Should you buy a hand blender – why do you need one

There are a lot of kitchen appliances, and many of them are highly specialized. The mixer only whips, the combine grinds, the coffee grinder grinds coffee beans and spices … Why do you need a submersible blender – and is it needed at all?

Hand blenders vary widely in equipment. Some models include only the immersion part, while others have different attachments in the kit.

Among them:

The submersible nozzle is a “leg”. The main working attachment of the hand blender with two, rarely four or six knives. The main purpose is to grind products to a puree state, beat and stir thick mousses.

A whisk is an analogue of a mixer. As a rule, in submersible blenders there are thin wire whisks, much less often – frame ones, as in hand mixers. Usually the whisk comes with a narrow tall bowl for beating.

The hook is also an analogue of the mixer nozzle, it is used for mixing dense viscous dough. Rarely found in hand blenders.

The mashed potato attachment is a special “crush” for mashed potatoes that attaches to the handle in a “leg” manner. It is impossible to make a tasty mashed potato with a classic “foot” – it becomes so smooth and starchy that it tastes and tastes like a paste. The puree attachment does a much better job at this. Works like a manual potato grinder, just no effort is required.

The mayonnaise attachment is a rare and highly specialized attachment for the main “leg”. The main trick is that it can mix ingredients that are difficult to combine, does not allow air to enter the mixture and creates a narrow, dense whirlpool.

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Chopper – a bowl with knives for chopping food and a tight lid. Bowls can be of different sizes, plastic or glass. Sometimes a set includes several bowls of different sizes. Anything from cocktails to minced meat can be prepared in the grinder.

A grinder is a grinder specially designed for spices or coffee beans. The working principle is the same as a conventional shredder, only of a small capacity.

A food processor almost completely replaces a food processor, but, as a rule, has a smaller volume. In the same way, it is completed with various attachments – grater, cutting, shredding, dicing.

A large selection of attachments allows you to replace several devices with a blender at once. For example, if you have special attachments, a blender will replace your mixer, food processor, spice grinder or coffee grinder. Thanks to this, you can save space in the kitchen.

The scenarios for using the hand blender directly depend on which model you purchase. If you want maximum creative freedom in the kitchen, choose a blender with a lot of accessories and accessories. Here are just a few examples of what they can do.Blender Redmond RHB-2964 black 8 999 *
Prepare smoothies, cocktails and other drinks

There are many ways to make a healthy drink or gazpacho-type puree soup. The easiest way is to puree the ingredients with the immersion nozzle directly in the container in which the dish was prepared or will be served.

An immersion leg will fit in a jug or even a glass. Unlike a stationary blender, submersible models are less demanding on the amount of liquid, and you can cook in any container. True, it will take a little longer to grind food.

Whisk sauces and mousses
Perhaps the only device that will create a mousse or sauce of an ideal structure is the hand blender. In this case, the cup of the immersion nozzle is small, which means that you can cook in small portions. A mixer, especially a planetary mixer, will not cope well with a small amount of sauce – it will simply stick to the whisk. Despite the fact that the immersion part does not literally whip, since the main tool here is knives, it will make the mass perfectly smooth.

Blender Bamix LuxuryLine M200 black 29 999 *
Whisk eggs, cream and batter
The whisk of a hand blender is usually thinner and more fragile than a mixer – even the most budget one. For this reason, the blender attachment is not suitable for beating thick dough, custard, butter. But with eggs, cream and pancake dough it can easily cope.

The only negative is that it is inconvenient to whisk with a wire whisk in shallow bowls. It vibrates too much and splashes everything around. Therefore, it is better to work in deep glasses that come with the blender.

Scarlett SC-HB42F60 blender white 980 *
Crack nuts
You will need a chopper bowl here. Not all blenders can cope with this task – pay attention to the power (preferably from 800-1000 W). The most powerful shredders can not only chop nuts, but also make peanut or hazelnut butter.

Hand blender Polaris PHB 1397 Black 2 699 *
Chop ice for parties
Using a blender, you can prepare ice for cocktails the way it is served in bars and restaurants – not cubes, but crushed ice. It is often required by the recipe for desserts, cocktails and other drinks. Replacing crushed ice with molded ice is not always a good idea, since crushed ice melts faster and the drink tastes different depending on the type of ice you use. If you want perfectly clear ice, use boiled water for freezing.

If you intend to frequently use a blender for these purposes, choose models with glass bowls: sharp pieces of ice will scratch the plastic bowl, and it will lose its presentation. Please note that the ice pick is included as standard. However, some manufacturers offer an ice pick bowl and knife as additional accessories that can be purchased after purchasing a blender. In addition, in this case, the more powerful the model, the better.

Grind coffee or spices
The grinder can replace coffee grinder and spice grinder. True, you won’t be able to grind coffee for one cup or a handful of pepper in a conventional grinder – the knives are located high enough, and if you throw in only a couple of tablespoons of coffee beans, they will fly around the cup idle. For spices and coffee, it is better to look for models with a grinder included.

Chop vegetables and meat

It should be noted that the blender chopper is still not a full-fledged combine or meat grinder. Here and the bowl is small, and the knives are miniature, and the motor of the device is not designed to grind several kilograms of beef without interruption. However, for small dishes, the chopper is fine. During work, it is important to follow the process, otherwise the vegetables will turn into porridge, and the meat from finely chopped into mousse or puree, which is suitable for meat soufflé, but not for cutlets. For a more familiar minced meat, it is better to find a blender with a food processor.

Shred, grate and cut food

With an appropriate bowl, a hand blender can replace a food processor. Grate carrots, dice ingredients for salad or okroshka, cut potatoes into slices for frying – these are classic functions of a simple food processor that a blender can do.

Cooking vegetarian and vegan meals
A huge number of such dishes involve chopping products: smoothies, mashed potatoes, sauce, hummus, pate or minced meat for cutlets. Many vegan eating habits use a blender every day because it makes vegan and vegetarian meals much easier and faster. In this case, you should also pay attention to the more powerful models that will cope with almost any product.


Cooking for toddlers
The hand blender is a must-have for parents who prefer to cook on their own rather than buying ready-made jars of puree. The hand blender can smoothly puree anything from apple, broccoli, meat, fish, or cottage cheese. This also includes baby cereals and natural fruit juices-puree, which the blender grinds into a homogeneous structure without large pieces and lumps.

Blender Bosch MS8CM6190 silver 7 550 *
Cook in a small container
The hand blender can grind food in a small container if a small amount is needed. For example, sauces, which are preferably prepared in small portions. It is also convenient for those who prefer to prepare fresh meals every day. And since food doesn’t have to be transferred to another container to process with a blender, piles of dirty dishes can be avoided.

Easy to carry
The compact size allows you to take the blender with you on almost any trip. Whether you are going on vacation, on a business trip, or preparing for a trip to visit relatives, the blender will not make your luggage too heavy, but you can cook familiar dishes or surprise loved ones with your culinary skills.


Easy to wash
As a rule, the blender has a collapsible design. The part where the motor is hidden is not recommended to be immersed in water, but to be wiped with a damp sponge moistened with dishwashing detergent. The rest of the parts can be thoroughly rinsed under running water. Some parts are dishwasher safe. Usually, manufacturers prescribe their recommendations on this matter in the operating instructions.

So is a hand blender needed? If you love to cook, the answer is yes. Even with the simplest submersible blender, you can do a lot without attachments at all – cottage cheese paste, pâté, fruit or vegetable puree, mousses or sauces, smoothies and cocktails, and much more. If you choose a model with a variety of attachments, then one device can replace several at once: a stationary blender, a mixer, a food processor. Of course, if you cook minced meat in kilograms, then you need a full-fledged food processor, like a planetary mixer for a pastry chef. But for homemade recipes and variety in dishes, a hand blender is more than enough.