Seven mistakes when choosing ovens

An oven is an essential attribute of any kitchen. Roasting meat, fish and poultry, homemade cakes and other culinary masterpieces are simply impossible without it. The purpose of this material is to warn against the most common mistakes when choosing an oven, because forewarned is forearmed!

Wrong choice of oven type
There are two types of ovens: gas and electric . For the owners of non-gasified dwellings, everything is obvious – you need to take only an electric oven. But those who have gas in their apartment should think hard.

It would seem that the choice is obvious: you need to take an oven powered by natural gas and enjoy the low cost of operation. Stereotypical thinking and the idea that cheap gas is the best fuel for a home oven is the main miscalculation of this category of users. Indeed, by and large, at the stage of comparing the cost of gas and electricity, the advantages of a gas ovenend.

As a rule, only one powerful gas burner is installed in a gas oven, which heats the entire volume. It is at the bottom. For this reason, you can forget about uniform heating. The bottom will always be hot, and the top will “receive less” its portion of heat.

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There are several heating elements in an electric oven, which provides a more uniform heating and a smoother temperature picture, regardless of the level of installation of the baking sheet. Dishes cook in such an oven faster and, importantly, more controllable.

In addition, with an electric oven, the temperature is adjusted more accurately and over a wider range. For example, in a gas oven it will not be possible to set the temperature of simmering food at the level of 100-120 ° C, but in an electric oven, no problem. An additional plus of the electric oven is the presence of grill and convection modes (as a rule, they are implemented in almost all models of the middle price category).

A gas oven also boasts a built-in grill, but if it runs on gas, then using it is rather troublesome. The fact is that a constant flow of air is required to maintain the combustion process, for which many manufacturers recommend keeping the door ajar. From this, the heat from the oven does not escape through the ventilation holes, but directly through the open door, while spoiling the facade of the kitchen furniture. Models with an electric grill do not have this drawback.


According to user reviews, it is much easier to master an electric oven than its gas counterpart. At the same time, there are incomparably more operating modes for an electric oven.

Wrong choice of overall dimensions
For the most part, ovens do not “shine” with a special variety of sizes. Basically, it is about 60x60x60 cm in width, height and depth, which is considered a kind of standard in the world of ovens.

Some manufacturers (of which there are not so many) offer narrow models (width – 45 cm), and users, trying to save money and “carve out” additional space in the kitchen, opt for them.

Using such an oven is extremely inconvenient. Do not forget that 45 cm is the outer dimension of the device. If we subtract the thickness of the inner filling of the walls, then the user will have access to no more than 35 cm of the width of the inner space. And this is very little. You can forget about using the usual dishes and cooking dishes in the oven for a large company.

If the oven breaks down, it will need to be replaced with a device of the same size (remember that the range is quite small), or the kitchen must be radically updated.

If the size of the oven is of paramount importance, pay attention to the compact (low) models in standard width.


Buying a dependent cabinet detached from the hob
The purchase of a dependent oven, that is, one that works in tandem with the hob and has a common control system with it, without the hob itself is not the best solution. Devices of this kind are initially designed to work as a set. They have a common design solution and a single control panel.

In principle, a dependent oven with a single control panel can work as an independent device, but the hob controls cannot be removed. They will take up space but remain unused.

Therefore, if the option of a dependent oven is being considered, it is better to purchase it in tandem with the hob. Such a purchase will cost less than purchasing two independent devices. Otherwise, it is better to focus on independent models.

Electric oven DEXP 1M70GNB black

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Buying an oven without taking into account the possibilities of electrical wiring
An important postulate that few people pay attention to. When choosing an electric oven, the buyer looks at the maximum power consumption, but few people compare it with the possibilities of electrical wiring. But in vain! This is a very important parameter on which the full operation of the oven directly depends. Especially in combined modes (heating + convection, heating + microwave, heating + grill).

If the electrical wiring is not designed for the maximum power of the oven, then many combined modes will have to be forgotten until a new, more powerful line appears in the house.

You can find out how to calculate the energy consumption of kitchen appliances in the following material from the DNS club.

It should be said that the cross-section of copper conductors for connecting the oven must be at least 2.5 mm 2 if its total power does not exceed 3.5 kW, and 4 mm 2 for devices with a power of more than 3.5 kW. If a dependent kit is installed, the cross-section of the copper conductor must be at least 6 mm 2 . The power line must be protected with a separate circuit breaker designed to handle high load currents.

Choosing a model with good equipment, but weak functionality
Buyers often choose between the rich configuration and functionality of the model. As a rule, in this confrontation, the bundle wins. This is another common mistake!

When choosing, it is worth considering the desired set of options and being guided by it, spending as much as possible the budget allocated for the purchase in order to choose the model with the greatest functionality.

It is important to understand that it will not work to expand the set of functions without changing the model. Therefore, check that you have the desired cooking, convection, microwave or steam function before you pay for the oven.

Meanwhile, it is easier to expand the complete set of the oven. You can gradually buy baking sheets, grates, pizza stones, telescopic pull-out guides, etc.


Wrong choice of cleaning system
Modern ovens are equipped with internal cleaning systems. They can be of the following types:

Steam. The burnt fat is softened with steam for manual removal.
Catalytic. Contamination is removed by the surface. It contains a catalyst that is activated at a certain temperature.
Pyrolytic. Fat contamination simply burns to ashes when the oven heats up to 500 ° C.
The systems in the list are ranked by efficiency. Steam cleaning is ineffective: it is difficult to imagine how water heated to 90 ° C can remove grease stains that have caked at temperatures above 200 ° C. Catalytic cleaning is effective for a period of time as long as the material of the inner panels contains catalyst. As soon as it is used up, the panel must be replaced, or you will have to remember the skills of manual cleaning of the oven. Pyrolytic cleaning systems are the most effective. They do not depend on external factors and always show the best results. But ovens with a pyrolytic cleaning system have the highest cost. Therefore, you will have to decide how much you are willing to pay to save the effort when cleaning the oven.


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Forget about safety
The oven is a pretty serious source of danger. It is fraught with threats such as burns and thermal injuries. Children and pets are in the high-risk area.

If the oven is supposed to be installed according to the classical scheme, that is, below the level of the countertop, then it will certainly be in the reach of kids and pets. In this case, when choosing a model, special attention should be paid to safety. A triple-glazed door will serve as a protective barrier against burns.

There are also models in which, instead of glass, a screen is built into the door, the image to which is transmitted through a video camera installed inside the oven. Since the door is well insulated, its surface remains completely cold. No need to be afraid of accidental touches! On the contrary, you will have to touch the screen more often, because the control of kitchen appliances is displayed on it. Using the screen, you can monitor the state of the dish, study the stages of preparation of various products, and even post photos of your culinary masterpieces on popular social networks.

It would be useful to lock the door and control panel of the device so that children do not make their own changes to the cooking mode and are not exposed to danger by accidentally opening the hot door.


An additional layer of safety is provided by overheating protection. It will protect furniture and the oven itself from damage.

Choosing an oven is a tricky business. There are many factors and nuances to consider. The main thing in this matter is to use common sense and make the most of the experience of other users. This will save you from annoying mistakes.