sandals is worth Rs 3.86 billion

sandals is worth Rs 3.86 billion

Dubai: You can also buy the pair of sandals shown in the picture, provided you have 36 23.6 million (PKR 3.86 billion) available for free.

This women’s sandal is golden because it has a gold leaf in it. More than 100 small diamonds can also be seen in this sandal while two large diamonds have added four moons to its beauty.

The world’s most expensive sandals are made by the famous “Jada Dubai” and “Passion Jewelers” which has been given the brand name of “Passion Diamond Shoes”.
Maria Majari, co-founder of Jada Dubai, says it took her company more than nine months to develop such a pair because the work required great care and sophistication.

It should be noted that this company has already produced the most expensive diamond shoes.

However, this new range of precious sandals uses extremely rare and unique diamonds; Due to which these sandals have become the most expensive in the world.