Saudi Arabia New Women Rights

Saudi Arabia New Women Rights

Riyadh: For the first time in Saudi Arabia, women were allowed to live alone and freely without their male guardians, ie father, brother, or husband.

According to the International News Agency, the new legislation in Saudi Arabia will remove paragraph (b) from Article 169 of the law requiring women to live with their male guardians, after which women in the kingdom will be given a father, The right to live alone instead of living with a brother or husband.

Following the amendment to the law, women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to live alone instead of being handed over to one of their male guardians after completing a sentence for divorce or a crime. Similarly, women will no longer need the permission of male guardians in many cases.

The text of the new law prohibits the male head of the family from filing a lawsuit against a woman for living alone, saying that an adult woman has the right to choose where she wants to live. In addition, guardians can file a complaint against a free and solitary woman only if she has committed a crime and there is evidence of guilt.

Saudi Arabia has long been embroiled in controversy over the growing abuse of female guardianship law, but in February 2019, an 18-year-old girl arrived in Thailand secretly and was accused of forcing her parents to make decisions. There was global attention.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has taken a number of historic and extraordinary steps since taking office, including empowering women under Vision 2023, which has since enabled women to drive, work, participate in sports and Alone traveling abroad is allowed.

It should be noted that in Saudi Arabia, a woman had to live with one of her male relatives. Similarly, it was impossible to get married, get a passport, or travel abroad without the permission of father or husband, uncle, brother, or even son