Senate committee rejects use of electronic voting machines in upcoming elections

ISLAMABAD: The government and opposition parties have clashed over the issue of electoral reforms. An amendment bill related to electoral reforms was rejected. At a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, government members left the meeting as the Election Commission was not allowed to respond to their objections.

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs was held under the chairmanship of Taj Haider. Members of the government and the Election Commission walked out of the committee’s meeting midway.

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The government boycotted the committee meeting after Dr. Babar Awan, Advisor to the National Assembly, responded to the Election Commission’s objections and Samina Mumtaz was denied the right to vote online. Opposition senators voted unilaterally against the six-vote bill.

They rejected amendments to the bills on electronic voting, opening of Senate elections, granting of internet voting rights to overseas Pakistanis and vacant seats in case they were not sworn in within 60 days.

Earlier, Railway Minister Azam Swati alleged that the Election Commission was holding the money. He did not know how to raise 37 objections regarding electronic machines. ۔

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Speaking to the media, Azam Swati said that the government had built electronic machines based on the technical aspects mentioned by the Election Commission. The Election Commission does not know how the 37 objections were filed. According to the Supreme Court’s decision, all the work has to be done by the Election Commission and the Election Commission has to decide which electronic voting machine to use.

Azam Swati said that the machines made by the Ministry of Science and Technology were just models and that the Parliament also wanted the use of technology and that every institution where corruption was taking place had been improved by the use of technology. She was insulted by the committee for two days but did not come today. She was asked to take a female member online today, but she did not.

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The Union Minister raised the issues of who does not want to use technology, Imran Khan is doing jihad, the government is ready to support the Election Commission in any way, now it is time for the Election Commission to answer, elections Why does the Commission not want to go for transparent elections? Why does the commission not want to go for transparent elections?

In a press conference with Parliamentary Adviser Babar Awan, Union Minister for Railways Azam Swati and Union Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi & Co. said the whole issue is controversial. The Election Commission now seems to have become the headquarters of the opposition. We want to use technology to make our elections transparent. The logic of the Election Commission is strange.

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He said the attitude of the Election Commission today is tantamount to usurping the prerogatives of the Parliament. Unfortunately, the thinking of the opposition dwarfs is limited to capturing history in their own case.In the 2018 elections, the people put their faith in Imran Khan.The PTI manifesto promised transparency in the elections. Imran Khan is the only government that has come up with a proposal for transparent elections.

He said that the law is not with the Election Commission, the power to make laws lies with the Parliament, the Chief Election Commissioner wants to dictate to the opposition, the Chief Election Commissioner is in personal contact with Nawaz Sharif. There can also be sympathy. If one does not trust the Chief Election Commissioner, how can one conduct elections?

One who respects the vote, Usman Bazdar, one who brings distrust to the Union, Bilawal Bhutto.
He said that the whole world is reviewing the electoral process, inviting the opposition to reform the elections and accusing the opposition of rigging where they lose. The court said that the people do not trust the Election Commission, the whole world electoral process is being reviewed, we have invited the opposition for electoral reforms and where the opposition loses, we accuse them of rigging.

He said that after the 2013 elections, Imran had said in his first speech to open four constituencies, but no attention was paid to Imran Khan’s speech, Imran Khan had started a big movement, Justice Nasirul Malik had spoken to all political parties. No method exists.
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