The best games of the XXI century – 2006

The start of the seventh generation of consoles came at the end of 2005, but despite this, the real struggle began precisely in 2006 with the release of the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. And as you know, the change of generations gives a good impetus to the development of the entire gaming industry.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was supposed to be released a year earlier and become a GameCube exclusive , but the company’s marketers quickly realized that the upcoming next-generation Nintendo Wii console needed such a powerful project much more. And they were not mistaken – the game, like the console, was sold successfully, and not only fans, but also gamers who were not familiar with the series lined up in the queue.

And all because the game gave incredible emotions to all fans of exploration, dark stories and epic battles. And in general, it is very difficult to resist the next rescue of the princess.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is just an improved version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater . So why is she at the top? The singleplayer mode was slightly expanded, multiplayer was screwed on and a full-fledged 3D camera was introduced. That was enough to turn a great game into a perfect one.

If you pick the prettiest console game of 2006, it’s definitely Gears of War . The soundtrack is also worth praising: the creepy monsters not only looked “great”, but also felt wildly scary due to this. And of course, Gears of War is the one to thank (or vice versa?) For popularizing cover shooters. Today, this kind of gameplay is rather annoying, but in 2006 the stormy action, giving a minute’s respite, was perceived fresh.

Nowadays Oblivion is usually criticized, as if the expectations of the fans were not fully met. However, it’s hard to forget the pre-release screenshots from the game. Few could believe that such graphics would be available even on the most powerful computers of the time. But on March 20, 2006, everything fell into place. In addition, the improvements were observed not only in the graphic plan. An even more lively and large open world generated adventures with enviable regularity, and the storylines were simply endless.

“Final Fantasy” at number 12 is the Middle Ages, knights, castles and political intrigue, diluted with technological inventions. Firearms and flying ships are common here. At the same time, in the new part, a large open world was made truly alive and beautiful, and many races and points of interest will definitely not let you get bored in it. And most importantly in Final Fantasy XII, the calculating combat system has given way to fast-paced real-time battles.
















It is noteworthy that the game can be touched without any problems today thanks to the remaster for the PlayStation 4 .

This is the same Total War with a division into a global map and real-time battles. Only now the action takes place in the dark Middle Ages. Here and there ferocious inquisitors and enemy spies are poking around, the next crusade has failed, and the entire Old World has already been drawn into the incessant war. But unlike most other games, your control will not be a strong hero, but a weak country, the greatness of which will have to be revived.

Metascore – 87 / User Score – 8.9

Bully is a schoolboy simulator from the creators of GTA . What could have gone wrong? The main character Jimmy Hopkins ends up in a boarding school and that’s it. Walking along the storyline, attending classes, which include chemistry, biology, physical education, mathematics and so on, pulling girls by the pigtails and dealing with hooligans, one could suddenly delve into the process of passing and live the life of an underappreciated child. Do you want to remember your school years? It is this game that is still the best school student simulator.

Test Drive Unlimited
Metascore – 82 / User Score – 8.0

Hawaii. The sun. Ferrari. A long, straight road to a huge mansion of his own. That’s basically the whole description of Test Drive Unlimited . Various races across the huge island were intertwined with interesting tasks in the spirit: drive this expensive supercar to the other end of the island without damage, or track your unfaithful wife. Of course, the game also had problems, for example, the very clumsy control did not allow to fully enjoy 500 strong supercars, and even the tester of the Alpha version of Gothic 3 could get stumped by the number of bugs .

Dark messiah of might and magic
Metascore – 72 / User Score – 8.7

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a fully linear first-person action game that could surpass even God of War in brutality . Each sword fight looked like a well-choreographed episode of an expensive TV show. The eye-pleasing environment in this game is not just a decoration, but a full-fledged participant in battles. Carefully placed spikes and traps are very conveniently placed by game designers in the most necessary places.Gothic 3
Metascore – 63 / User Score – 7.5

The Gothic series has been competing with The Elder Scrolls for several years now, and it is gratifying that the new parts of both games were released in the same year. In Gothic 3 was a good chance to beat the “scrolls” through a variety of environments, living open world, interesting jobs, including side. The fans of the series were madly waiting for this game, but something went wrong. Gothic 3 came out so buggy that some quests were simply impassable, and most of the mechanics did not work at all as they should. And this is in addition to the phenomenal number of small glitches and overestimated system requirements. And yet, years later, the Gothic 3 patches can be called a great game.

Worthy of a Mention
Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game about the Second World War. The main feature of the game is its excellent graphics and spectacular battles.

Titan Quest – the answer to the question: “What will happen if you move Diablo to the setting of Ancient Greece?”

NFS: Carbon – an attempt to repeat the success of NFS: Most Wanted, although it failed, but the harsh night city and bright neon signs will forever remain in the hearts of fans.

It was the TOP 10 best games of 2006 , but you should not limit yourself to this, because hundreds of other equally good projects remained outside the text, which you can recall
in the comments.