Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal

Karachi: Pakistani actress Sadaf Kanwal says that as a man, a husband should have a high position.

In an interview to a private TV channel, actress Sadaf Kanwal said, “I think if a few rules are adopted, married life can be lived successfully. Those rules are very simple. You need to tell your husband.” The husband must understand.

Explaining further, Sadaf Kanwal said that the husband works hard to meet the needs of the family. Like Shahrooz, I also earn but cannot compete with them. The day will come when I will take care of my children. The way a man can take care of a woman, a woman cannot.
However, Shahrooz Sabzwari believes that a man can never take the place of a woman and that is the place of a woman. Men and women need to understand each other’s place. Allah has set separate rules for both. There is a difference in the thinking of the two, if they both understand each other’s position and status, then in my opinion it is equal, some men consider themselves superior to their wives.

Actress Sadaf Kanwal says that our husbands are our culture, I am married to Shahrooz which means I have to pick up their shoes and iron their clothes, I know where Shahrooz’s thing is kept in the house, I know It happens that what Shahrooz has to eat, I have to take care of everything as a woman and wife, Shahrooz does not have to take care of my things.

In the interview, when Shahrooz Sabzwari was asked about the item song in Sadaf Kanwal’s film ‘Unknown Persons 2’, the actor said that he liked it a lot but did not know Sadaf at that time. I know very well, I have no right to question Sadaf’s choice, I don’t consider it anything more than work in a film.

Sadaf Kanwal says that in your youth you don’t know much about things, then there comes a time when you start to understand things, you don’t intend to do it again in the future.

It may be recalled that actor Shahrooz Sabzwari and model Saira Yousaf were divorced last year. A month after the divorce, Shahrooz Sabzwari married Sadaf Kanwal.