Shaan Review about Honey Singh

Shaan Review about Honey Singh

MUMBAI: Indian singer Shaun has termed the singing and music of renowned rapper Yuvraj Singh as unimpressive.

Shaun, the singer of ‘Chand Sifzaar Jo Karta Hamari’, had said in an interview that Yu Yu Honey Singh’s music has no effect, Honey Singh can’t impress anyone, there are very few people who understand Honey Singh, his Not even the name of the music in the songs, everyone can become a rapper.

In another recent interview, singer Sean said, “I have a bad habit of forgetting. When I met Yo Yo Honey Singh, I didn’t recognize him.”
Singer Sean said, “I only saw Yo Yo Honey Singh on television. I never met him. Honey Singh looked thin on TV. I couldn’t imagine that he would change completely later.” will go.

Singer Shah said that once it was agreed to go to a party where Honey Singh was also present, he came to me as soon as he saw me and met me with a lot of love, Yu Yu Honey Singh said, ‘I am following you in singing in my head. I thanked him for that and left.

“Shortly afterward, like a fool, I asked myself, ‘Who was this man?’ I went to Honey Singh again and said ‘sorry, I don’t know you’, he got angry when he heard this, so I cursed myself why I did that