The best videos filmed with an action camera of 2019

Save the moment, shoot in any situation – this is the slogan of action cameras. With them, you can dive under water, attach them to a bicycle helmet, attach them to a car body, send them to fly with a quadcopter, and even tie them to live fish (yes, they do not do that on YouTube). You can even shoot a 360-degree recording. We searched for the coolest action cam videos of 2019 that were rated by Youtube users.

Nearly 30 million views and just astronauts throwing a bag into space. In fact, on the roller, almost nothing happens – just the bag flies towards the Earth to burn up in the atmosphere. But this is space, real space and a view of the planet from the height of the ISS! There is no sound at all in the video, so to make it more epic, we recommend turning on the title theme “No time for caution” from the movie “Interstellar”, and the video will sparkle with new colors.

11 million views on the official GoPro Action Camera Channel. If everything is clear with astronauts (who would have thought 10 years ago that we could look into space from the couch), then a person just buys ice cream. In Turkey, ice cream salesmen organize a whole show with waffle cone juggling and other tricks. This is exactly what Vedat Dumanli shot, and youtubers really liked it.

If you are in quarantine frantically dreaming of tropical islands and a blue ocean – at least watch this video, it will feel better. Hawaiian blogger MicBergsma constantly shoots videos of emerald palms, burning sun and the mood of carefree drive. And in this video you can dive with scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean off the Mexican island of Guadalupe. Blue water, flocks of fish and a huge white shark! Spoiler alert: everyone survived, the next episode of Jaws did not happen.

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Another video for those who miss the sea and sigh for a lost overseas vacation. There were no sea cannibals here, but there are breathtaking waves and surfing! You can endlessly watch how the ocean ridge rises off the coast of Australia.

Mark Matthews on his mountain bike jumps over forest ravines, fallen trees, bounces over rocks and flies off the hills like The Flash. A professional mountain biker shoots videos in the first person, where he plows through the thickets. In this video, you can chug with Mark in a forest near Oaxaca, Mexico.

We ate ice cream, swam, ride – it’s time to fly! But not on an airplane, not on a paraglider or even with a parachute, but in a wing-suite. This is a special wing suit that is filled with air and allows a person to fly in the most literal sense. Brendan Weinstein with a team of other “pilots” soars over the Pennine Alps and rushes past Mount Le Plerur. Looks breathtaking and exciting!

A little more extreme. It would seem, well, what else? Wild animals! Kevin Richardson is the man who cuddles with lions like house cats. Zoologist, wildlife popularizer, head of the Kingdom of White Lions Park in South Africa, and he has his own YouTube channel. There are mainly lions, of course, then again lions, a little hyenas and elephants, and then again lions. But most of all users were captivated by the video with the black panther. This giant cat climbs into the camera, grimaces, jumps through the trees, eats from his hands – a real house cat!

Let’s do something more affordable than hugging panthers and flying over the Alps. For example, let’s go skateboarding. “70 kilometers per hour in Switzerland” – this is the name of the video in which skaters are just driving along the track. On a very, very beautiful mountain track. It seems that there is no super-extreme, even the shark does not eat anyone, but the video has collected 37 million views and made even astronauts with their flying bags in popularity.

Finally, here’s a selection of the best moments of 2019 on the official GoPro Channel . It so happened that, despite the abundance of brands that produce action cameras, it was GoPro that gained permanent popularity, and all the videos in the collection were filmed with their action cameras. GoPro are active on the Internet, constantly selecting and publishing the best videos created on their products, organizing contests with prizes and, of course, annually publishing cuts of the brightest shots. There is a burning boat, mountain bikes, skydiving, dancing, surfing and even an eagle stealing fish – all in two minutes!