Sachin Tendulkar’s Son Dhoni Has Applied For The Post Of Teacher

Sachin Tendulkar's Son Dhoni Has Applied For The Post Of Teacher

Lahore: Sachin Tendulkar’s son Mahendra Singh Dhoni has submitted an application for the post of teacher.

According to Indian media, in the world of cricket, many fathers and sons have been in action in their respective eras, perhaps they have also had opportunities to play together, however, a unique case in Chhattisgarh caught everyone’s attention.

A candidate for the post of teacher submitted his name, he had registered his name Mahendra Singh Dhoni son of Sachin Tendulkar, surprisingly he was also shortlisted and called for an interview.
The real situation became clear when an attempt was made to contact him on the phone number given on his profile. At that time, the fact was revealed that the application was fake and his picture went viral on social media.