs used to be? Large, square, there are a lot of ventilation holes on top. Now what? The entire TV is as thick as a finger, you can’t pour water into it if you want. And if liquid gets in, then, in theory, the amount of liquid crystals may increase.

Power and Wiring Safety

When buying, the website or sellers are advised to buy accessories – a surge protector and a voltage stabilizer. But this is completely unnecessary. Plug your TV into an outlet that has been in the wall since 1976. Well, it will look a little, but nothing terrible will happen.

Voltage stabilizer Powercom TCA-1200
1 399 *
Surge protector FinePower Standard 418B black
420 *
True, a “zero” may burn out in the dashboard, and the voltage in the sockets will rise to 380 volts, and lightning may also strike, but this is so unlikely, so it makes no sense to overpay for the stabilizer. And let the TV be constantly connected to the network, even when you leave for the country for a week, nothing will happen to it.


As for connecting wires, do everything the old fashioned way, by touch. I groped for the HDMI port, and you “rustle” with the cable connector until it sticks into the port. At the same time, fine motor skills are trained. And if you look at the location of the ports in the operating manual, you can be completely stupid, the brain does not strain.

And young people with their smartphones are completely lazy. Here’s how they do it – they put a hand with a smartphone behind the TV, photograph the ports with a flash, and immediately insert the HDMI cable from the photo. If you follow this path, then soon the brain will not be needed at all – the smartphone and Google will think for you, and the robots will work.


There are generally backward users who are stuck at the level of technical knowledge at the end of the 20th century. When connecting an HDMI cable, they de-energize the equipment – they are afraid of potential differences on devices and static electricity. This is all nonsense, modern technology has protection!

Ergonomics for watching TV

There is one “scarecrow” invented by doctors, that you need to select the diagonal of the TV to the size of the room, place it at a certain distance from the sofa, and adjust the comfortable brightness. What can I say here – feel free to put a 140 cm TV, even one and a half meters from the sofa. Everything will be fine, the main thing is 4K! Pixels at this resolution are small, sit down even close – everything remains clear. And it’s okay if the TV is standing a little to the side. Now is not 2007, matrices for most TVs are IPS or * VA, but the viewing angle is 178 degrees!


I always turn the brightness to the maximum, what is it that LED-backlighting and HDR are doing in vain? The eyes will tingle a little, of course, but the drops will save you.

And in the kitchen, if there is not enough space, you can hang the TV right under the ceiling on the bracket. You watch the news, and your neck muscles train, in 20 minutes your neck will get tired like after yoga! And then they fixed it – “ergonomics”. You have to think with your own head, not read books and manuals.

24 “(60 cm) TV LED DEXP F24D7200E gray
Bracket for TV DEXP AM-42T black
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Remote control, Smart-TV and picture setting
When buying a TV, sales consultants advise you to put good batteries in the remote control (that’s why you need to run from them, remember?). But it is better to save money and put the old ones that have been lying around for two years in a drawer. If it starts to flow, it doesn’t matter, disassemble the remote control and wash it off with alcohol. And nothing that the guarantee will immediately end – it is for weaklings.


Smart TV is generally a useless feature invented by marketers. You will be annoyed by the message that appears once a year on the screen “Wait, the software is being updated, do not turn off the TV.” Unplug the plug from the outlet at this moment, you don’t need any software, and it doesn’t matter that the TV set may not turn on later, maybe it will!


And you don’t need to adjust the image in the 21st century at all, everything is already perfectly tuned at the factory, and if there is any interference, you can hit the TV from above. On impact, vibration goes on, contacts “contact” better, because “electronics is the science of contacts”! Your grandfather and father knew that.


Cleaning from dust and dirt
When cleaning with a damp cloth, wipe off enough. And if the stains remain on the screen, then you can “polish” with white spirit. So what if spots appear or the glossy screen turns dull. When working, this will not be visible at all.


We hope all readers have understood that following these anti-advice is categorically not worth it, but you need to do the opposite. Let’s put together a list of simple rules that will allow your TV to work for a long time and without breakdowns:

Transporting large TVs is not easy, and you need to see in advance by its characteristics, whether it will fit into the car. Or order delivery , which will save you a headache for a small amount.
Unpacking the TV should be done in a comfortable, well-lit place, preferably with an assistant. Do not touch the LCD screen and be careful. After unpacking your TV, take out the instructions and read them carefully.
Do the assembly and fastening of the stand or legs strictly according to the instructions, using the supplied bolts. If you mount the TV on a VESA mount , be extremely careful with the length of the screws if they are not included with the TV.
The place for installing the TV set must be reliable , away from places of active activity and play of children. There should be no sources of heat and moisture nearby.
Be sure to connect the TV through a surge protector, and ideally through a voltage stabilizer. When connecting an HDMI cable to a computer or game console, it can be a good idea to power off both devices.
The comfort of our eyes when watching TV is very important, and it is worth reading additional guides on this topic .
A TV has long turned into a self-contained device with its own OS, and to receive content, it is enough to connect it to the Internet. But you have to deal with Smart-TV by reading blogs on this topic .
It is necessary to clean the LCD panels from dirt very carefully and not with aggressive liquids.