Sunny Deol Apologized To The Fan For The Rudeness


Mumbai: Bollywood star Sunny Deol has announced to apologize to his fan for being rude.

The actor’s new film ‘Ghadr 2’ is a success in Bollywood and is on its way to set new business records at the box office.

In a viral video on social media, the actor can be seen yelling at a selfie-taking fan and expressing his anger over his intense trolling.
In a recent interview, Sunny Deol explained the incident and said that he was in a lot of pain due to fatigue but still he was making time for his fans.

He said that if he met the fan again now, he would tell him that he had made a mistake, sorry because the actor was not feeling well at that time.

The actor further said that he would even hug the fan and tell him that his words did not mean what people have assumed.


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