Singer Sajjad Ali Marriage

Singer Sajjad Ali Marriage

KARACHI: Renowned Pakistani actress and host Fiza Ali has broken her silence on the news of her marriage to singer Sajjad Ali.

Actress Fiza Ali shared a video on Instagram in which she has released a long explanatory statement on the news of her marriage with various personalities including Sajjad Ali, Amir Liaquat Hussain, former President Asif Ali Zardari.

In a video message, Fiza Ali shared a short clip of the news on YouTube regarding her and singer Sajjad Ali’s wedding and said, “What do you get for publishing lies about others or about people?” In lying, in slandering and accusing someone, in exposing someone’s personal life or in discussing someone’s character.

Fiza Ali said on the news of her and Sajjad Ali’s marriage circulating on social media platform YouTube that Sajjad Ali is like my brothers, like my teachers. He is a huge asset of Pakistan. The whole world likes him. He got me married to him and not only me and him got married but it was even said that Sajjad Ali’s wife has also accepted me. Besides, I have stated in the media that Sajjad Ali is a very good father and husband. “Will anyone tell me when I have done such nonsense?” Fadaali said angrily.

In the same video, Fiza Ali also explained about his and Amir Liaquat Hussain’s marriage and said that sometimes my marriage is arranged with Amir Liaquat, sometimes it is said that he got married. Sometimes my marriage is arranged with former President Asif Ali Zardari and sometimes Prime Minister Imran Khan is made my husband. He also clarified that his name was mentioned with other tick talkers and said that he has no relationship with anyone and he is not married to anyone.

Fiza Ali expressed anger over the baseless and false news about him on social media and said that whether I am married or not is my problem. He folded his hands and begged everyone not to play the role of Mai. In the message with this video, Fiza Ali wrote, “Please think before you talk.” Maybe everyone has to give their own answer to Allah, me and you too.


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