Salman Khan Broke The Silence

Salman Khan Broke The Silence

Mumbai: Bollywood’s Salu Mian broke the silence over the presence of his wife and 17-year-old daughter in Dubai.

Salman Khan participated in his younger brother Arbaaz Khan’s talk show “Quick Hill Punch by Arbaaz Khan Season 2”. The first episode of the show was aired yesterday in which Salman Khan participated as a guest and responded to the criticism leveled at him.

The show’s host Arbaaz Khan read a comment from a social media user who claimed that Salman Khan has a wife named Noor and a 17-year-old daughter and Salman lives with her in Dubai but People in India have been fooled into saying that they are not even married yet.

At first Salman Khan was shocked to hear this comment because he did not believe that this comment was made about him but when Arbaaz Khan assured him that this comment is about him, Salomian replied that it is not. There is nonsense. What is this person trying to convey by saying such things?

Salomian got angry after hearing this comment from a social media user and said do they want me to name them and answer that no brother I don’t have a wife.

Later, Salman Khan explained his presence in Dubai with his wife and daughter and his claim to live with them.

It should be noted that Arbaaz Khan’s talk show “Quick Heal Punch by Arbaaz Khan Season 2” is about the criticism of celebrities on social media, especially artists. The show invites Bollywood celebrities to comment on their criticism on social media, and artists respond to the criticism. The first season of the show aired in 2019.

On the other hand, Salman Khan is the most handsome virgin in Bollywood who has not got married yet despite being 55 years old. News of his relationship with several actresses circulates in the media every day. In addition, Salomon’s fans and the Indian media are eagerly awaiting when and with whom they will marry.