Seven mistakes when choosing a refrigerator

Refrigerator is a large and rare purchase. I would like to take it once and immediately forget it for ten years. How to choose the right “that” ideal refrigerator and what mistakes are definitely not worth making?

1. Choose the wrong volume
Calculate the volume of the refrigerator based not on the design of the kitchen or its free area, but on the needs.

There are more than two people in the family, and you are used to buying food for a month or two in advance? Then you definitely need a full-size refrigerator, or even a two-door one – otherwise one day you will realize that one refrigerator is sorely lacking for you.
If you usually take food at a time, cook rarely and generally prefer to eat outside the home, then a compact refrigerator may be enough .

How to understand how much volume is needed? On average, 70–90 liters are needed per person, but this value is very individual. Someone buys ready-made food in a store at a time and 10 liters is enough for him, and someone buys in bags at wholesale markets – even 100 will not be enough for him.

Nevertheless, it is generally accepted that refrigerators with a refrigerating chamber volume of 170-200 liters are designed for a family of two; 200-350 liters – for a family of 3-4 people and from 350 – for five or more.

2. Forget about the freezer
Looking at any two full-size refrigerators, it seems that their internal volume is about the same. But this is not so – the volume of the refrigerator compartment for a model with a large freezer can be three times less than that of a model without a freezer . And this is with the same dimensions. What kind of freezer do you need and do you need at all?

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If you plan to freeze food in large batches, it may be better to have a separate freezer . Then you can take a refrigerator without a freezer. Consider the location of the freezer as well. The upper chambers are inconvenient to use for long-term storage – the products lying in the depths are inconvenient to reach. Especially if the refrigerator is high and you are not.

3. Don’t think about doors
A common and very unpleasant mistake when the kitchen design is adjusted “by millimeters” to the external dimensions of the refrigerator. Two unpleasant surprises may lie in wait for you here.

Not in all models it is possible to move the door to the other side. The efficiency of the kitchen is largely determined by the size of the working triangle “refrigerator-stove-sink”. So, if the door opens in the wrong direction, and you can’t outweigh it, it will be inconvenient to work in the kitchen. You will have to bypass the refrigerator to get to the groceries.

Secondly, many models need free space on the side to open the door, and sometimes quite decent – the thickness of the door + the thickness of the handle, if it is protruding. By placing such a refrigerator in a corner close to the wall, you simply cannot open it – the door will rest against the wall.

In order not to be mistaken, choose among models with reversible doors .

Take a close look at how the door on the selected refrigerator opens, how much space it needs to fully open, and whether this space is foreseen in your design. You may need to choose a model with a recessed handle and zero door gap – they allow you to open the door 90 °, even if the refrigerator is located close to the wall.Refrigerator freezer LG GA-B509PBAM black
4. Ignore the noise
The noise level of the refrigerator is very important if you have a studio apartment or a kitchen right outside the bedroom wall. In this case, it is desirable that the noise level is not higher than 35 dB.

Noise is directly related to the compressor type of the refrigerator. In ordinary models, the compressor periodically turns on and off, so their sound is not monotonous, but intermittent – the same buzzing annoying at night. It is better to choose among inverter models – they are much quieter, and their sound is monotonous.

Refrigerator-freezer SAMSUNG RB36T674FSA / WT silver

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By the way, if your refrigerator is located far from the bedroom, this does not mean that you can not look at the noise. Sounds with a volume of more than 40 dB are already perceived by us as uncomfortable; we will definitely not be able to ignore them. And among refrigerators there are models with a noise level of up to 50 dB – you are unlikely to like having dinner in such a company.

5. Do not think over the organization of the internal space
Outwardly, refrigerators look pretty monotonous, but inside they can be arranged in different ways.

If you put 3-liter jars and large pots in the refrigerator, pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the height of the shelves. You remove plates, bowls and saucers from the table in the refrigerator – check if it is possible to install additional shelves, and if they are on sale.

Do you like juices and milk drinks? Do you prefer chilled wine to the table? Do not forget to have the required number of bottle holders .

Ice drinkers will love the ice maker – with this device you will always have a supply of ice cubes. And if the icemaker is also automatic , with a connection to the water supply, then you don’t even have to pour water into it, and you will have a cooler right in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator multi-door Winia FRN-X22F5CSW silver

A freezer compartment with manual defrosting increases the usable volume and reduces the price of the refrigerator. But be prepared to defrost it every two months, otherwise there will be less and less space in the freezer. You need to take out all the food, turn off the freezer, wait for thawing, drain the water, dry and wash the chamber, and only then load everything back and freeze again.

So, if you have little free time, or if you do not like homework, it is still better to choose No Frost .

In No Frost freezers, moisture freezes onto a separate cooling element, which periodically melts the ice and drains the resulting water. In such freezers, ice does not freeze, but they also have disadvantages. Dry air draws moisture from stored food, so they should be sealed. But keep in mind that No Frost makes noise during operation, and the system itself steals some useful volume from the refrigerator.

Refrigerator-freezer Nordfrost NRB 154 032 white 21 099 *
7. Take a refrigerator without a “freshness zone”
We’re used to the gimmicks of marketers, and loud claims of “revolutionary innovation” are often overlooked. But the zero chamber, or “freshness zone”, is a really useful function. Especially for storing food that does not like freezing.

Have you noticed that many dense berries and fruits turn into porridge after freezing? This is due to the fact that ice crystals formed at subzero temperatures “tear” the cell membranes. In the zero chamber, the temperature is maintained at about 0 degrees – the water does not freeze yet, and the conditions for the reproduction of bacteria are much worse than at 5, 3 or even 2 degrees.

Berries, vegetables, fruits are stored in the zero zone without loss of structure and taste many times longer than in a conventional refrigerator. And meat and fish will be much juicier if you store them not in the freezer, but in the zero chamber. And if you store a lot of fruits and vegetables, then you just need a zero camera .

Refrigerator multi-door Weissgauff WFD 486 NFX silver
However, it should be understood that the zero chamber is implemented differently in different models, and the effect of it also differs. In expensive refrigerators, the zero chamber is a separate compartment of the refrigerator, equipped with temperature sensors. Some models also have humidity control in a zero chamber.

In inexpensive refrigerators, none of this usually exists, and the zero chamber is just an area located in the lower part of the chamber near the holes from which cold air comes out.