Shah Rukh Khan’s Request Alia Bhatt

Shah Rukh Khan's Request Alia Bhatt

Mumbai: Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan has expressed a unique wish to actress Alia Bhatt.

Bollywood King Khan is also counted among the big stars of Bollywood who always have offers for many films.

But this Baradakar has expressed a unique wish to Alia Bhatt. It so happened that as soon as actress Alia Bhatt shared a photo of the shooting of her production house’s banner film ‘Darling’, Shah Rukh Khan asked her to sign me for the next home production after the production of this film.

Shah Rukh Khan assured Alia Bhatt that he would be punctual for the shoot and would work in a very professional manner which he also promised.

The actress laughed and replied that she could not ask for more. The actress wrote that Dale Dunn and she understood that the production house had signed her, as well as expressed love.