The most anticipated Russian games

Recently, the text-based RPG The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante landed on the PC, and the survival action Breathedge said goodbye to early access. Both projects have garnered a ton of positive reviews on Steam. We wondered what other Russian video games will be released soon? Keep a list.

King’s Bounty II is a tactical RPG with turn-based battles. 1C Entertainment calls it a “soft” relaunch of the series. The developers drew a lot of plot videos, hung the camera behind the hero, set the scenery in the spirit of a harsh fantasy. There is no trace of the fabulous charm of King’s Bounty: The Legend (2008)!

The development of the story in KB II is influenced by the actions of the character. You cannot create your own hero – just choose from the three offered by 1C. The world in the game is fading away from a lack of magical energy and pestilence, so get ready for a difficult adventure. It will take about 50 hours to complete, and without the obsessive side missions.

The release will take place on August 24th. 1C previously planned to release KB II in March, but changed plans to balance the game and fix technical bugs.

Black Book
PC and console

The Black Book takes place in the Perm province at the end of the 19th century. In the center of the story is the peasant woman Vasilisa, a half-learned sorceress. When her betrothed dies under strange circumstances, she turns to an abandoned craft. The Black Book will help her to return her beloved from the afterlife.

Studio Morteshka, known for the adventure game “Man-Lost”, kept the genre in the Black Book, but switched to 3D and introduced turn-based battles using maps. Vasilisa will roam the villages of Russia, help out the villagers, drive demons and learn new spells.

While working on the script, Morteshka turned to Perm bylichkas and former communities. These are folklore stories, describing, as a rule, a meeting with evil spirits.

The Black Book will go on sale in the second quarter of this year.

Know by Heart…

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Adventure game, the brainchild of Ice-Pick Lodge. The studio is well known to gamers for “Turgor”, “Knock-knock” and, of course, “Moru”. Know by Heart is a chamber project. You will find yourself in a provincial Russian town and plunge into the memories of several characters – childhood friends.

Like the Black Book, Know by Heart has multiple endings. Black Book can be completed in 4-8 hours, Know by Heart in 5 hours. A PC release is also slated for Q2.

In parallel, Ice-Pick Lodge is making two games for iOS and Android (Neuro Fairy Tale and Franz) and is working on a Bachelor’s script for Pathologic 2.

The Day Before

The Yakut studio Fntastic (The Wild Eight and Dead Dozen), inspired by The Division and The Last of Us, is working on The Day Before. This is a multiplayer third-person survival action game.

The Day Before shows North America after the pandemic. The cities were depopulated. On the streets, in high-rise buildings, and in shopping malls, you will find either resource hunters or the infected.

You can explore The Day Before on foot or by car. There is something to see outside the city – take at least the secret bunkers. And Fntastic offers to take a break from shooting in a peaceful colony of survivors.

The Day Before is expected to premiere in spring or early summer.


2D real-time strategy game from Konstantin Koshutin, creator of Hammerfight. You will find yourself on the Earth of the future, where you will be entrusted with a flying ship – watch the crew, replenish resources, deal with enemies. There are several factions in the game, but not all of them need to be fought: skillful diplomacy will help out somewhere.

MicroProse Software will publish HighFleet in Q2. The company responsible for Civilization and X-COM was recently revived by Australian businessman David Laghetti. Sid Meier, the “father” of Civilization, has nothing to do with the resurrected MicroProse.

We advise fans of strategy, in addition, to take note of Revival: Recolonization about the restoration of the Earth after a disaster. Although the first two parts at one time settled on mobile phones, with the third HeroCraft expects to board the PC.

Darkflow Software is not only busy with the battle royale CRSED: FOAD In parallel, it develops Enlisted – an online squad shooter set in WWII. It now has two scenarios – the defense of Moscow in 1941-1942. and the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944.

Under your control in Enlisted there will be a squad of fighters up to seven people. One you control personally, others obey your instructions and are guided by the prodding of artificial intelligence. In addition to the infantry, aircraft and tanks take part in the battles.

Enlisted is still in the closed beta stage. Publisher Gaijin Entertainment also has a look at the multiplayer action Age of Water, inspired by the movie Waterworld.

Stalin vs. Martians 4

Remember RTS Stalin vs. Martians (2009)? She will receive a sequel with a four in the title. Stalin vs. Martians 4 changed the genre from strategy to isometric shooter. In the gameplay, what pleases most is the destructibility of the environment.

Comrade Stalin will once again drive out the aggressors from Mars from Soviet soil. Antique Greece and the world based on Lovecraft are declared among the decorations.

The developers jokingly compare Stalin vs. Martians 4 with Firewatch and Catherine. We hope this time the project will be remembered not only by the shock advertising campaign. The game will be released within a year.

“Soviet BioShock”, as the press dubbed the project. Here is an open-world action game where you have to fight mad robots. Atomic Heart has a colorful background. The action takes place in the prosperous USSR. Soviet scientists invented the Internet, holograms and robots that help in everyday life.

In one of the factories, robots are out of control. The KGB special agent must pacify them. He uses melee weapons and various cannons that are allowed to be modified. The soundtrack for the game is composed by Mick Gordon ( Doom , Killer Instinct ).

Mundfish does not specify a release date for Atomic Hear

Adventure game by Alexander Khoroshavin about an old man with a magic staff. The staff will help you solve riddles and defeat opponents.

The hero will wander the world of Selfloss on foot and plow the water by boat. Locations and animals were created under the impression of Slavic and Icelandic mythology. Adventure will be available this summer.

Song of Farca

Wooden Monkeys (Save Koch) will puzzle gamers with a 2D adventure game about a cyber detective under house arrest. Get ready to solve cases remotely!
In Song of Farca, you need to get information from suspects, hack smartphones and cameras, recover photos and videos, analyze evidence. The premiere is scheduled for June.

Puzzle platformer, where the plot is presented through interaction with the environment. The graphics are minimalistic. LightHouse Studio relies on pleasant animation.

In Ami, the planet is on the brink of disaster. The heroine, Amy’s girlfriend, rides a bicycle to the land beckoning with hope of salvation. No release date has been se

A fusion of role-playing and management game that has absorbed elements of Sea Dogs and Blood & Gold: Caribbean !. Snowbird Studio offers to dive into an alternative reality of the 17th century – into a world that survived the Second Flood.

In Feral Blue, you sail the endless ocean in a ship. A modest boat can be turned into a formidable ship, and at the same time found a city and collect riches from raids and trade in it.

Feral Blue has been splashing around on Steam Early Access since October 2019.

Of the curious Russian projects in early access, we also advise you to take a closer look at Atom RPG: Trudograd and Encased. The first is a post-apocalyptic RPG in the manner of old Fallout and Wasteland, the second is also an RPG, but with ideas from the Strugatskys’ Roadside Picnic.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Indirect sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker (2018). The first part, due to the abundance of technical errors at the launch, was nicknamed “Bagfinder”. Nevertheless studio Owlcat Games managed to “cure” the game with patches.

So much so that on Kickstarter, fans of the original poured over $ 2 million to the Russian team to develop Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. In terms of genre, it is still an RPG in the spirit of turn-of-the-century role-playing games. The action will take place in the wasteland of Worldwound, one of the regions of the world of Golarion. Demons are atrocities there. You can fight them in June.
Our list does not claim to be exhaustive: how many players – so many opinions. What kind of Russian video games are you waiting for?