Six reasons to buy a smartwatch: what they can do and how they are useful

Smart watches are relatively new gadgets that have become very popular lately. Everyone uses them in different ways: someone for sports, someone for work, and someone as a fashion accessory. If you are thinking about buying, but do not know for sure whether you need them, this article contains the main reasons why you should get a smartwatch.

Stylish, modern and stand out

We often make decisions about buying some devices, because everyone has them, it is fashionable and modern, it will help to stand out and show your individuality. Smart watches with the ability to stand out and fit into a fashionable style – complete order.

Smart watch Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm 23 799 *
There will be no problems with the style either. They are round, rectangular and square, and also in different sizes. For example, round watches usually have a diameter of 42 to 46 mm, in the so-called women’s versions there are 38 and 40 mm models. You can choose the option that suits your hand: a large and brutal device for a strong hand or a stylish and effective accessory for a thin wrist.

The possibility of individual customization also plays an important role. In addition to the fact that you can choose an unusual strap or even make it from the craftsmen to order, the dial-screen of the gadget is also customizable as you like. There are hundreds of free and paid desktops available to users on the watch face, depending on the model and manufacturer of the device. This means that you can always choose something different from everyone else.

Health monitoring
Monitoring your health, as well as the process and regularity of training is the most common reason for buying a smartwatch. Fans of healthy lifestyles, especially those who exercise regularly, keep track of the calories burned and generally prefer to know what is happening with the body; they must buy a smart watch or a fitness bracelet.

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The main feature that is inherent in them today and is actively used by the owners is heart rate control. The smart watch uses LEDs of visible light and infrared ranges to monitor heart rhythms, reporting their condition to the owner. Based on the data on the heart rate and its change, it is possible to draw conclusions about the general condition and alert the owner or emergency services if something goes wrong.

According to the heart rate, the smartwatch, if it has the appropriate functionality, can monitor the stress level, measure blood saturation, and even take a cardiogram. True, the latter function is not yet available in all smartwatches. For example, in Apple Watch, it is still blocked everywhere except in the United States due to the need to obtain appropriate permits from government supervisory authorities. Roszdravnadzor recently certified the ECG measurement function in Apple Watch in Russia.

Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm 28 999 *
Measuring and monitoring the heart rate is also useful for older people, who have come to closely monitor their health. Or those who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. A smart watch on your wrist will allow you to track unpleasant changes and respond to them in time. Smart watches are shown to such people.

Sleep quality
If you do not take off your smart watch while you sleep, then the sensors will plot its graph and determine how much time you spent in different phases and how much it corresponds to the norm. So you can not only track the duration of sleep, but also determine how well you sleep. Sleep disturbances are one of the causes of a number of serious illnesses or a symptom of their occurrence. So on this basis, you can respond in time to health problems.

Smart alarm clock
Since the watch still controls sleep, why not make it so that it wakes you up at the most suitable moment for this, bringing you out of the sleep state into the optimal phase. In smart watches, this is implemented by the “smart alarm clock” function – the gadget selects the right moment in a given time interval.

In reality, not everyone likes how it works: some are delighted with a smart alarm clock, some do not see the difference with a regular one. By the way, smart watches wake up the owner with vibration, and not with a ring, and this is very useful when you need to wake up only one person, and not everyone around.

Workout monitoring
For fans of an active lifestyle and those who do not exercise regularly, but want to be customized, a smartwatch will also come in handy. True, in this area they have a serious competitor – fitness bracelets. But smart watches, nevertheless, have a wider functionality.

In terms of monitoring your workouts, your smartwatch will provide you with:

Counting steps, as well as the distance you have walked, traveled, or swam.
Determination of the type of training.
Track recording with mapping.
Moreover, a smart watch in this regard is often more convenient than a bracelet, because they are equipped with a GPS receiver, and a fitness bracelet usually does not have one and builds a workout map through communication with a smartphone. In the future, detailed statistics can be analyzed in the mobile application with which the smart watch interacts.

In addition to recording tracks, the smart watch will cheer you up during training, remind you of your task and achieve your goal, and generally work as a personal trainer and motivator. The watch is completely impartial, unlike a living person: they have completed the task, then they have completed it, no means they have not.

Using contactless payment systems
In the same way that purchases are paid for with a smartphone with NFC, so this is done with a smart watch. If the watch is supported by Apple, Google or Samsung Pay, you can use it without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

It is convenient that the watch is always on your wrist, you will not forget it in your purse or in the car. In general, the payment mechanism is no different from paying with a smartphone, although it may be more convenient to bring a watch to the reader than to get a smartphone from somewhere with busy hands.

Conveniently receive notifications when synchronizing with a smartphone
Another useful function of smart watches, which almost everyone uses, is receiving notifications from a smartphone about calls, SMS and messages in instant messengers, as well as sending weather forecasts and fluctuations in currency and stock prices.


This function is especially important when you cannot fully use your smartphone or you need to switch it to silent mode. For example, at a meeting or at a lecture. Receiving notifications on smart watches is definitely useful when driving a car, since a glance at the wrist distracts less from the road, and hands are busy with driving control, and not with a smartphone.

Controlling the player, camera and other devices
Another useful feature of a smart watch is remote control. The simplest thing is to control the player in your smartphone. You don’t need to take a big gadget out of your pocket to switch tracks – everything can be done from your wrist with a smart watch.


You can also control the camera, especially if you prefer to be photographed with the main camera, and even the whole company. Just give the command on the smartwatch and the camera on the smartphone takes a picture.

Smart watch Honor Watch ES 6 999 *
Car manufacturers also make applications that, for example, can be used to lock and unlock doors, find your car in a parking lot, and monitor fuel levels. And the smart watch has such a useful function as “Find the phone”. If you suddenly forgot where you put your smartphone, then with the help of a smart watch you can quickly find a “lost item”, provided that it is within reach.