Simple software for a weak computer

A person who buys a computer pursues different goals. Someone dreams of plunging into the world of online games, another does not see his life without blogs on YouTube, and the third only needs to work in Word. Depending on various reasons, an understanding comes about which PC you need to purchase. Today we are talking about weak computers!

What is software for?

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In the most varied variations of computer equipment, additional software is simply necessary. No OS (operating system) can do without a reliable antivirus. And the built-in protection from Windows does not inspire much confidence. Therefore, you have to look for an alternative protection against viruses on the Internet.

To speed up the Internet, PC performance, open files of various formats, play video and audio files, we are helped by third-party programs that more than surpass the standard ones from Windows in quality and efficiency. It is precisely for these reasons that illegal versions (builds) of Windows are made, removing everything unnecessary from the OS.

Additional software is not just needed, but simply necessary!

League of Weak Computers (Laptops)

The concept of “weak computer” is very categorical. Anyway, it will not be possible to come to a consensus. But still, according to some technical characteristics, it is quite possible to make an approximate version of a weak PC.

Technical characteristics of weak computers (laptops) for 2021:

Intel Pentium processor family, AMD A8 and below
The amount of RAM 8 GB and below
4 processor cores and below
Video card: integrated integrated (for example, Intel UHD Graphics 610 or AMD Radeon R7)
Storage capacity less than 256 GB
Based on these parameters, such computers can be found on the market at prices no higher than 25 thousand rubles. Weak PC options are listed below.

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Simple software for a weak computer
For these computers, the characteristics of which I indicated above, there is a selection of programs necessary to improve performance, optimization and protection.

1. Ccleaner

Excellent software for cleaning the registry, temporary files, cleaning cookies, updating and removing downloaded programs. Ccleaner automatically does its job perfectly, without interfering with the user from doing their own thing.

2. Panda Dome

Lightweight antivirus yet reliable. Panda is in the top of the best antivirus programs for 2021. The most striking feature of Panda Dome is that it does not load the system, and its only drawback is pop-up ads (not very often).

Avast is the main competitor of the “panda”. Both antiviruses are worthy of each other, but it is Panda that I give my preference for due to the lightness of the program.

Panda Dome + Windows Firewall = Strong System Protection!

3. Advanced SystemCare

An excellent optimizer for your system. It fully diagnoses your computer, speeds up the Internet, eliminates security errors, optimizes settings, removes unnecessary and temporary files, and updates drivers. After working with Advanced SystemCare, the system, if not flying, then feels much better than the initial state.

4. 7-Zip

The eternal confrontation between 7-Zip and WinRar has recently approached the victory of the first among ordinary users. Although they are the same in characteristics, 7-Zip is a free program unlike WinRar.

7-Zip is the best archiver at the moment, which opens folders and files of various formats.

5. Google Chrome

To surf the Internet, you need a smart and secure browser. This is Google Chrome. Due to the fact that the standard Windows Internet Explorer browser does not meet these requirements, PC users have to look for an alternative. Chrome, like no other, is one of the fastest and most reliable web browsers known.

Additional programs

The 5 most important programs for a weak computer have been described above (although they will suit absolutely any PC). The next step will be software that does not optimize the system, but improves the user experience.

Adobe Flash Player (play Flash content in a browser)
MS Office (indispensable office suite of applications)
Daemon tools (virtual drive emulator)
P. S.
All the software that is listed in the article has been tested on our own experience. And used in real time!