Rudeness in politics

Patience, politeness and morality have been left in the current politics of the country. Whether members of the government or the opposition, rubbish and poison come to the media every day. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is out of his mind. Each other’s names are being corrupted.

The Prime Minister represents the whole nation. His words are the mouthpiece of the nation. If the Prime Minister does not have control over himself then how can he stop the members of his cabinet from talking rudely? If any Prime Minister uses the language that is being used today, it will not send a positive message internationally. There should be differences of opinion, but no one, be it a government official or the opposition, should lose sight of decency and morality.

In a house where adults have to work carefully to teach literature to children, they are taught to use the word ‘you’ instead of ‘you’, to respect and honor the elders. If government and opposition figures use such language, what will we teach future generations? Maulana Fazlur Rehman is a respected person. He is respected in political and religious circles. If they are not respected then how can we teach respect to our little ones? Be it Imran Khan or Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Asif Zardari or Shahbaz Sharif, this is the national leadership, new generations have to learn from them.


What we sow today we reap tomorrow. Calling each other thieves is not the same as it used to be in every democratic era. Whatever government comes, the opposition party sits comfortably and does not allow the ruling party to sit. When the PTI started a movement against the Nawaz League, a long sit-in was called in D-Chowk, protests were held across the country, the issue was still under discussion in the political circles that if Imran Khan came to power tomorrow, against him. Even these opposition parties will not sit idly by. And today the same thing is happening against the PTI government. All opposition parties are fighting against the Imran Khan government.

The story of no-confidence motion filed by the opposition parties against Prime Minister Imran Khan has entered its final phase. PTI allied parties are assuring the opposition of cooperation. Now the PTI government is alive with the help of PML-Q and MQM. The moment these two parties split from the PTI, the PTI government will be in danger and the success of the opposition movement depends on these two parties.

As of now, the United Opposition has completed its number of games on assurances. In an earlier post, I wrote that unless the opposition meets the required number to make the no-confidence motion a success, the motion will not be submitted. When the required number was met, a no-confidence motion was filed by the opposition and this time the opposition leaders seem to be more confident. The Assembly Secretariat has completed the formalities on the motion. All the signatures of the members have been confirmed. The file has been sent to the Speaker National Assembly by the Assembly Secretariat for convening the meeting. Now in 14 days the Speaker of the National Assembly has to convene a meeting. The movement will be debated for two days and voting will be held on the third day.

Of course, the government is also worried about the opposition’s confidence motion. One after another contacts are being made with our allies. Governor Sindh has been given the task to celebrate MQM. The Governor of Sindh also visited the MQM headquarters but nothing seems to be happening. Governor Sindh tried to persuade Aleem Khan but was unsuccessful. Efforts are also being made to celebrate the Chaudhry brothers in Punjab. It has been stated by Chaudhry Parvez Elahi that PML-Q has made its decision. And it seems that the Q-League is ready to take a leap from the sinking new of PTI. Attempts are being made by some PTI leaders to arrange the last meeting of the Chaudhry brothers with the Prime Minister. If Chaudhry Parvez Elahi agrees, this could be an important meeting at any moment.

The PTI is also ready to face the opposition. The news that is being received from PTI is scaring its members with disqualification. While it is also being reported that Imran Khan has got the evidence of contact with PTI members and there are also reports of some videos with reference to some opposition leaders who are in contact with non-political people. Prime Minister Imran Khan has received evidence. That is why the PTI circles are saying that these evidences will be presented to the people in due course. Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to hold a meeting in D-Chowk a day before the no-confidence motion. This is being publicized on social media and reports are that Imran Khan will present all these evidences to the people in this day’s meeting. Imran Khan really has evidence in his hands or the opposition is being intimidated, nothing has been said in this regard.

If the no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan succeeds or Imran Khan completes his constitutional term, will he join the opposition and speak out against the ruling party or not take to the streets against him? This series is not going to stop. Therefore, instead of giving a chance to undemocratic forces, they have to tolerate each other. Only then will an elected government in Pakistan be able to complete its constitutional term.