The most anticipated games of September 2021

The summer calm has come to an end, giving way to autumn. And this, as you know, is the hottest time in the gaming industry. It was at this time that the largest number of projects from both AAA studios and indie developers came out. Let’s find out what game surprises we can expect from September 2021.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Release: September 2
Platforms: PC
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is an isometric RPG from the Russian studio Owlcat Games. This is not a direct sequel to the previous installment in the Pathfinder: Kingmaker series . You have to go to the north of Golarion directly to the “World wound” towards the newly opened portal leading to another dimension. The developers promise to fill the fantasy world with a large number of races and playable classes. For example, we know for sure about two new ones: The Witcher and the Oracle. They also promise to make turn-based battles even more varied and dynamic,
and your decisions will have even more consequences. Is this so – we will check already on September 2.

Anniversary tenth numbered part of the famous series of racing simulators World Rally Championship . In the new part, the developers promise to make it possible to create your own team with editing of all colors, improve the sound effects of both the surrounding world and transport. The list of stages will be supplemented by tracks from the current season in Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Spain, in addition, there will be 52 official teams in all disciplines in the game. And most importantly, players will have access to 20 legendary cars from the most famous concerns: Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford , etc.

Tales of arise
Release: September 9
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX
The sequel to the popular Action / RPG series “Tales of” , called Tales of Arise, will appear on PC and the current PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 9th. As before – to understand what is happening, players will not need to know what happened in the previous parts, because the story is completely independent. Tales of Arise will show a fantasy world that is in decline due to the “Celestials”, who, instead of caring for people, profess greed and self-interest. Over time, the people decide to put an end to this. Tales of Arise gameplaytypical of the JRPG genre: explore the open world, fight monsters, loot and craft new equipment. The developers promise to give players a bright world with colorful characters, as well as allow the use of unique astral magic.

Lost in Random
Release: September 10
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
Lost In Random is a fabulous action adventure set in the fairytale world of Accidents, divided into six dark sectors. An evil queen rules all this, deciding fates by throwing cursed dice. And not only she does this – all residents are unpredictable, and fights are a mixture of tactical combat, collecting cards and rolling dice.

The game was developed as part of EA Originals. This initiative allows funding for small studios and their projects, giving them more financial freedom. This is how the beloved It Takes Two, Sea of ​​Solitude and Knockout City appeared . Perhaps Lost In Random will find a place on this lis

Life is Strange True Colors
Release: September 10
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, NS
Actions Life is Strange: True Colors place immediately after the events of the first two parts. The plot tells about a girl named Alex Chen, who arrives in the modest town of Haven Springs at the call of her brother, whom she has not seen for eight years. However, as a result of an accident, he dies. But Alex does not believe in a random outcome of events and begins his own investigation. In this she will be helped by supernatural abilities that allow her to see, control and absorb the emotions and feelings of other people.
Release: September 14
Platforms: PC, PS5

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Lawlessness is taking place on the Black Reef Island, which means that this is where we go. Taking control of a professional assassin, you will find yourself in a time loop, you can get out of it by eliminating eight targets before midnight. The mission becomes difficult, because a mysterious villain is hunting you, who with all her might does not allow breaking the time loop. The cyclical nature of the passage is promised to be diluted with new situations – the developers say that each new race will feel differently. Plus, your fight against the AI ​​can be hindered by another player who invaded the passage, which, obviously, will further complicate the task.
The transfer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits was quite an unexpected event. Let me remind you that the release was originally scheduled for August 24th. However, the wait is coming to an end. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a bright and colorful action-adventure game. The linear story is about a girl named Kena, a guide for lost souls. To do this, she uses unusual creatures called “rotten”: the more they gather next to the heroine, the stronger she becomes. The creatures will help Ken in solving puzzles and in battles with various monsters. For the latter, a magic staff is also used, if necessary, transforming into a bow. This is the first game for the Ember Lab studio , so, despite the promising trailers, you should not rush to pre-order.
The legendary Diablo 2 returns 21 years later. What changes are waiting for gamers? Firstly, it is a much prettier graphics and support for 4K resolution. It is curious that the developers were able to make a seamless transition between the old and the new picture, so that at any time, at the press of one button, you can see where technology has stepped in over 21 years. In addition to this, you will be waiting for: automatic collection of gold and loot, a common cache for all characters, the ability to compare items, remote co-op, but an improved online mode for eight players.
Against the background of major releases, the release of Lost Judgment may become completely imperceptible , but it is worth paying attention to this project. This game is a sequel to Judgment, which will continue the story of private detective Takayuki Yagami. This time, he will have to sort out a highly convoluted murder case involving his former colleague. In addition, in Lost Judgment you will find Japanese flavor, several fighting styles, yakuza, pools of blood and interesting characters. However, it should be borne in mind that the game will not be translated into Russian.

As with Kena: Bridge of Spirits , New World moved for a month. But this is good, because as a result of the closed beta testing, a lot of problems were revealed: the requirements for the computer hardware did not match the displayed picture, the FPS fluctuated a lot even on top machines, high ping for players from Russia and other minor technical problems. The game itself is a new MMO from Amazon , where magic and technological progress clash. Gamers are waiting for battles in real time, pumping, PvE and PvP battles, a classless development system, quests, building your own house and other attributes familiar to the genre. The setting looks interesting: a whole continent was chosen as a location, to the creation of which the authors were inspired by medieval America.