The best games of the XXI century – 2012

Is there a better year for Half Life 3 than 2012? It would seem that all the triquels are gathered in one place, but the most expected is not. Although we will discard fantasies and remember what all gamers remember the year of the black water dragon.

Games based on famous cinema franchises are common, but really worthwhile projects can be counted on one hand. The Walking Dead: The Game is one of those. Telltale Games managed to release a real game series, which is not inferior to the television version in terms of the intensity of passions and plot intricacies. The story of ex-prisoner Lee and baby Clementine, who are trying to survive in the harsh conditions of a zombie apocalypse, was extremely interesting to watch.

And all because it was the player who decided what would happen next, albeit without realizing that by pressing just one button, a fateful decision was made. For example, to save a character or leave to die, finish off a wounded dog or walk by, cut off a hand after a zombie bite or not. Many of these episodes will not really affect anything, but to find out for sure the game will have to be played again, and due to the large number of branches, this may not be enough.

“How can a game that only takes a couple of hours to walk through the desert to great music get to the top of the best games of the 21st century?” – you ask. But Journey is not even a game; a minimum of effort is required from the user to overcome rare obstacles. All you need is to admire the beauty, immerse yourself in this virtual world, which is revealed through the visual and soundtrack, and capture the subtle philosophical meaning of everything that happens. Journey is not a game, it is an art.

Dishonored is an action-adventure game that is strikingly different from anything that came out before 2012. A magical world stuffed with technology, melee weapons and firearms coexist with magical abilities, and freedom of action amazes the imagination with dozens of variations of the passage of the same location.

A revolver in your left hand, a blade in your right, you can cut and kill everything that moves, and no one will forbid to substitute the enemy under the bullet he fired. But the game does not welcome cruel treatment of people and in every possible way pushes for a secret passage. Therefore, for each murder, the world is inhabited by rats more and more, so after a couple of hours of brutal gaming it will be extremely difficult to wade through the locations due to hordes of rodents.

The final installment of the stellar trilogy was highly controversial among audiences. The final is to blame, because of the connection with online, many players were unable to knock out a happy ending, which, by the way, also not everyone liked. However, this is the final part of the most addictive game space opera and, if you loved the first two parts, then passing this one is a crime.

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Did I tell you what madness is? Insanity is the exact repetition of the same action over and over again in the hope of change. This is madness.

Anyone who finds 2012 at a conscious age will recognize the character who uttered these famous words. Vaas Montenegro has become the most recognizable protagonist in the gaming industry for many years to come. But was this the only good thing about Far Cry 3 ? No!
Jason Brodie, once an excellent student and an athlete, instead of a wonderful holiday on Rook Island, ends up in real hell. Instead of cute conversations with ladies – hunting and dismemberment of animals, instead of swimming in the azure sea – hundreds of killed smugglers, pirates and just local scumbags. By the end of the game, the slobbering major turns into a hardened killer, who along the way explored all the jungle, mountains, rivers, tried a lot of prohibited substances and shot from dozens of weapons.

Oh, how many hats the developers got on the release of Diablo III . And, I must say, deservedly so. After the perfect second part, which at the start still did not please the fans, everything was done wrong: there was no balance, no motivation, legendaries did not fall, a constant Internet connection was required, and the auction was generally evil. Worse than Diablo himself. But then patches and additions came out – after three years, Blizzard reports on 30 million copies sold.Everyone quickly realized that crumbling virtual monsters with a new engine does not get bored: bright special effects, nice physics and smooth animations add excitement. The plot on the first playthrough forces you to follow from act to act. And when you re-turn on the thirst to farm a sword more authentic, but more fashionable gear. What can we say – the servers of the game are still not empty and it is not a fact that this will happen even after the release of the fourth part.

For many, Max Payne is a noir detective story, with comic inserts, slow-mo, and a gripping plot of betrayal and revenge. But then Max Payne 3 comes out with a pretty bald protagonist, sunny locations and a completely different form of storytelling. And although many people bought the game just in anticipation of GTA 5, which was released after a year and a half, it was here that the new Rockstar engine was first used , and the project itself turned out to be great.

Sun-drenched São Paulo features dangerous favelas and luxury yachts at the same time. For the last time, the rather aged Max fits into an extremely dangerous scrape and, showing with all his appearance that he has not lost his grip, shoots off all living things in a spectacular slow-mo – as in the old days. Well, if the main storyline for some reason gets bored, just look at the details. In Rockstar always in store different detail and unexpected encounters.

2012 was almost a disaster for arcade racing. EA’s attempt to cash in on the big name with Need for Speed: Most Wanted only annoyed the players, Dirt Showdown, although it was not bad, but deviated too much from the usual norms for the series, and Ridge Racer Unbounded … Does anyone even remember such a game? The situation was saved by the exclusive Xbox – Forza Horizon.

A race that creates an atmosphere of a real holiday: sunny Colorado, money flowing like a river, a huge number of cars, gorgeous music and a well-implemented plot component, about festivals, entertainment and constant improvement. However, the most important thing is the physical model. The machines are pleasant to drive, each has its own characteristics and it is felt literally from the first meters, the level of difficulty is flexibly adjustable, which means that fans of arcades and even fans of simulators will like them. And of course, the same graphics, you can admire the beauty of America even today without any remasters.

By 2012, Counter-Strike 1.6 was very outdated, but it did not lose its popularity, which means that Valve’s decision to release a new part was extremely logical. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the same “counter”, only with prettier graphics and physics, a slightly modified set of weapons, “skinheads” and cases. It turned out that this was quite enough for the happiness of the fans. The popularity of the Global Offensive continues to this day and this will clearly last until the release of the new part and even after.

The change of era clearly benefited both the Assassins and the Templars , and, importantly, gamers. The game takes place in North America in the second half of the 18th century. The country is engulfed in a civil war, and who else but us to decide its fate? Taking control of Radunhageida, we will take part in many significant events of that time, as well as visit major cities: New York, Boston and so on. At the same time, the flavor of the past parts, a large open world, parkour and combat system that have undergone changes will not go anywhere. The only serious complaint of gamers, in addition to bugs, arose against the not the most charismatic protagonist, this was especially noticeable in contrast to Ezio Auditore .

Worthy of a Mention
Borderlands 2 is like the first part, only more intense: more humor, more plot, more guns, more characters and even more madness.

Sleeping Dogs is a rival GTA in the style of Asian action movies of the 90s. Bright, colorful, with a well-developed combat system and left-hand traffic.