Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Has Resigned

STOCKHOLM : Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has resigned after a no-confidence motion against him was passed by an overwhelming majority in parliament.

According to the international news agency, a no-confidence motion was filed against the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stephen Levine, last week in which Stephen Levine, who has been in power for 7 years, failed to prove his majority.

Following the failure of all his efforts to retain the post even after the passage of the no-confidence motion, the Prime Minister today formally tendered his resignation, after which the Speaker of Parliament will elect a new Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Levin was drafting a new law on raising house rents in the country, which was moved by the opposition after a massive public protest, which was also supported by the Prime Minister’s coalition partner, the Left Party.

Stephen Levin has become the first prime minister in Sweden’s history to be ousted after a no-confidence motion failed. Stephen Lowen, 54, was elected prime minister for the first time in 2014 and became prime minister for the second time in 2019 through a coalition government.

The prime minister’s parliamentary coalition had 167 seats in the 349-member lower house, which required 175 members to form a government. However, after four months of political turmoil, Stephen was able to form a weak government.