The best coarse water filters for an apartment, a private house and a summer residence

Removal of harmful impurities with high processing speed is performed using special equipment. Studying the features of the best products in the relevant market segment will help you buy a coarse water filter for an apartment or other property without mistakes.

Purpose of coarse water filters
Equipment of this category is installed to process all the liquid entering the facility.

Such water treatment performs several useful functions:

· prevents damage to the pipeline, taps and other components of engineering communications by solid abrasive particles;

Prevents clogging of technological channels;

blocks the formation of scale;

Eliminates the appearance of stains on things after washing, the appearance of rusty streaks on the surface of plumbing fixtures;

Ensures the absence of harmful impurities in drinking water.

Mechanical impurities, iron and hardness in water

Even the high price of a coarse water filter for an apartment can be considered appropriate, taking into account the final economic effect. Study a typical example with the operation of a washing machine. Without reliable protection against scale, these household appliances can be damaged in 3-4 months of operation at a high level of rigidity. Preventive measures are more profitable than expensive repairs.

Rating of the best coarse and fine water filters
Feedback from owners and experienced professionals will help you check the quality of the equipment. The rating of coarse water filters for an apartment includes models that have received positive user ratings. These manufacturers carefully control the parameters of their products, provide qualified technical service and free information support.

The brand catalog includes:

filters with direct and reverse washing;

Relays, pressure reducing valves, regulators;


accessories and spare parts for serial products.

Honeywell coarse water filter

For a private house, a productive filter with connecting dimensions of 1 “is chosen, processing up to 4 cubic meters. water per hour. The model with a transparent bowl can be used at a liquid temperature not higher than +40°C. Robust design is not damaged when the inlet pressure is increased up to 25 bar.

Honeywell produces versions with an opaque body for hot water treatment. Serial products are supplemented with built-in pressure regulators and measuring instruments. Additionally, you can purchase a specialized kit for automating the washing process, a mesh module with the required level of filtration – 50 or 100 microns.

When drawing up a project, it is necessary to take into account the need for drinking water. For this stage of processing with the highest level of purification, a typical scheme uses a reverse osmosis system installed under the kitchen sink. This quality of filtration would be useful for reliable protection of the water supply system as a whole, including connected equipment. However, the performance of domestic plants, even in an expensive version, is insufficient for main processing.

Hollow fiber membrane fine water filter Aquaris

The problem can be solved successfully with the help of innovative hollow fiber membranes, which Aquaris filters are equipped with. With their help, impurities from 0.01 microns are retained at a high processing speed. The company’s product range includes models of fine water filters with a capacity of 1000 to 8000 l/h.

A significant advantage of Aquaris is the ability to clean the membrane by direct flushing. This extends the service life of the working module up to 48 months, which is in line with the manufacturer’s official recommendations.

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Main water softening using ion-exchange is used to protect against scale. With this technology, the calcium compound extracts a layer of granules made from polymer resins. The user needs to regularly replenish the supply of tableted salt, which is used to restore a healthy loading state. Careful monitoring and special maintenance of the installation with correction of settings is required.

Electromagnetic filter AquaShield

These difficulties, together with unnecessary costs, can be eliminated by choosing an alternative solution – electromagnetic processing. This procedure blocks the formation of scale at a great distance from the installation site of the induction coil. It does not remove healthy trace elements from the liquid.

Choose a suitable electromagnetic apparatus in the Aquashield series. The manufacturer produces models with generators with power from 5 to 20 watts. Installation in the basic version operates at a distance of up to 700 meters. It can be put in the country in the summer and taken to a city apartment after the end of the warm season.

The most powerful device Aquashield PRO increases the protective zone up to 2000 meters. This option is chosen at a high concentration of hardness salts in the source.

It performs its functions at levels up to 21 ° F. Due to the large amplitude of the signal and the extended frequency range (1-50 kHz), the treatment with a force field destroys microorganisms and destroys old scale.

Prio New water AU010
This well water fine filter traps particles as small as 5 microns. With its help, turbidity and color are reduced, sand and other mechanical impurities are removed from the stream.

The opaque body is made of reinforced plastic. The cover has brass inserts with ½” internal thread for connection to the main pipeline. An integral valve is used to relieve pressure before disassembly. The attached bracket is useful for vertically fixing the product to the supporting wall.

Main technical filter New water ВU 110 NEW
1 150 *
Main technical filter New water A 418
1 999 *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda Bravo T100
2099 *
Flowing drinking filter New Water EU300
2999 *
Flowing drinking filter Novaya Voda M300
3499 *
The main filter of rough water purification Prio New AU010 water. Ideal for cottages and private homes

The package includes a cartridge of standard size Slim Line 10” filled with non-woven polypropylene. Compatible plug-in modules from other manufacturers can be installed. Instead of the standard one, you can use another working unit to reproduce softening, iron removal, sorption processing.

Aquafilter H10C-FHPR1-HP1
This model is an analogue of the kit discussed above, but without a cartridge:

· Diameter of threaded connections – ½ inch;

· Overall dimensions (Height x Diameter) – 315 x 115 mm;

Maximum pressure – 10 atm;

· Working temperature range – from +2°C to +45°C.

Main technical filter Aquafilter FHPR12-HP1
1099 *
Main technical filter Aquafilter FHPR34-HP1
1 150 *
Main technical filter Aquafilter FHPRCL12-B-TRIPLE
2699 *
Filter Aquafilter H10C-FHPR1-HP1. Ideal for an apartment

The essential difference is the lower part, made of transparent plastic. This solution allows the user to control the contamination of the plug-in module without dismantling. The components of the structure are reinforced with stiffeners.

Aquaphor Gross 10
This line filter is designed according to the standard scheme with increased overall dimensions (10BB). This solution increases the working volume, which allows you to change the cartridge less often. The standard version is equipped with a module for mechanical cleaning (10 µm). The manufacturer emphasizes the effectiveness of the filler, which better retains impurities with the help of a gradient structure of the filler.

Flowing drinking filter Aquaphor Crystal Solo
3 399 *
Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor Crystal-Quadro
3 750 *
Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor Trio Fe H
4 250 *
Flowing drinking filter Aquaphor Trio Fe
4550 *
Flow-through drinking filter Aquaphor Crystal N
5 299 *
Filter model Aquaphor Gross 10

Aquaphor Gross 10 can be used at high temperatures of the treated liquid – up to +70°C. It is recommended to install a new module when there is a noticeable decrease in outlet pressure. The maximum service life is limited to 6 months.

The standard module can be replaced with a cartridge with a carbon block and a unique Aqualen filter material. Such filling allows, in addition to mechanical impurities, to remove active chlorine, organics, heavy metals. The resource of this block is 30 thousand liters. Productivity – 600 l/hour. When choosing this equipment option, the water temperature should be limited to a maximum level of +38°C.

Which is better to buy for an apartment, a private house and for a summer residence?
When choosing a water purification system for a home , one should take into account the characteristic features of typical real estate objects. For a country house, you can choose large-sized products. In this case, it is assumed that there are no problems with the placement of large structural components in a separate room. It is recommended to leave passages between them that are convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Coarse water filters for a country house are selected with high performance to meet all user needs at peak loads. The calculation is carried out according to the maximum consumption when opening the corresponding number of taps, taking into account the flow of liquid by the connected equipment – a heating system, a washing machine, etc.

In a typical apartment, to place the main filter, free space is used under the decorative sheathing on the supply section of the pipeline to the flow meter. Compact models are suitable for such a place.

When preparing a project, it is necessary to check the convenience of control and implementation of routine procedures. To simplify maintenance, a window with a door is installed in the casing.

A pumping station supplies liquid to the coarse water filters for a summer residence (private house), maintaining the optimum level of pressure in automatic mode. In the apartment, it is impossible to exclude a sharp increase in pressure during repair (test) work in centralized water supply networks. Therefore, for urban real estate, you should buy equipment with pressure regulators.

You can find prices for various coarse water filters on the official website of the CSN company.

The approximate price of filters is presented below:

Honeywell FF06. Productive main filter for coarse water purification with connecting dimensions 1”. 5800 rub.
Aquaris 1000. An entry-level ultrafine cleaning unit with a hollow fiber membrane (capacity – 1000 l/h). 31000 rub.
AquaShield Du60. Apparatus for electromagnetic processing with a generator of 5 W. 14500 rub.
Prio New water AU010. Set for removal of mechanical impurity: case + cartridge. 1450 rub.
Aquafilter H10C-FHPR1-HP1. Housing of the main filter with a transparent flask. 1200 rub.
Aquaphor Gross 10. Plastic housing complete with a polypropylene cartridge for mechanical cleaning. 4020 rub.
Even a good filter will not perform its function optimally in the absence of a preliminary calculation. For a correct project, data on the amount and composition of impurities in the liquid from the source should be prepared. They also specify the maximum performance and requirements for the level of cleaning at the outlet.

Draw up a processing plan. At the inlet section, filtration is performed with a level of 5 μm. A straight conduit (40-50 cm) can be used to wind the coil of an electromagnetic transducer. For finishing, a hollow fiber membrane is used.