Secret US Report

Secret US Report

Washington DC: The US media has released some parts of the new secret report about flying saucers and space creatures.

The report, compiled by US intelligence agencies in collaboration with various agencies, will be presented to the US Congress by the end of this month (June 2021).

The New York Times and the Washington Post quoted unnamed government officials as saying that although there was no evidence that flying saucers or space creatures were accurate, the possibility that such reports were true could not be ruled out.
Simply put, this report is “inconclusive”!

The New York Times quoted an unnamed senior administration official as saying that over the past 20 years, there have been 120 incidents of “unknown flying objects” (known as “flying saucers”) recorded by a US military intelligence agency. It had nothing to do with planning or secret technology, nor could they be considered helium balloons dropped at high altitudes.

Videos of some of these observations have also been made by US Air Force and Navy officials.

“All of these observations do not prove the existence of space creatures or flying saucers, but they cannot be denied,” the New York Times reported.

A similar scene was recorded by US Navy pilots in which some unidentified objects were seen flying at hypersonic speeds (at least five times louder). These objects were rotating on their axis like a flying lotto and then they disappeared.

About a dozen such incidents have been reported.

It is almost impossible for any space creatures to be behind the incidents, but US officials say it is important to keep an eye on such incidents as they could be the latest tools from US enemies, especially China and Russia, that could potentially spy on the US. I would have been used.

“The United States takes such interference within its borders very seriously and with concern,” another website, Science Alert, quoted a Pentagon spokesman and US Department of Defense records as saying.

U.S. media reports suggest that the report may not be fully released to the public by the end of this month, as some of the points are “extremely sensitive.”

For now, it would be premature to say what will be presented in the official US report on space creatures/flying saucers, but one thing is for sure, the appearance of flying saucers in the eyes of the US Department of Defense should be ignored now. Not worth it.