The coolest homemade products from the grinder

Bulgarian, she is an angle grinder (angle grinder) is very traumatic. Therefore, you need to use it with extreme caution, in compliance with all safety rules.On the other hand, the grinder is one of the best-selling and actively used tools, which is often “modernized”. Competently implemented homemade products can be quite practical and safe, and many of the upgrades just increase this safety.

Wall chaser
For those who “on duty” have to constantly cut grooves, it makes sense to spend money once and purchase a specialized tool. But if you install a pair of disks on a stone on the angle grinder, then you can get by with a much more modest investment.

The main difficulty is that the grinder shaft is usually too short and it is impossible to put two diamond circles on it at once. As a way out – you need to make or buy such an adapter nut that would press the first disc and at the same time be a seat for the second.

Naturally, such an alteration does not make any sense if you do not organize high-quality dust removal. Many users make the casing themselves, but you can also purchase a factory nozzle with a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner and with a support platform.

Cross-cut tool on a stand
Mobility is one of the most valuable qualities of the grinder. But sometimes you need to make some blanks – that is, you can use the workbench while in a comfortable stationary position. In such cases, an excellent option would be to fix the angle grinder
in the “rack”.

There are a lot of design solutions. For example, in addition to traditional pendulum configurations, there are vertical configurations. The most interesting homemade products are endowed with return springs, a massive side plate, adjustable cutting angles, and a reliable multi-position clamp for the workpiece.

In fact, we have before us a more advanced analogue of the grinder, fixed in the rack. The main difference between such a homemade product is the organization of the “broach”. To do this, it is necessary to make a high-quality stable bed and, for example, with the help of bearings, organize a smooth movement of the cutting unit along a fixed workpiece. It can be various kinds of rolled metal, from sheets to a corner or a square pipe.

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Circulating machine
The purpose of this tool, created on the basis of angle grinders, is the same as that of a grinder on a stand or a grinder with a broach. Sometimes it is more convenient to work on such a machine, but in general it is only a matter of taste, which layout to choose. By the way, this is probably the only home-made option where a toothed disc on wood can be us
In order to finally close the topic with cutting homemade products for angle grinders, we need to mention the support platforms, the main purpose of which is to regulate the depth of immersion of the disc into the material and to make it easier to cut blanks in a straight line.

Grinder (grain crusher)
In general, the design of the tool is very similar to a household coffee grinder. The idea is
to attach a plate knife to the shaft instead of a disc. Instead of a container, people use metal or plastic buckets, as well as pots “written off” from the kitchen.

Taking care of the site with the help of a grinder is not a utopia, but a completely useful life hack. All the more so if you have an old angle grinder at hand, which is not really a pity. The Kulibins follow different paths. Some build rather serious devices on two or four wheels, getting a stable and fairly productive lawn mower.

Sometimes, even a modern cordless tool is used as a drive for equipment. And sometimes, everything is limited to the creation of a compact and maneuverable trimmer
with one wheel or none at all. In order not to overload the tired grinder and for safety reasons, metal knives are usually not used here. A fishing line is used, which is attached directly to the nut. You can also attach the line to a plastic sanding disc.

Grinding (sharpening) machine
Everything is simple here. The grinder is permanently installed on a table or on a homemade bed. A disc-plate with emery or a disc with abrasive petals is attached to the shaft of the angle grinder. For precise sharpening, such a machine can be equipped with various angle stops and swivel clamps.

And also grinders are often made from “small” grinders. Craftsmen who have undertaken such a task are faced with the problem of stretching the abrasive belt and its stabilization (so that it does not slide
off the rollers). But in the end, people get quite practical stationary machines. There are many examples when mobile and productive electric files are created with their own hands.

By the way, as an advanced version of such a tool, you can consider a homemade belt sander from a grinder. Such, it turns out, also exist.

Milling cutter
Giving out a high speed of rotation of the tooling, angle grinder is well suited for converting it into a router for woodworking. In this case, the main snag is the creation of a convenient submersible mechanism and a reliable support platform. There are usually no problems with the fastening of cutters; for this, a chuck is fixed to the shaft.

Sometimes they even do without all this at all.

Once again about precautions
When starting unconventional use of angle grinders or non-standard equipment, be extremely careful. In order not to succeed, as in the famous saying “Yes, I know this Bulgarian as my three fingers.” If possible, purchase a specialized tool – fortunately, now there is an opportunity to easily choose a device for a variety of tasks and for any wallet.