Series S: is the graphics poor on the younger Xbox?

The new generation consoles came out over a year ago, but they are still hard to find on sale. With the PlayStation 5, the situation is completely deplorable, with the Xbox, the deficit is slightly smaller. Most often in stores you can find the younger version of the Series S. The top Series X is much more difficult to get. Most gamers are trying to get hold of it, even without a 4K TV. All because of the stereotype about too much difference in the quality of graphics.

Perhaps due to its small size, XSS is not perceived as a full-fledged nextgen console, but as some kind of “stump”. We have already debunked the main myths about the Series S. In this article, we will analyze specific examples. Let’s take a look at how popular games actually work on Microsoft’s most affordable console.

The latest Battlefield launches on Series X in 4K at 60 fps (with occasional drawdowns up to 1800r). On XSS, the game runs at 1296p at 60 fps, the resolution is dynamically reduced to 1080p.

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The Series S version has lower quality textures, less foliage. However, during hot battles this is not very noticeable. There are drawdowns in frequency (up to 50-55 fps) on both consoles, but they are observed only in 128-player mode.
The innovative shooter from Remedy runs at 900p (1600 × 900) at 60 fps. There were no other options for the Series S. But for XSX, there are two options at once. In performance mode, 60 frames per second are available, in mode with ray tracing enabled, only 30 frames. The resolution in both cases is 2560 × 1440.
In Quality mode on Series X, the game looks significantly better – look for realistic reflections

Assassin’s creed valhalla
Initially, the project only worked in XSS at 30 fps. Over time, Ubisoft released a major patch in which it added new graphics modes. On the younger version, the option with 60 fps became available. However, the resolution drops to 1080p – and in especially difficult moments it drops to 720p altogether. On Xbox Series X, rendering goes at 1728p, dynamically dropping to 1188p.

In the 30 fps mode, the resolution fluctuates in the range of 1296-1440p, while the XSX draws full-fledged 4K. The Series S version also lowers shadow resolution and detail.Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Limited Edition Game (Xbox ONE, Xbox Series X)The developers of the popular football simulator did not bother with optimization for the junior console. She was simply limited to 1080p resolution. Series X and PlayStation 5 are much better, they pull 4K without problems. There are no other graphical differences between the versions.
















In cut-scenes and reruns, everything is according to the traditions of the series – cinematic 30 frames. But this is not a bug, but a feature.
This is a project from an internal Microsoft studio – in theory, there should definitely be no problems with optimization! But the race only runs on the Series S at 1080p. In such a dynamic game, a stable 60 fps is very important, so there is no point in enabling the quality mode (1440p at 30 fps). Machine control becomes “wadded”.

In addition to resolution, FPS Mode cuts the quality of textures, shadows, reflections and vegetation. Series X also has problems – to see all the beauty of the local world, you have to be content with 30 FPS. Dynamic resolution is not provided.
Call of Duty: Vanguard
Sledgehammer Games did a pretty good job of optimizing it. There are two modes available for the Xbox Series S: 1440p @ 60fps and 1080p @ 120fps. On the XSX, that’s 4K and 1536p, respectively.
Visually, the picture is almost identical. There are no drawdowns in the quality mode. In production mode, the frame rate hovers around 70-100. For a multiplayer shooter, the performance is excellent.

Halo infinite
Another project from Xbox Game Studios – and again problems. There are also two modes here. In high-quality, the Series S produces only 30 fps at 1080p, while the Series X uses a dynamic resolution of 2160-1440p at 60 fps. In performance, it can drop as low as 960p in both cases. But XSS has a limit of 60 frames, and the older console is capable of 80-120 fps.

Funnily enough, the new Halo looks better in places on the old Xbox One X than on the base nextgen console!
The popular battle royale has received excellent optimization for the new generation of consoles. Epic’s cartoon survivor runs at 1200p at 60 frames and 1080p at a steady 120 fps.Game Console Microsoft Xbox Series S + Fortnite and Rocket League Games + 3 months Xbox Game Pass

Warzone is doing pretty well too. For Series S, there are 60 and 120 frames per second modes, but the increased resolution was not delivered – you will have to be content with 1080p. In fact, in the second case, it is even lower. The horizontal scan is halved and then these “half” 960 × 1080 are upscaled to Full HD.

Series X has a similar situation: 1920 × 2160 is completed to full 4K.

What’s the bottom line?
If you have a Full HD TV, then you won’t see much difference between Series S and Series X. The top-of-the-line console is aimed at resolutions from 1440p and up, and the graphical settings for both consoles don’t differ too much.

It’s another matter if you have a modern 4K TV at home. The difference will become noticeable. Therefore, it all depends on your gaming preferences and requests.
If you play undemanding network projects and do not focus on the graphics, then the younger version should be enough for you. If you want to comfortably go through the novelties of the story, then the priority will, of course, be the Xbox Series X.