American Airlines Announces Plans To Buy New Supersonic Passenger Aircraft

Supersonic Passenger Aircraft

WASHINGTON: American Airlines United has announced plans to buy 15 new supersonic passenger planes by the year 2029.

The Overture supersonic passenger aircraft will be purchased from a Denver-based company called Boom Supersonic, but the company has not yet confirmed its test flight.

In 2019, Boom Supersonic introduced its XB1 test supersonic (faster than the speed of sound) aircraft. There will be immediate benefits.

The company says the plane will cover a seven-hour journey from the United States to London in just three-and-a-half hours, while a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo will take six hours.

Supersonic passenger flights ended in 2003 when Air France and British Airways retired Concorde. United Air says the agreement stipulates that new aircraft meet safety standards.

The average passenger plane can travel at a speed of 900 km per hour, but the speed of the Overture is expected to be 1,805 km per hour. At this rate, the journey from London to New York will be halved. Concorde’s passenger planes were traveling at speeds of more than 1,350 miles per hour (2,180 kilometers per hour).

Concerns over noise and pollution are also being raised regarding new supersonic passengers.

Boom’s chief commercial officer, Kathy Sweet, told the BBC that you would need more power and more fuel to blow up the supersonic. But Overture is expected to operate as a pure zero-carbon aircraft

Since its inception in 2014, Denver-based Boom Supersonic has amassed a capital of 0 270 million, bringing its total to 150. For founder and CEO Black Shole, landing a firm order with the legacy airline confirms his vision of bringing back supersonic flights.

“The world’s first purchase agreement for a pure zero carbon supersonic aircraft marks an important step toward our mission to create an accessible world,” Skill said in a statement