Should You Buy a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Autonomous technology has come a long way in recent years . This was largely due to the development of capacious and compact batteries with the ability to operate at high voltage. Cooler, bigger ones now power Tesla electric cars, while others are used in home appliances like cordless vacuum cleaners.

Oddly enough, but there is still an opinion that mobile technology suffers from childhood diseases – rapid battery wear, low autonomy and weak power. We hasten to please – all this is in the past, and is suitable only for a bedtime story.

At the dawn of the development of battery technology, the main problem after a quick discharge was the high cost of both the device itself and consumables for it. For example, a screwdriver. Having just appeared on the market, this tool was available only to the elite. But time passed, and technological progress brought robots to Mars, and “Shurik” in the arsenal of every householder.

Drill driver Bosch GSR 12V-20 HX 06019D4102 , Without charger, Without battery

[brushless, hammerless, HEX 1/4″ (hex), quick-clamp, 20 Nm, 12 V, Li-Ion, 2 Ah, 0.72 kg]
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Housewives are also not left without the gifts of the wireless revolution. A battery-powered screwdriver is unlikely to bring them much joy and happiness, but a vacuum cleaner without wires getting tangled underfoot, a twisting hose and nasty wheels will be useful to everyone . Consumers have seen from their own experience that the advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner outweigh its disadvantages. Although the latter are also present.

No wire
Whatever one may say, it’s convenient! Moreover, “whatever one may say” in the literal sense of the word, because you can carry a cordless vacuum cleaner wherever you want. Isn’t this a home cleaning manager’s dream?

Now you do not need to look for the nearest outlet or pull out the entire length of the wire to get to the far corner of the room. We just go with the vacuum cleaner where our eyes look – we vacuum the room diagonally, vertically, from top to bottom and back to front.


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A wired vacuum cleaner is limited not only by the wire, but also by the length of the hose, and the wireless remote is ready to suck dust at any height. For example, without a wire and a hose, it is convenient to vacuum the cobwebs in hard-to-reach places – on a chandelier, near the ceiling, and even in the attic.

suction power
Many people think that battery technology has reduced power and a short resource. This is an erroneous opinion – mobile vacuum cleaners have sufficient suction power , which, depending on the technical characteristics, can even exceed the performance of wired models.

In addition, most upright vacuum cleaners (as well as robotic vacuum cleaners ) have turbo brushes that enhance the cleaning effect. They are connected to a separate drive and forcibly lift the pile of carpets, as well as particles from the floor, regardless of the suction power of the main motor.Vacuum cleaner DeLonghi XLM418.GCG gray

With the help of turbo mode and the operation of the forced drive of the brush, the hair of dogs and cats is very well removed. An ordinary vacuum cleaner with a passive nozzle cannot do this.

Another misconception is that a cordless vacuum cleaner is heavier than a regular one. If we consider the vacuum cleaner only as a tube with the ability to suck – yes, the tube of a conventional vacuum cleaner will be lighter due to the fact that the main body with the engine, filters and electronics “lives its own life” and moves on wheels.

The upright vacuum cleaner is made in a monoblock format – the pipe and other components are connected and represent a single structure. But this does not mean that the mobile model is much heavier than the wired version. As a rule, manufacturers use lightweight and compact components that weigh much less than analogues in wired devices. At the same time, the ergonomics of cordless vacuum cleaners turn out to be cooler – they are well balanced and do not depend on the length of the corrugated hose.

Vacuum cleaner Vitesse VS-765 gray

An upright vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning carpeted stairs in a two-story house. It is enough to remove the extension tube and put the brush with an active drive directly to the vacuum cleaner – this is more convenient than running around with a one and a half meter mop in your hands, which, moreover, threatens to confuse you with a hose and wire.

The dimensions of the wireless device are due to its mobility – vertical models are equipped with a small compartment for storing dust and debris, as well as miniature components. For example, this is a small low-voltage motor, as well as modern electronic stuffing on SMD components.

In addition, cordless vacuum cleaners take up much less space not only in operation, but also in standby mode. Remember how you are trying to install a vacuum cleaner somewhere behind a closet so that it does not rumble at night, frightening half the area. Vacuum cleaner Tefal X-Pert 6.60 TY6838WO gray

This will not happen with vertical ones – these daredevils have their own wall mount-hanger, which, moreover, acts as a charger.

The mount for the cordless vacuum cleaner can be left on the table or attached to the wall. In the “hanging” position, the vacuum cleaner practically does not interfere even in the cramped apartments.

Complete with a wired vacuum cleaner, you can find additional nozzles, brushes and extension cords. But they are not used for their intended purpose and most often remain in the factory box. Why? Because it is inconvenient to carry a corded vacuum cleaner and vacuum hard-to-reach places, for which these nozzles are intended.

With a wireless one, everything is much simpler – we disconnect the main pipe, connect a crevice nozzle with an oblique cut at the end and turn the vacuum cleaner into an effective dust cleaner between the baseboard and the wall. If you connect a complete tube with a hard brush at the end to it, then the room vacuum cleaner will turn into a car vacuum cleaner – it is convenient to clean the seats and the soft cover under the rugs.

If an ordinary duster can somehow cope with the dust on the plinth, then it will no longer be possible to lower it from the fifth floor to the car and vacuum the chips and cookies crushed by children.

Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner SCWCQ01RR white

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with unique accessories, such as wet and dry brushes and motorized nozzles.

Contrary to popular belief, the new cordless vacuum cleaners have good autonomy. For example, when the average suction power is turned on, one charge is enough for a complete cleaning of even a two-story house with an area of ​​​​about 160 square meters.

Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G9 BHR4368GL white

The form factor of the device affects the noise level – although the cordless vacuum cleaner makes noise, it does it much quieter than its wired brother. Moreover, the noise, for the most part, appears as a result of turbulence, in simple words – air is drawn in and ejected through the filter. The engine itself is fairly quiet.

This includes the absence of noise that occurs when moving a wired vacuum cleaner on wheels – they crawl so loudly on a laminate or parquet.

Vacuum cleaner LG A9MASTER2X CordZero purple

By the way, another advantage follows from this – the cordless vacuum cleaner does not need to be rolled on the floor, which means that it does not scratch the varnished surface of the parquet and does not knock down furniture ends.

A little tar
In life, there are no continuous honey rivers, so at least one minus in everyday life, but there is. We are, of course, talking about cordless vacuum cleaners – as convenient as these devices are, they also have disadvantages. True, not so serious.

For example, maintainability . Still, the owner of an upright vacuum cleaner will have to rely only on the factory warranty and believe in the service life of the device declared by the manufacturer. If stationary vacuum cleaners are subject to general repair due to the interchangeability of spare parts, then this will not be the case in mobile models. Each company assembles equipment on components of its own design, which can hardly be found in the public domain due to the low prevalence of such devices on the secondary market or in equipment cemeteries in service centers.

Vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520 blue

The disadvantages include a problem with components . If a conventional vacuum cleaner with a dust bag is able to live on bags from other manufacturers or on disposable containers, then cordless models have a uniquely shaped dust collector that can only be replaced with a similar one. This also includes problems with the installation of universal brushes – manufacturers use a special latch of their own design, which does not allow the installation of third-party accessories.

Turbo Brush Samsung VCA-TB700

No matter how capacious the battery is, any cordless vacuum cleaner needs charging . This also implies a minus – it is impossible to vacuum endlessly, so sooner or later the owner will have to look for an outlet. Moreover, charging is possible only at home – the mount is installed on the wall, and without it, charging is impossible, as well as the operation of a vacuum cleaner from the mains.

The compact vacuum cleaner requires frequent maintenance . For example, the container and the HEPA filter must be cleaned almost after every full cleaning of the house. Dust bins are small, so they fill up quickly and reduce suction power.