Robot For Lonely People

Robot For Lonely People

Hong Kong: Hansen Company has developed a robot that will help people living alone, this robot has been named ‘Grace’.

Hansen is one of Hong Kong’s leading technology companies. The new robot introduced by the company is aimed at public health, especially for the elderly. This robot will not only talk to them in private but also proved to be a good companion.

What is special about this robot is that its face is made like an Asian person instead of people living in Europe or America.
The robot, named Grace, is disguised as a woman and dressed as a nurse. The robot is also equipped with special cameras.

This robot was invented with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Grace is able to speak not only Chinese but also two languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English.

The head of the company, David Hanson, described his new invention as “a global outbreak of the coronavirus that has spread around the world at a time when there is a huge burden on the medical staff, with the help of Grace Robots.” This burden will come down.
David Hansen said that this is just the beginning, in the future, robotic systems will be needed to protect the public.

“Grace robots look just like humans, so with the help of such technologies we can do important things to alleviate people’s loneliness,” he said.

He said the Hansen Company plans to sell thousands of robots by the end of 2021.