The best filters and systems for purifying water from a well for home

It is necessary to study specialized technologies in order to buy water purification filters from a well without errors. Manufacturers produce many models with similar characteristics, therefore, for the right choice, careful familiarization with the features of the methods for removing harmful impurities and the maintenance regulations for the relevant equipment is required.

Iron, lime and nitrates are the main contaminants of water in the well
The water purification scheme for a house from a well is approved based on the results of a laboratory study. These data are transferred to the customer in writing with the signature of the responsible person and the seal of the organization. At each checkpoint, the current standards for the maximum permissible concentration of harmful and hazardous substances are indicated.

Iron, lime and nitrates are the main contaminants of well water

Engineering structures of this category are characterized by shallow depth. The head is not sealed, which implies the contact of the liquid with air and the activation of oxidative processes. Such conditions contribute to the contamination of the source with silt, sand, organic matter, household and other waste.

Impurities of iron and lime are characteristic of such sources. Lime is washed out of rocks. Iron penetrates from the aquifer and in the form of oxides, which are formed when the metal elements of the well structure are destroyed by corrosion. Salts of nitric acid (nitrates) are found in industrial, domestic and agricultural effluents.

Overview of the best water filters
The considered equipment is grouped into sections in accordance with typical processing technologies. The TOP models of water purification systems are given, which received positive ratings from ordinary users and experienced professionals.

Large particles are retained with the help of a sump, in which the barrier is formed by a metal mesh. Instead of a traditional product, a Honeywell mechanical filter or equivalent is installed in modern water treatment systems. The cold water model comes with a transparent bottom flask to simplify visual inspection. The built-in branch pipe with a shut-off device is useful for draining contaminated liquid when flushing without disassembling the structure.

Main technical filter Geyser 1P
760 *
Main technical filter New water B 130
760 *
Main technical filter Aquafilter FHPR12-HP1
1099 *
Main technical filter AQUA PRO 402
1 150 *
Nozzle on the faucet Aquaphor Modern
1 199 *
Mechanical filter for water purification from a well

It is impossible to detain dissolved chemical compounds by mechanical purification of water from lime from a well in a country house. The task of protecting against scale is solved with the help of AquaShield. The electromagnetic converter of this brand operates at a long distance from the place of installation of the induction coil – up to 2000 meters.

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One device is enough to equip a large property.

The most powerful model consumes only 20 watts per hour, so even with constant switching on, the monthly cost of paying for additional electricity can be called negligible.

Electromagnetic (non-chemical) filter

When choosing a generator, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the permissible concentration of salts at the inlet. Even budget models create an effective electromagnetic field at a hardness level of up to 17 ° F.

The prudent owner of such equipment will like the official warranty extended to 7 years. The actual service life of AquaShield devices exceeds 25 years. The equipment operates in automatic mode without special maintenance and careful control. Connection and dismantling can be done independently, without resorting to the services of plumbers and other specialized specialists.

hollow fiber
These products are used for fine purification of water from a well. A significant advantage of Aquaris hollow fiber membranes is the maintenance of high filtration levels from 0.01 µm while processing large volumes of liquid quickly. The performance of the basic model is 1,000 liters per hour, which allows you to use several taps at the same time.

Aquaris hollow fiber filter. Ideal for home

Unlike analogues, the membrane of this brand can be washed. The operation is performed manually without disassembling the structure. This feature makes it possible to use one working unit to process 500,000 liters of liquid, which is equivalent to the normal consumption of a family of 2-3 people for 3-4 years.

The manufacturer produces Aquaris units with a capacity of up to 8,000 l/h. The filter housing is made of durable stainless steel with a separate pipe for connecting the drain in drains when flushing. The welded feet can be used for horizontal surface mounting or as brackets for vertical wall mounting.

reverse osmosis system
Installations of this category purify water from iron, heavy metals, nitrates and other impurities in a dissolved state. A special membrane performs its functions correctly even in the cheapest models of equipment. It only allows water molecules to pass through, making it ideal for particularly thorough cleaning.

Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda OU380 Start Praktic Osmos
6 550 *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda TO300
6 999 *
Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor DWM-312S Pro
7 799 *
Flow-through drinking filter Barrier WaterFort OSMO
10 999 *
Flowing drinking filter Geyser Prestige
11 899 *
Reverse osmosis system for Geyser Prestige sink

A careful study of this technology for purifying water from a well allows us to note several characteristic shortcomings:

fast clogging of a semi-permeable membrane without preliminary removal of some of the impurities;

· slow speed of processing (from 5 l/hour);

the need to maintain high pressure at the inlet (from 2 atm);

regular replacement of auxiliary filters (cartridges);

Removal of useful trace elements from the liquid along with harmful contaminants.

The noted problems can be eliminated if you buy a modern reverse osmosis system with a booster pump and a mineralizer. Corresponding kits are offered by Aquaphor in the Morion series. In advanced equipment options, models with membranes are available, which are characterized by high performance – up to 15 l / h. Functional components are installed on a rigid frame with a built-in storage tank. With the help of special indicators, the user receives alerts about the need to replace cartridges.

coarse cleaning
Instead of a mesh filter for cleaning water from a well from large particles, you can use a disk analogue. In these products, the barrier is created from a set of elements with recesses, which, when connected, form a three-dimensional working field with thin channels. For washing, water is supplied in the opposite direction. This action opens the discs, releasing the retained contaminants to be removed along with the fluid flow into the drain.

Main technical filter Barrier Profi In-Line 1 799 *
Honeywell coarse water filter

A typical disc coarse filter for water from a well is made of polymeric materials. Models with automatic flush control are expensive. But if necessary, you can assemble a similar circuit using a timer and several solenoid valves.

fine cleaning
Filtration level of 5-50 microns is provided using a cartridge. Such main devices for purifying water from a well in a country house can be found in the assortment of Geyser, Aquaphor, and other major manufacturers. The resource specified in the accompanying documentation corresponds to pollution not higher than the current sanitary standards. In actual use, it may be necessary to install new replacement modules more frequently.

Main technical filter New water A 418 2 399 *
Fine water filter

Simple filter pitcher
Such products are used to prepare a small supply of purified water – up to 4 liters. Barrier and other large companies offer a wide range of jugs, so you can quickly choose the right option. The functionality of the product is determined by the operating parameters of the replaceable unit. The best models are equipped with an electronic device that reminds the user to install a new module.

Filter pitcher Geyser Alpha
420 *
Filter jug ​​Aquaphor Line
499 *
Filter pitcher Barrier Light
530 *
Filter jug ​​Aquaphor Standard
570 *
Filter jug ​​Aquaphor Real
599 *
filter jug ​​for water

Which one to choose and buy?
A quality design will help create an effective well water treatment system without errors and excessive costs.

For the correct choice of functional components, the following positions are specified:

composition and concentration of impurities in the source;

the required level of filtration at the outlet;


placement restrictions;

The cost of equipment and operating costs.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and routine maintenance. A comprehensive analysis of these factors will help you find suitable products in the assortment of trade enterprises.

Which filter is best for a country house and a summer residence?
A large property intended for permanent residence is equipped with stationary equipment. Performance is calculated with a margin to eliminate the shortage of clean water during guest visits and in other situations with peak loads.

In the country, you can put cheap filters. To treat a small amount of water, they buy a jug with a cartridge, which, after the end of the summer season, can be transported to a city apartment. It is not difficult to move an electromagnetic transducer to another property. Dismantling the induction coil takes no more than 5 minutes.

Prices and reviews
The following list shows the price ranges (in rubles) that are used in branded stores by the respective manufacturers:

Main filters for mechanical purification of water from a Honeywell well – from 5,240 to 7,120;

· Electromagnetic anti-scale devices AquaShield – from 13,700 to 17,900 with DN pipe no more than 60;

Productive hollow fiber filters Aquaris – from 31,000 to 47,900.

Prices for water purification systems from a well of other brands can be clarified on the official websites of manufacturers or in stores of the CSN branded distribution network.

Pay attention to the cost of delivery, installation, mandatory routine maintenance during operation. Make a calculation for 4-5 years to find out the real costs when comparing several equipment options.

Use the information provided in the overview to minimize costs and select the right individual system components. Put into practice the advantageous parameters of the considered technologies.

An electromagnetic converter of the appropriate power is suitable not only for protection against scale, but also for purifying water from iron from a well. Enlargement of particles with the help of a force field is simpler and cheaper compared to reagent flocculation. An additional advantage of this solution is the preservation of healthy trace elements in the treated liquid.

Purification of drinking water from a well by reverse osmosis is slow. The operating costs of such a system are significantly increased by the regular installation of new cartridges. A more powerful pump is required to further increase the inlet pressure to the operating level. The noted shortcomings can be eliminated by choosing a productive filter with a hollow fiber membrane.