Seven mistakes when choosing an electric hob

Buying built-in appliances doesn’t have to be spontaneous. There are a lot of technical issues that will surely affect the operation process, if they are not immediately foreseen. Therefore, we will deal with the main mistakes that can be made when choosing an electric hob.

Purchase without preliminary measurements and taking into account the dimensions of the furniture
It is good when the kitchen set has not yet been ordered and purchased. Then you can choose almost any hob, since then the project in the salon will be done taking into account its dimensions. But at the same time, you still need to take into account the size of the equipment and the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe kitchen, as well as think in advance about the location of the device. For example, do not place the hob near the sink, as water will get on the heated surface. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the hob by size so that it fits in a place convenient for work, at a sufficient distance from the sink.

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If you have a small kitchen, a 74-90 cm wide hob will take up the entire work surface, and you will have nowhere to cut and prepare food. For a kitchen of a small area, in which there is little space for a workspace, you should think about buying a panel of small width. At the same time, it is realistic to choose compact models with 3-4 burners. For example, Zigmund & Shtain has three-burner models with a width of 43 cm. Two-burner models take up even less space.


Keep in mind that not all workshops undertake to embed large hobs into corner countertops. If the furniture set has already been purchased, and you only want to change the hob, then you need to focus on the dimensions of the existing cutout and select a model with the same dimensions. This will save you from unexpected surprises when it turns out that the purchased equipment “just barely stands up” because the cutout is larger, or the hob turned out to be too wide and took up the entire working space.

Incorrect calculation of energy costs
An electric hob, depending on the power of the burners and their number, consumes from 3 to 10 kW, on average about 7 kW. This means that the hob must be properly supplied with power. And first of all, you should know whether the wiring in an apartment or house will withstand work with such a consumer.

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Perhaps you live in an old house where the electrical wiring is, in principle, not designed for equipment with such energy consumption. And even in a new apartment or house, you need to understand where to connect the hob and whether the power supply system is ready for its use: whether the wiring cross-section and the machines are correct. If it turns out that the wiring with an insufficient cross-section has been connected to the place where the hob is planned to be connected, then the repair will have to be redone – with the walls chipping and the laying of a new cable. It is better to foresee such moments in advance so that buying a hob does not require reworking half an apartment.

Buying a dependent hob when you need an independent
One of the mistakes buyers make is choosing the wrong type of hob. Dependent panels are cheaper, since their control is located on the oven, and they work only in conjunction with the oven.


Such savings leads to the fact that the dependent hob can only be placed above the oven. As a result, it turns out that they seem to have bought modern appliances, but in fact they got an ordinary electric stove, just inscribed in the kitchen set. At the same time, independent appliances can be placed in different corners of the kitchen and the workspace can be zoned in the way that suits you. In addition, it is not always convenient to control two devices from one control panel. And there is a risk that if one of the devices breaks down, the other will have to be repaired. And if there is such a desire, they will also most likely have to be changed together, since it is not a fact that it will be possible to find a compatible model.

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Choosing one brand of kitchen appliances
It often happens that buyers choose kitchen appliances, focusing on models of the same brand. In general, this idea is good, as the technique from the same brand is often done in a similar style. In addition, it is convenient in terms of service, if required. Models of the same brand usually have similar control logic. That is, in general, the choice of a hob and oven from one company is quite justified.


But when buying equipment from one company, still pay attention to what competitors offer. If you do not get hung up on one brand, then it is quite possible to find models in the same price range, but with great functionality. Or vice versa, find a hob with the same number of burners and other features for a lower price. Therefore, you should not get hung up on one brand, you should always consider alternative options.

Wrong to determine the number of burners
Another common mistake is choosing the wrong number of cooking zones. Sometimes, to save money and space, a model with two burners is chosen. And then it turns out that for a family of four this is completely inconvenient, since all the burners are constantly busy.


On the other hand, it also happens vice versa: it turns out that the stove with four burners is really not needed, since the oven is mainly used. It will not work to put a narrower two- or three-burner model instead of a wide four-burner model, since a too large groove has already been cut in the tabletop. Therefore, with the replacement of an unsuccessfully chosen hob, you will also have to change the countertop and spend extra money.

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In addition, when choosing a hob, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the heating surfaces. Hobs, unlike electric stoves, are adaptive. There are models with different diameters of burners, double and triple circuits, an oval heating zone. Consider your cooking habits and which cookware you use more often. This is especially true for induction cookers – in their case, the diameter of the cookware must correspond to the diameter of the burner. If the dishes are much smaller, the stove will simply not turn on, and you will have to buy a special adapter.

Do not include additional features
Electric hobs are equipped with a number of additional functions that are useful to use, but the presence and absence of which customers often do not pay attention.

For example, the automatic shut-off function will turn off your stove if there is no pot on the hotplate or the cooking mode does not change for too long. This will protect you from the forgotten saucepan on the stove.


Different heating modes allow you to choose the best way to cook a particular dish. The presence of rapid heating allows, for example, to quickly boil water, without wasting a lot of time. Having a recipe memory will allow a busy housewife to entrust the hob with work from start to finish – since the technician already knows how long it will take to turn off.

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Buy an induction hob and do not consider that it requires the appropriate cookware or adapter
Another common mistake is buying a hob without taking into account the dishes that are needed for it. You buy expensive equipment, and then it turns out that not all of your pots are suitable for it, and for dishes with a thin bottom, you need to buy a special adapter.


Therefore, before buying a hob, you should also think about whether your cookware is suitable for it and whether it will need to be updated. You can read about which pots and pans are needed for induction cookers in the article of the CSN Club ” Dishes for induction – which one is suitable and how to choose the right one .”