The most beautiful games in a tropical setting

We love interactive art for the opportunity to live a unique experience, to visit places that are much more difficult to access in real life than we would like. But in front of the monitor screen, everyone has equal opportunities. Visit the Amazon jungle or become a member of political intrigues in the depths of San Esperito? Fight for your own life after a zombie apocalypse in the center of the island, where life was once in full swing? In this article, we have collected a selection of the most atmospheric games in a tropical setting.

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Despite the fact that Crysis was actually a tech demo and a springboard for testing the latest computer hardware, one thing could not be taken away from the project – a revolutionary picture. The German studio Crytek announced itself along with the release of Far Cry in 2004, even then the shooter gave odds to the rest of the “games of the same age.” But in three years the Germans jumped over themselves.

After the release of Crysis, gamers were divided into two camps: on one side of the barricades there were fans who thanked Crytek for a new word in graphics and almost complete freedom of destructibility. On the other hand, there were gamers who felt that the game lacked depth and detail to the plot/characters. But it was impossible to take away one thing from the project – a stunning picture.

In 2007, such graphics could be called revolutionary.

The physics engine also added realism, thanks to which the virtual world did not seem static. Almost every action of the character resonated in the open world, from the movement of palm leaves to small one-story structures that could literally be destroyed to the ground. In Crysis, gamers were allowed to pick up any object from the ground, break every tree in any chosen place. Thanks to Cryengine, these game design solutions worked and were actively used by the players. The requirements for the PC were appropriate – only the most expensive systems could pull Crysis at maximum settings.

By 2020, Crytek decided to remind of itself again and re-released Crysis in the form of a remaster. 13 years of pause between the release of the original and the “updated” version of the game is a huge time for the gaming industry, but even such a time period has not turned Crysis into an obsolete project.


From a technical point of view, the game still looks modern. Moreover, the project will give odds to most modern flagships in terms of graphics, detail, texture quality and destructibility. True, the optimization has become even worse, the remaster seems to turn a blind eye to 13 years of technical progress – the game still humiliates top PCs with RTX 3090 level hardware. It is also worth adding the inability (or unwillingness) of Crytek to make friends with their engine with multi-core processors.

It is also nice to meet the sunrises here.

With such high requirements for hardware, somehow the game was ported to the Nintendo Switch. On older consoles, the game is even capable of providing up to 60 fps, however, for this we had to slightly limit the work of Ray Tracing.

For a hybrid console with hardware at the level of mobile video chips in 2015, Crysis in the “portable” again broke the brain.
And what, so it was possible?

Crysis has something to blame: for a frankly weak storyline, superficial characters, a short campaign, but it was impossible to take away one thing from the game – the project became a flagship that technically overtook the gaming industry for several years to come.

Game console Nintendo Switch 32 GB

[32 GB, gamepad – 2 pcs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, red-blue]
29 999 *
131 one
Stores: 9 stores
Dead Island

Hand-to-hand combat with zombies on a tropical island? Why not. Techland herself is not shy about saying that she was inspired by Left 4 Dead, a cooperative shooter about fighting the dead. But in their project, the developers decided to shift the focus a little – will it be possible to turn a session team shooter into a story adventure, but at the same time leave some of the cooperative mechanics and competently integrate them into a single project? The experience of Dead Island has shown that it is possible.

Dead Island: Riptide – Definitive Edition (Xbox ONE)

[18+, action, adventure, release date: 05/31/2016, voice language: English, digital edition]
Admittedly, trying to weave classic RPG mechanics with story-driven open-world play was a controversial decision. The developers hoped that the introduction of side quests would diversify the game, but in fact the same type of tasks only stretched the passage of the game.

It still looks good.

If we talk about the plot, then he also lacked the stars from the sky. The “zombie apocalypse” theme has been played into a lot of fiction, but Techland still managed to tell its story in order to repurpose the game from a regular Dead Rising-style zombie slasher into a solid work of art. By the way, there were four heroes here, each with their own background and plot. But Dead Island clung to another – a huge open island (the name of the game kind of hints).

Dangerous, but too beautiful.

Remarkably, the island of Banoy, on which the game takes place, actually exists. How reliably it was possible to convey the beauty of a real prototype is an open question. But the fact that Techland has recreated a beautiful tropical biome that encourages gamers to explore remains a fact.

Competent work of light and shadow, good level design and work of artists – each of these elements contributes to the atmosphere. Claims could only be expressed to the interior of the premises – many rooms were made too empty, such locations lost in detail, but as soon as the main character went outside, everything returned to the right places.

Despite the aggressive external environment, the picture in the game sometimes made me put things aside and enjoy the local scenery.

The decision to weave a tropical setting with a zombie theme was successful, and gamers warmly welcomed the game. As a result – a score of 80 points on the Metacritic aggregator.

Far Cry 3

Initially, the rights to Far Cry belonged to the German studio Crytek, but disagreements with Ubisoft forced the company to abandon intellectual property. And if the first part of the game was a shooter in open spaces, but made in accordance with the rules of the “old school” – one level, one map, then by the release of the sequel, Ubisoft decided to experiment.

Far Cry 3 – Classic Edition (PS4)

[18+, action, shooter, release date: 06/26/2018, voice language: Russian, English, standard edition]
1499 *
104Stores: 18 stores
Far Cry 2 has become a kind of training ground for testing game mechanics and implementing your own ideas in the open world. In 2008, Ubisoft was only learning, but by 2012 she managed to find “the very formula” that she would later use in all subsequent parts of the franchise.

The island was beautiful at any time of the day.

In a few years, terms such as “roadblock” or “radio tower” will cause Ubisoft fans, if not rejection, then at least some dislike. But by the release of Far Cry 3, such game mechanics were of interest. Later it was adherence to standard gameplay patterns that would cause the failure of later Ubisoft games, but at that time everything was fine.

Post-processing was chosen correctly.

The RPG component of Far Cry 3 appealed to gamers, while the developers intelligently pushed players to explore the world. Want more inventory? Kindly go hunting for representatives of the local fauna. At the same time, the gamer did not feel that he was being forced to engage in such a grind – it was easy to do without it.

Adventure awaited explorers around every corner.

Far Cry 3 is remembered as one of the most charismatic antagonists. Later, Ubisoft will promote this idea in all other projects, relying on memorable villains. Even 10 years after the release, the third part remains the reference, and the game mechanics invented for its release are still used by the company.

Just Cause Series

In 2006, GTA San Andreas remained the flagship among games in the open world, which worked on the same engine as GTA III – by this time the picture could no longer be called modern. In contrast to the clearly outdated Renderware, Avalanche has prepared something new for the players. Instead of gang warfare – the fight against the dictatorship and all sorts of attempts to resist it. The protagonist Rico Rodriguez is a CIA agent who is sent to the state of San Esperito in order to help the special services overthrow the local government. The plot and characters here were given a purely secondary role, since the game was a little about something else.

Game Just Cause 3 (PS4)

[18+, action, release date: 12/01/2015, voice language: English, Russian, standard edition]
899 *
fourteen 2
A clear emphasis on entertainment, some kind of off-scale degree of madness – it was on these aspects that the developers deliberately focused the attention of gamers, and, one might say,
they succeeded.

From the wild jungle to the metropolis in a few minutes.

The Just Cause series could not withstand direct competition with GTA, but the budget of the Avalanche studio lost to the opportunities that Rockstar Games had. At first glance, inexperienced users might not notice the difference. But an inquisitive gamer’s mind immediately noticed that Just Cause loses in the detail and fullness of the world. The attention to detail here is much lower than in GTA. But that doesn’t make the franchise a bad game.

Looked around, admired and ran further.

Despite problems with depth and elaboration of the world, the Swedes managed to create a beautiful island with many different biomes, ranging from the classic tropics, ending with snow-capped mountain peaks and even a large metropolis.

The evolution of the series in one video.

The Just Cause series can be compared to Indian Bollywood films. Jump out of your own car to grab a grappling hook on a helicopter and throw the pilot out of the cockpit? You are welcome. Hook the ill-wishers with the same hook and tie it to a passing car? No problem. Avalanche has created the necessary springboard for experimentation and follies. Crazy missions covered up obvious flaws in level design. Gamers valued the franchise precisely for this – nothing more was required of it.

green hell

The debut project of the Creepy Jar studio did not become lumpy. In 2020, the popularity of “survival games” was only gaining momentum, and the developers from Creepy Jar decided to jump into the hype train in an attempt to attract an audience in the nascent genre. The result is 78 user rating points on metacritic, which can be considered a victory for a game with a minimum investment in marketing.

The setting is the Amazon rainforest. The emphasis on realism is one of the key ideas that formed the basis of the game. There will be no zombies, mysticism and other magic. Only the fight against an aggressive environment. At the same time, game mechanics are not limited to the usual parameters like fatigue and hunger.

You can hardly find fault with the graphics.

The protagonist can die not only from lack of strength or bleeding, but also from dehydration. Monitoring health indicators is critically important here. For example, the game has a characteristic called Sanity, which is responsible for the state of mental health. Such mechanics greatly enlivened the gameplay.

The detail and attention to detail is amazing.

Stylistically, the developers managed to convey the surroundings of the wild jungle well, and, unlike the same Dead Island, there are no problems with detailing here at all. Dense vegetation sets the right atmosphere of wildlife and lurking danger, which is critically important for a survivalist. As befits the genre, most of the game mechanics are based on the creation of items. To do this, the hero will gradually expand his travel book. But even more the game is revealed in the co-op, where the very concept of “survive or die” goes to some new level.