Sunil Shetty Apartment was Sealed

Sunil Shetty's apartment was sealed due to increase in Corona cases

Actor Sunil Shetty’s apartment has been sealed by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation following an increase in corona cases.

The seriousness of the situation has eased somewhat during the second wave of corona virus in India, but another type of corona, the ‘delta variant’, which has emerged in India, has become a threat to the world in more than 90 countries so far. It has spread and the virus is spreading rapidly in India as well.

According to the report, a new type of coronavirus, the Delta variant, has also started spreading rapidly in Mumbai. The virus has also invaded Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty’s Mumbai apartment ‘Prithvi’. The corona test of 5 people in the apartment came positive and in all four of them the type of ‘delta variant’ was found after which the apartment was sealed.
Speaking to the media, Assistant Municipal Corporation Prashant said that actor Sunil Shetty also lives in the A wing of the apartment, however, all the five cases of Corona have been reported from the B wing, due to which Sunil Shetty’s entire family is safe. The apartment is sealed off to prevent the spread.

On the other hand, a spokesperson for actor Sunil Shetty said in a statement that Sunil Shetty is out of Mumbai for work these days but his family is safe at home.