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The popularity of text and video reviews is changing with the market. The range of electronics is only growing, so the number of those who want to know more about the upcoming purchase is also growing. If you prepare properly, you can catch the wave and become a successful surveyor.

In this role, you will have to simultaneously be an artist, screenwriter, director and linguist. If these qualities are already present in the author’s arsenal, then he already has a pass to the profession.

First you need to decide what you will do with text reviews or video blogs. The principles of working on materials are similar, but for text descriptions you need to write competently and interestingly, and video reviews will require the author to be liberated and able to “live” in front of the camera. The rest will be done by auxiliary tools: in order to create an interesting and exciting story about the technique, you need to have the appropriate equipment.

My own scriptwriter
First of all, the personal qualities and skills of the author are important. Subscribers give preference to an educated, well-read, competent pro who scans the equipment with one eye, looks through the camera’s peephole with the second, and with the third is already looking for a new product for review.

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In addition to the ability to convey on paper even the taste and smell of electronics, it is necessary to master the art of photographing and creating a composition. Having correctly assembled the frame, the author will be able to work less with the text – the picture itself will tell and show everything, and the text is needed only for clarification and clarification.

Of course, the reviewer cannot do without knowledge of the technique that he will describe. Is a telescope review informative and high-quality if a person understands only meat grinders or hair clippers? Who can talk about a phone better than someone who can take it apart and put it back together with closed eyes? We are looking for a unique approach to any device: we find the distinctive features, note the nuances and show the device, predicting what the subscriber wants to know.

The theoretical part was sorted out, the first skills were obtained, but with practice it is still necessary to work. To do this, you need to acquire at least a minimal assortment of auxiliary equipment. With it, the reviews will literally start by themselves, and the pictures will become more colorful.

A review is a detailed analysis of the technique using text, photographs or video materials. Naturally, without additional techniques, it will not be possible to write a full review. A computer, a camera, the Internet and other values ​​of a modern geek will be very useful here. And the wider the park of monitored equipment, the more devices the author needs. But for a nice start, a small list is enough.

A computer
Reviews are impossible without a typewriter. For text reviews, it is enough to have a lightweight laptop at hand. Authors often choose Apple Ultrabooks – Apple computers are geared towards work and creativity. But devices from other manufacturers (Asus, MSI, Dell and others) will also work. In any case, you can trust the experts and choose a device from the TOP compact laptops for freelancing .

13.3 “Laptop Apple MacBook Air gray

[2560×1600, IPS, Apple M1, 8 ядер, RAM 8 ГБ, SSD 256 ГБ, Apple M1 7-core , Wi-Fi, macOS]
99 999 *
855 1
In stores: in 23 stores
If video editing is a priority , then you will need more serious equipment. Whether it’s a MacBook Pro or a powerful mobile gaming station, video processing and rendering can be done faster with a powerful processor.

13.3 “Laptop Apple MacBook Pro gray

[2560×1600, IPS, Apple M1, 8 ядер, RAM 8 ГБ, SSD 256 ГБ, Apple M1 8-core , Wi-Fi, macOS]
126 199 *
453 10
In stores: in 24 stores
A universal solution is a desktop computer that you can assemble yourself from suitable components. It is flexible in terms of both performance and cost. But do not skimp on the keyboard: good keys are an extension of the writer’s hands.

Wireless keyboard Logitech MX Keys [920-009417]

[scissor, keys – 109, Bluetooth, USB, black]
9 999 *
193 11
In stores: in 31 stores
Photo equipment
The first photographs uploaded to a computer will greatly surprise: overexposures, under-highlights, out-of-focus and other delights of a novice master. To get juicy photos for your material, you need to put the camera phone aside and find at least a simple camera with interchangeable lenses .

DSLR camera Canon EOS 2000D Kit 18-55mm DC black

[24.7 MP, CMOS, 22.3 x 14.9 mm, 3 frames / sec, aperture – f / 3.5-5.6, 100-6400 ISO, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC]
31 899 *
150 7
In stores: in 65 stores
But a photographic camera in hand is only half the battle. As soon as you click the shutter and figure out the camera settings, “professionalism” will whisper – take a new higher-aperture lens, and even better macro, so that the pixels on the monitor can be viewed. Whatever one may say, the standard “whale” for work will not be enough. For a narrow specialization, it is better to choose a profile lens . A macro lens is useful for viewing a flash drive, and if you have to survey the Side-by-Side refrigerator, and even have to shoot in the interior – we definitely take a wide angle.

Canon EF-S 10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM lens

[bayonet – Canon EF-S, autofocus]
36 999 *
20In stores: in 2 stores

Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 Macro IS STM Lens

[bayonet – Canon EF-S, autofocus, stabilization, macro shooting]
32 999 *
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In order to get a high-quality picture, you need to understand not only the shutter speed and aperture settings . Photography is light, and you can’t find it indoors during the day with fire. There is a solution – artificial lighting. For uniform illumination of an already bright space, you can take an annular lamp . And if you need to shoot something small close up, then you can’t do without powerful light sources. You can select a modeling light to soften shadows in your subject, and use an external flash as the primary flash .

Illuminator Godox Ring48

[5500 K, LEDs]

Continuous light kit Rekam CL-310-FL2-SB Kit

[5500 K, fluorescent lamp]
11 999 *
11In stores: in 1 store

Photo flash YongNuo Speedlite YN-568EXIII

[Nikon Guide Number 58m (ISO 100)]
9 499 *
3In stores: in 1 store
Lightboxes are used for product photography. With a certain skill, these friends are quite capable of replacing the studio conditions for the home author: a photophone, a chroma key, multidimensional light. These photos are easier to process after shooting, and work with light and shadows is minimized .

Photobox Falcon Eyes LFPB-1

[white, photo backgrounds – 4, 40x40x40 cm]
1 150 *
1In stores: in 1 store
The last photo-friend of a novice surveyor is a tripod. Advanced writers know hand-held reviews are bad manners. A handheld, floor or table tripod will be especially indispensable if you are preparing a video review.

ERA stand ECSA-3770 black

[floor-standing, up to 4 kg, from 64.5 cm to 166 cm, 1.74 kg]
3 099 *
34 2
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RayLab MT-Pro 32 tripod black

[tabletop, up to 3 kg, from 31.5 cm to 61.8 cm, 0.73 kg]
1 550 *
1In stores: tomorrow (from 10:00)
The list of tools from the photographic part does not end there. You can endlessly improve the system, play with the light and experiment with the composition. Shooting objects is a creative process, here everyone has to improvise: furnish the entire studio with purchased equipment, assemble a set for shooting gradually, or start a career with a homemade lightbox .

Measuring instruments
The review is not only beautiful pictures and quotes from the works of Gogol. Sometimes vocabulary feints and epithets only interfere with the perception of useful technical information. Moreover, the review of technology and electronics requires attention to detail.

For example, the reader will be more interested in knowing how many watts a diode lamp consumes, what luminous flux it gives out at the same time. It is better to speak briefly about the quality of the plastic from which it is made. But the process of disassembling and measuring the heating of the radiator can be given maximum attention: the modern subscriber likes laboratory research “on his knee” no less colorful images.


Therefore, in addition to an impromptu photo studio, the author of the reviews will also need a fleet of measuring equipment. We will give a limited list of what can be useful for writing a review, but most often the authors themselves know what they need and how to use common gadgets . This is usually enough.


A voltmeter, ohmmeter, ammeter and a dialer for contacts can all be replaced with a multimeter . Such a set is useful in any topic – from the review of computer electronics to household appliances. Using a multimeter, you can measure anything – current strength, direct and alternating voltage, circuit resistance, you can ring a wire, and some even measure the temperature.

Multimeter Mastech MAS830L

[manual, up to 600 V, error – 0.5%, continuity check, diode test, display backlight, auto power off]
1 499 *
24In stores: tomorrow

In the era of digital technology, energy consumption plays an important role – technology has learned to control appetites, but sometimes the declared characteristics are far from real. An outlet wattmeter will help you find out the consumption of a toaster or any other electronics in various operating modes.

Socket timer Energenie EHB12-1

LCD display, charger, 16A, 3600W
1 299 *
200 4
In stores: in 68 stores

They are also called pyrometers . It is enough to aim the sight at the measured surface – and the temperature of even a red-hot spiral will appear on the built-in screen. Convenient, informative and very useful for comparative reviews of everything related to heating. This cunning device even measures the freezing of walls in winter, but advanced surveyors use thermal imagers for this . Nevertheless, as practice (and statistics) shows, subscribers are very interested in watching how a detailed temperature map of the entire area of ​​the motherboard or video card is built in real time.

Fluke PTi120 Thermal Imager

[-20 ° C to 150 ° C, sensitivity 60 mK, ± 2 ° C]

Pyrometer Elitech P 350

[from -50 ° to 380 °, sound indication, power supply – “crown” 9 V (6F22)]
1 499 *
60 2
In stores: in 6 stores

Without a proven tool, a review will not work – the good old roulette can do much more than we think. To view small objects, it can be replaced with a modern ruler – a caliper. It’s the same, only a hundred times more convenient, the measurement scale is enough for all home electronics.

Roulette ADA RubTape 5

[5 m, 25 mm, body – rubberized plastic, material – steel, nylon]
399 *
11 1
In stores: in 3 stores

Will the reader understand how brightly the diode lamp shines? No, if you do not support the eye with the indications of a special instrument. In this case, the difference in the quality of the two devices will be noticeable not only by eye, but also in numbers. To measure the brightness of lighting, surveyors use lux meters – it’s like a thermometer, but instead of degrees, it measures the amount of light in lux.

Luxmeter Megeon 21550

[measurement from 200000 lx, response 0.5 sec, error ± 3% + 0.5pczn]
2 250 *
4In stores: tomorrow

How to explain to the reader that a liquid cooling system is quieter than a boxed cooler? You can compare noise to the generally accepted values ​​used to measure loudness: whispers, office sounds, or the roar of a jet engine. But why use abstract values ​​when there are decibels? We turn on the sound level meter and write down the numbers in dB: everyone knows that 20 dB is almost silent, and above 30 dB it is noticeably audible at a distance of 2 meters. Using a sound level meter, you can measure both the noise from working household appliances and the volume of keys on a mechanical keyboard. For a surveyor, he is simply irreplaceable.

Shumomer Megeon 92018

[20 – 130 dB, 31.5 Hz – 8 kHz, error ± 1 dB, power supply – “Crohn”]

Let’s switch to the reviews of TVs and computer monitors. It is easy to tell about the appearance, settings, the work of built-in functions and the quality of the picture by eye. But the reader himself can familiarize himself with these characteristics in the store or on the website. It is much more important to describe not the plastic on the back of the device, but the real running characteristics of the display. The uniformity of illumination, glare, color accuracy and other matrix parameters – you can find out all this only with the help of a calibrator .

Calibrator X-rite i1Studio

[interfaces: USB 2.0]
It is important for the surveyor not only the quantity and quality of light, but also the place where you can photograph equipment or shoot a video. Here, both the design of the workplace and reliable sound insulation are important so that extraneous noises do not burst into your story about the features of any technique. This work can be done by hand . The rest of the material can be prepared at home on a computer.


A professional differs from a novice author by constancy – his schedule is scheduled by the hour. Therefore, it will be difficult to manage multi-threaded work with one laptop and a home chair. If you want your back not to hurt during work, you need to properly organize the workspace .

Computer table MF Master Renzo-2 brown

[MFC, built-in cabinet, 120 cm x 78 cm x 60 cm]
7 699 *
29 2
In stores: tomorrow

Game chair Zombie VIKING KNIGHT LT10 FABRIC brown

[fabric, up to 150 kg, headrest, armrests – 2D]
13 999 *
301 1
In stores: tomorrow
Writing one article a month is a game. Two are hobbies. And writing lyrics every day is work. Put a table, a chair, sat down and wrote – this is how the day of a blogger, reviewer, author of news and articles begins. And horses die from work – if they do not have a comfortable working chair with a reclining back. You need to choose a table for a comfortable chair . Not meter by meter, but a large, spacious table with a thick top and lots of handy drawers for tools and other accessories.

Amiibo Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Action Figure Set

[Shovel Knight, interactivity]
2 999 *
5In stores: in 14 stores

Amiibo Mario Action Figure

[for Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS with NFC Reader / Writer, Nintendo Wii U / New3DS / New3DS XL Compatible, Super Mario, Interactivity]
1 099 *
11In stores: in 30 stores

LED strip ERA 5050-30-RGB-IP65-Wifi-5m

[5 m, LEDs – 30 pcs / m, SMD 5050, IP65, 7.2 W / m, color – RGB]
2 450 *
23 2
In stores: in 11 stores
Let’s not forget about the interior. For beauty and to fill the background, you can assemble an object wall – there you can store boxes from rare video cards, vintage cooling systems, exotic motherboards or collectible figurines of characters from famous games and films. All that remains is to add RGB lighting – and the reviewer’s dream cabinet will be complete.


The presented list of equipment and tools for some will become the necessary minimum, while others will seem to be the maximum set of what may be needed for work. This is not a direct guide to how to make a review, but only a hint, after studying which, everyone will decide for himself what he needs to start.

As you might expect, eminent surveyors use a wider fleet of equipment for their work and are constantly increasing it. Well, a user who is just starting to conquer the heights of content creation can try himself in the role of a reviewer and at minimal cost.