Ten-story Building Built In One Day

Ten-story Building Built In One Day

BEIJING: A ten-story residential building has been erected in China in just 28 hours, a video of which is going viral.

But remember that the rooms and corners of the building are already molded into a very large factory and they are put on trucks and taken to the site of the building. There all the corners are gathered together and attached with nuts and bolts. The Chinese company Broad Group is an expert in this work which has done this new feat. Broad Group has previously built several hospitals, hotels and homes.

According to a Broad Group spokesman, all parts of the building were brought to a place where the entire building was assembled in 28 hours and 45 minutes with the help of cranes and laborers. This work is like a car factory in which all the parts and equipment are assembled on the assembly line and finally the car is ready.

Every part of the building, such as the balcony, bathroom and rooms is made of the same size, which can be called a module. They are folded and placed in trucks and transported to the desired location. The structure of the Hermodule is made of stainless steel with wiring, insulation, ventilation and other facilities. Then they are piled up and connected with nut bolts and water and sewerage lines are laid. Full details of this process can be seen in the video below.

According to the company, the entire structure can withstand earthquakes, can be re-opened and dispersed as needed. Interestingly, a 200-meter high building can be easily constructed in the same way.