Space Travel

Space Travel

28 million dollars 10-minute space trip with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and owner of Amazon, set up a commercial space travel company, Blue Origin, to fulfill his dream of exploring the vastness of space.

Blue Origin launched an online auction a month ago for anyone wishing to win a 10-minute space tour seat, with citizens from more than 140 countries taking part. One of the lucky bidders for 28 28 million in yesterday’s auction was selected to go on a space trip with Jazz Bezos. However, the winner of the bid has not yet been announced.
The month-long auction had the highest bid of 5 5 million as of Friday, but in the auction held last week (Saturday), one person bid 28 28 million for a space seat, the first bid. 5 times more than bid. The successful bidder will travel the 10-minute space journey with Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and a space tourist.

space trip with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos

The Blue Origin administration said in a tweet that the seat auction for space travel was intended to raise funds for the Blue Origin Foundation and that a significant 28 28 million from the auction would be donated to the foundation.

Remember that Blue Origin has developed a reusable rocket to carry passengers into space.