The craziest games in history

Originality is important. We value games for their interactivity, the ability to make choices and interact with the world the way we want to. But sometimes this is not enough. Just as among artists there are Hieronymus Bosch or Salvador Dali, who raised the degree of insanity in their paintings to a completely unprecedented level, so in the game industry there are studios that can blow the minds of gamers with their level design, game mechanics or story. Such projects will be discussed here.

Earthworm Jim Series

Classic game console SEGA Mega Drive. Released in 1994, a game about the adventures of an earthworm in a space suit. It was a fresh take on the project among the myriad platform games that SEGA was known for. And if in the first part the developers only mastered the game mechanics, then by Earthworm Jim 2 they managed to create one of the most memorable platformers in principle.

Here, a piece of pizza spewing fire will act as a boss. C fantasy authors are doing well.

Each level here is its own separate story in absolutely different locations. Moreover, 95% of tasks are not reduced to the principle of “come from point A to point B”. On one level, players will be forced to search throughout the level for cows to produce enough milk so that the player can advance.

On the other, you need to swim in a salamander costume to Beethoven’s moonlight sonata in order to participate in a quiz. We will also be immersed in the world of office clerks, where angry cabinets with countless papers will be thrown at Jim. Players will also run around a level made entirely of food to escape the ever-approaching salt shaker.

Here the main character needs to carefully drive along the landing so as to dodge … falling grandmothers. If one of them falls on Jim’s head, he will immediately start hitting him with a cane, and gamers will have to start all over again


But Earthworm Jim is remembered not only for its cool level design, but also for its high-quality gameplay. If in the first part the players were armed with a couple of guns, then in the second part their number increased to a dozen. Here is a simple machine gun, and homing missiles, and triple Uzi, which are worn on the gloves of a spacesuit, and soap bubbles, as well as a brick cannon that kills all enemies within the visibility radius of the protagonist.

The gameplay is drastically different from level to level. Here, players are given control of a flying vehicle, and the camera will be transferred to a top view.

Katamari Series

The Japanese have always been distinguished by non-standard fantasy, thanks to which the world got acquainted with Japanese animation (anime), poetry (haiku) and a huge number of cool game projects. Among such projects, I would like to include the Katamari series (translated from Japanese – a block).

The meaning of all games is to roll everything that is around the main character into a ball. It can be chairs, trash cans, benches, trees, cars, bicycles, empty cans of soccer balls – in a word, everything that is within sight.

As you progress through the level, a lump of objects becomes more and more. Remember how everyone rolled a snowball as a child? Katamari uses the same principle, but the diameter of such a coma can reach several kilometers.

The more com, the more fun.

All this bacchanalia is added no less insane soundtrack in the best traditions of Japanese music. The game is difficult to fit into any genre framework. This is a unique project both in terms of gameplay and in terms of atmosphere, mood and the very idea that the developers laid down.

Goat Simulator

The game that made a splash in 2014. Players will take control of a goat that will punish the villagers in every possible way. Moreover, developers only stimulate destructive behavior. The more damage you inflict on others, the more points you will be given and the better you will pass the level.

Mischiefs include destroying shop windows, shops, benches, jumping on a trampoline, tying NPCs with your tongue (yes, yes), and dragging them around the city. In general, complete expanse for those who have long wanted to unleash the potential of a malicious violator.

You can cling not only to passers-by, but also to objects, thereby making twisted pirouettes. Only not with a web, as Spider-Man likes to do, but with his own language.

It’s funny that even the developers themselves do not hesitate to make fun of themselves and position the project as “a completely stupid game that is not worth spending money on, so it’s better to invest it in more interesting projects, or buy a real goat.”

Explosions, objects flying in all directions, the main instigator flying to another part of the level – this is normal.

The project has received such great recognition from the players that at the moment four additions have been released to it, where players will be allowed to control a tyrannosaurus rex, a flamingo, a whale and many others.

The Untitled Goose Game

The parade of games where players can take control of animals does not end there. This time we will talk about the goose simulator. And if Goat Sumulator caused great delight among gamers, then The Untitled Goose Game literally blew up the gaming industry, receiving many awards.

Purely technically, the project can be classified as a stealth genre. Unlike Goat Simulator, dirty tricks will have to be performed quietly until the victims see it. Otherwise, the goose can be caught red-handed and we will be told that the prank failed.

Bases as an obligatory part of the program.

So what can our main character do? He can cackle, sneak, flap his wings and take in his beak objects that fit in it. With this arsenal, the player is launched into a small English village, which is a huge sandbox field for mischief.

Sometimes the goose changes with the villagers, and in this case it is not him who starts to scare, but he himself. Yes, we can be bold.

The game boasts cool animation, nice graphics and an absolutely minimalistic approach to gameplay. This is the case when the game goes beyond the gaming industry and becomes something of a local meme. Only now the meme has become global.

In the first three months of the game, over a million copies of the game were sold, which made it a commercially successful project, and the guys from House House were elevated to the rank of talented developers who do not hesitate to do funny and high quality.

postal 2

One of the most reckless action from the first person. To understand why the crazy ones, it is enough to list what the main character can do here.

Put cats on the muffler of a machine gun, urinate, tear off heads with a shovel, pour gasoline on people and set them on fire, kick everything that gets under the character’s gaze, humiliate people, kill policemen. And this is only a part of the gameplay mechanics implemented in the game.

The main character’s name is “Dude” and he lives in a trailer with his girlfriend. What else can you expect from a hero with such a low social status?

The level of cruelty here borders on the level of absurdity that the main character will face. The developers themselves are pushing the players to commit some crazy things.

Mountains of dead NPCs, a shovel in their hands, pools of blood are the standard everyday life of gamers who like to have fun in Postal 2. Cruel, cynical, but interesting.

In no case can the game be recommended to children and people with a weak psyche. The approach of the developers does not make the game worse, quite the contrary – this is a niche product from people who are not afraid to introduce such crazy things into the project.

I am Bread

The protagonist does not have to be an animated character. In this case, gamers will take control of … a piece of bread. What else can you expect from a game called “I am Bread”? Contrary to the common sense of the players, our piece of bread can move around, cling to any objects on the level, and even move and break them.

Particularly noteworthy is the system of interaction with other objects. If the player breaks a jar of jam, the physical properties of the piece of bread will change, making it more slippery and its movements more fluid.

This is how the day of an ordinary piece of bread begins. You can grab onto everything that is within sight, and some objects (like salt shakers, jars of jam and other fragile items) can even be broken.

This is not to say that the game boasts a variety of gameplay. But the developers do not focus on this, but on the unlimited amount of fun that the player receives during the “passage” and the opportunity to get used to a piece of bread, looking at life through his eyes.


Tim Schafer can be called the Tim Burton of the gaming industry. Both of them focus on the original plot, memorable characters and their fictional, unlike anything, universe.

If we talk about genres, then Psychonauts can be called a three-dimensional platformer with elements of simple puzzles. But in fact, this is a psychological adventure about what jungle of the mind you can get into if you choose the profession of a Psychonaut as a profession.

Surrealism at its finest

No references to psychoactive substances (no, what are you), but this Schafer project can blow the mind of anyone who is prone to reflection, the search for deep meaning and just smart, deep people.

Under the veil of humorous and satirical narrative lies a completely new, deeper layer, which not everyone will see. And this very double depth is very captivating.

Psychonauts boasts a nice open world where the hero will be allowed to run between missions.

But even if we discard the philosophical aspect of the game, Psychonauts is still beautiful, beautiful in terms of game design and just an interesting platformer that is a pleasure to play.