The captain’s intentions are right

“We have a relationship with the government. We are moving very fast towards political unity.” There was confidence in his tone and I was looking at him in amazement.

Pakistan Peoples Party was defeated in the recent cantonment board elections. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s party could not win a single seat from all the cantonment boards in Punjab. I was expressing regret over this failure but instead of paying attention to my point. He was saying that we and the government have now become relatives and in the next election there will be a seat adjustment between us.

He said, “You can’t believe it.” I immediately shook my head in denial. He said, “You saw the September 13 newspaper.” Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Monis Elahi were sitting together and Monis Elahi is not only the son of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. He is also the Minister of Water Resources in Imran Khan’s cabinet so this was the first regular contact of a government minister with the Bhutto family. Fell silent
I asked, “But how did your relationship end?” He laughed. “Bilawal Bhutto wanted to overthrow the government of Usman Bazdar in Punjab through PDM,” the PML-Q offered to the PPP. If you make Chaudhry Pervez Elahi the Chief Minister, then we are ready to support him with our 10 members. The Chaudhrys were ready to give all the important ministries to the PML-N but the Mian Sahibs did not agree. They are sensible. Once they come to power, they will swallow the PML-N to pieces so that the matter could not move forward

The PPP was finally ready to make Hamza Shahbaz the Chief Minister to end the deadlock, but Nawaz Sharif did not approve of the deal. He wanted Punjab to fully enjoy the taste of Usman Bazdar. If it is approved, we will come back sometime. So this deal could not be done and the PDM was broken. The PML-Q is now preparing for the next election together with the PPP.

He thinks that if we get together, we can make a good deal with Imran Khan and the Establishment, so the secret meetings are now opening. “I asked,” but how did your relationship with the government begin? “He laughed and then said, ‘You know Aleem Khan has also bought the private television channel SAMAA and Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen’s Silk Bank, so he is no longer just a property tycoon.

They have also become bankers and media owners. They will soon become part of the PBA and become members of the APNS by buying a newspaper or activating their old newspaper and thus become stronger than the government. “He is also resigning from the ministry and you also know that he joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from the PML-Q.” He became silent again. “I asked again.” “He laughed and said,” From whom did Aleem Khan buy the bank?

Who is the Finance Minister from Shaukat Tareen and Shaukat Tareen? He is also a relative of Anwar Majeed, the owner of Omni Group. He was also a friend of Asif Ali Zardari and he was also the Finance Minister of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Bank also used to give loans to Omni Group’s sugar mills, so you can see that Imran Khan is holding the PPP leadership accountable. Aleem Khan is also a friend of Imran Khan and the PML-N is against him. He also bought the bank which the government thought was being used for money laundering and the bank was bought from Shaukat Tareen, the current finance minister of the government and a friend of Asif Ali Zardari in the past. And the past of both the buyer and the seller has its roots in the PPP and the PML-Q.

So we are now moving towards a brighter future. ”He paused. I opened my mouth to speak but he said,“ And on September 12, Mons Elahi walked to Bilawal Bhutto. ” Also released, so the rest of you are sensible.

I laughed and I smiled and said, “Sir, I give you this mountain of eight.” Where did you go? You say powerful and rich people are relatives in any party. “He laughed and said,” This is a great reality. Do you not see the people around Prime Minister Imran Khan who are in the past? I used to be on the right and left of the PML-N and PPP leadership. These are artisans.

They open every lock and sit down with every one who sits on the throne. “These are the buffaloes that are each other’s sisters, and whatever you do, you can’t underestimate their relationship,” he said. “Imran Khan should pay attention to this manipulation but they are leaving him and running after the media and the Election Commission. To date no party in Pakistan has been able to compete with the clerics and the media and Imran Khan has teased both.” Second, you may disagree with the Chief Election Commissioner, but you have to admit that he is an honest and brave man.

You can convince them to feed the camels but they don’t swallow a single herb under bullying and pressure. The government should have talked to them. It is also forgotten that the PTI’s foreign funding case is going on in the Election Commission and Sikandar Sultan Raja is so strong in nerves that he will decide the foreign funding case at any time and the government will go into a “hole”. “You’re right,” I said.

When the Prime Minister appointed Sikandar Sultan Raja as Chief Election Commissioner in January 2020, the PML-N was not happy with the decision. Sikandar Sultan was the Chief Secretary of Azad Kashmir during the 2016 elections in Azad Kashmir. Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs Burjis Tahir and Asif Kirmani were on their way to Muzaffarabad for the election campaign and Sikandar Sultan had issued an order that if they cross the Kohala bridge, they should be arrested and their government vehicles confiscated. Take away

PML-N had strongly protested against this order. Maryam Nawaz had also protested in front of the Election Commission from the platform of PDM. She had also given a speech and called the Election Commission a tool of the government. No matter and it is also true Sikandar Sultan Raja Prime Minister Imran Khan and Imran Khan liked Sikandar Sultan Raja very much but you see the stupidity of the government. Today the Chief Election Commissioner is issuing a press release against the federal ministers and the ministers Accusing of taking money and supporting the opposition.

Isn’t it stupid and ignorant? ”He laughed and said,“ What else could be expected from the government? ”He paused and said,“ You see, the government managed to control inflation despite changing four finance ministers. The flight could not be stopped and the debts could not be reduced and these are the biggest disasters of the three governments. You see the performance. The PPP had borrowed Rs 8,165 billion in five years. The PML-N has borrowed Rs. Despite installing 10,000 MW power plants, it borrowed Rs 10,661 billion in its entire period, while PTI borrowed Rs 15,000 billion in three years. When it came in 2018, the national debt was Rs 25,000 billion and now it is Rs 40,000 billion. Rs.

Domestic mafias are earning billions of rupees a day from dollar fluctuations alone. The government is claiming a bumper crop on the one hand and buying 120,000 tonnes of wheat at a rate of 37 370 per tonne on the other. Wheat is the most expensive deal and you see the government’s focus. Cars are getting cheaper in the country and food is getting more expensive but the Prime Minister is following the Election Commission and the media instead of paying attention to it.

The ministers are buying television channels and banks and the coalition ministers are going to their homes in government vehicles with official protocol, whom the prime minister calls the biggest robber and the biggest thief. “Hasn’t this country become a comedy theater?” “No, not at all because I know the captain’s intentions are right,” he said. He looked at me in surprise and extended his elbow towards me.