The best games of the 21st century – 2016

2016 is perhaps the most difficult year to determine the top. Here you will see the revival of everyone’s beloved classics, and the popularization of virtual reality, and the continuation of the famous series. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with what happened in the end right now.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was the final part of Nathan Drake’s adventures and the wizards from Naughty Dog did everything to make the players feel it with all their hearts. Uncharted 4 is one of those games, after the first passage of which an emptiness remains in the soul, and on the lips of “It’s a pity it’s all over.” A dramatic story that cleverly weaves family relationships, lies, travel, greed many more times lies and wild action, can rightfully take its place among the most titled films in Hollywood. And, most importantly, after completing the game you will really have the feeling that this is the end, the game simply leaves no questions.

Add to that everything that Uncharted was loved for and multiply by two. The technical execution is excellent: at the time of release, it was the most beautiful project on the PlayStation 4 and not only. Shootouts and action scenes have become even more dynamic and spectacular. Each location was interesting to explore, not only for the sake of finding collectible items, but also simply because the developers put their soul into them and filled them with small details.

PS When you play the game, do not forget to watch the scene after the credits.

With Forza Horizon 3 is simple: it is not only the best racing game of 2016, but also the best of arcade racing in the open world in general. A giant map with the Australian landscape, half a thousand cars for all tastes and wallets, complete freedom of action and the general tone of the holiday. At the same time, the developers did not have the task of violently provoking you into an endless grind for the sake of buying one, the most coveted car. The progression contributed to the collection of a complete vehicle fleet. It adds to the joy that from the very beginning of the game you are not playing the role of an ordinary racer, but the boss of the festival – do what you want, enjoy it and do not think about anything else.

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Overwatch, at the time of release, was able to turn the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bplayers about team shooters. Funny shots on pleasant – both externally and balance – maps, a large number of characters, each with its own characteristics and background. Impeccable sound, great graphics, rating battles, lore development and a lot of fun moments made Overwatch the main team shooter for a long time. However, today, due to difficult times for Blizzard , Overwatch is having a rough day.

How many World War I games do you know? Unless the flawless Valiant Hearts can come to mind. Therefore, a first-person shooter in an unbroken setting came in handy. But it was precisely the historical period and the typical EA problems that many players did not like. The conduct of hostilities in 1914 was very different from what we see now. The minimum of technology, the same type, slow and extremely unreliable weapons and locations with the entourage of that time, in theory, should prevent large-scale multiplayer battles – but no. Battlefield 1does not pretend to be historic, so the pace of the game, for the most part, is designed with an eye on the convenience of the players. Because of this, the gameplay has become more arcade and simpler relative to the past parts. The problems include EA’s love for tolerance and the desire to please all modern trends, as well as … You can open the continuation of the article for 599 rubles (if you know what I mean) .


Metascore – 86 / User Score – 7.4

Total War: WARHAMMER is literally a gift for all Warhammer Fantasy fans . In essence, the game combines the familiar Total War formula with your favorite setting. Instead of the good old Romans, Greeks and Egyptians on the battlefield, the counties of vampires, imperials, elves, dwarves, orcs and of course Chaos are fighting. Each “nation” has its own unique characteristics, and not only visual. For example, elves can influence world politics, gnomes are terribly vindictive, and orcs must constantly fight.

Total War: WARHAMMER game (PC)
Each battle is literally an explosion of colors and pauses. Unique units are made with fanatical meticulousness, and when all these crowds converge for a fatal blow, you have to constantly stop the battle and violently rotate the camera, looking at each frame and planning the next maneuver.

There are only two points of view when talking about Dishonored 2 . The former can argue that this is a superb game that has everything to have fun. The variability of the passage made it possible to complete the same task in three or more ways, the Victorian style and atmosphere of this time will not leave indifferent even the most seasoned aesthetes, and the ability to infiltrate enemies and stop time is simply interesting to use each time in different ways.

Dishonored 2 Game (PS4)
Dishonored 2 Game (PC)
Dishonored 2 Activation Key (Xbox ONE)
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On the other hand, stealth – what the game is built on – works crookedly, which does not always allow you to fulfill your plans. The combat system is clumsy, and this also binds hands, and why invent new ways of passing, if you can quickly work out one of the most effective ones. And yet this is a game in which you will often have to think and solve unexpectedly thrown surprises. But on the other hand, you can experiment and admire the gorgeous views in it, and this is already a lot.

DOOM is the perfect restart. Bethesda and id Software were able to prove to the whole world that you can take all the good things that were many years ago, wrap them up in modern technology and not make yourself haters. “Damn” cool graphics, “hellish” drive and scattered pieces of demons in all directions. This is DOOM .

A remake of the reference 3D platformer hit the PlayStation with a whistle. This is exactly what the fans have been waiting for. Great graphics allow you to see the fur of Ratchet’s Lombax and the gears of the Clank robot. Many mechanics and means of eliminating opponents make it possible to pass intricate and very beautiful levels, not only quickly, but also effectively. That there is only a “pixelizer”, which can turn enemies into pixel counterparts, or magnetic bots, thanks to which you can move along the steep walls. In general, Ratchet & Clank is perfectly playable and will suit both adults who remember the first part of gamers and very young players.

Final Fantasy XV has been waiting for 10 long years. This is an insanely expensive jRPG that borrows a lot from Western blockbusters. And yet it cannot be confused with anything. Road movies, magic, huge swords, huge monsters, friendship, the fall of an empire, fishing and much more you will have to experience and learn from this story. The only thing the game was really criticized for was the completely linear second half of the plot and the abundance of grind. Later, however, they were able to fix this, making Final Fantasy XV one of the best parts in the series.
Metascore – 83 / User Score – 7.3

Virtual reality is still developing extremely slowly, let alone 2016. For reference, the most popular VR headset – PlayStation VR – was released on October 13, 2016. And yet, albeit small, but exciting games were already there. For example SUPERHOT VR. There is a small location on which several opponents are placed, various objects are scattered in front of you, and sometimes weapons, with the help of which you need to cope with all the enemies on the level. At the same time, bullets and knives will constantly fly at you, and any awkward movement will lead to a complete restart of the level.

But the main feature of the game is that when you stand still, the whole environment freezes, from people to flying bullets. Therefore, you always have time to, like Neo in the matrix, dodge bullets and consider each shot and throw. Needless to say, it’s insanely addicting?

Worthy of a Mention
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine is an add-on for The Witcher 3 game that surpasses most full games in scale and coolness.

INSIDE is a dark story about a boy in a strange world with evil pursuers, complex riddles and a constant feeling of fear.

No Man’s Sky is the failure of the year, the worst game of the millennium, or just an opportunity to visit millions of planets without leaving your home.

It was the TOP 10 best games of 2016, but hundreds of other projects remained outside the text, which you can recall in the comments.