Robot Dog

Robot Dog

BEIJING: In response to Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot, China’s popular Xiaomi smartphone company has launched the Cyber ​​Dog, which can be purchased for 15 1,500 (PKR 250,000).

It should be noted that the robot dogs of Boston Dynamics are of large size and have been made for military purposes and law enforcement agencies.

Compared to them, ‘Cyber ​​Dog’ is much smaller (as big as a cat). In addition, they are multi-purpose and open source, as well as being offered for commercial sale.
Currently, only 1,000 units of Cyber ​​Dog have been developed and online sales have begun.

What can a cyber dog do? It depends on the buyer who can use it as a toy to entertain himself. And if he wants to, he can also use it for research in the field of robotics.

Like a ‘smart toy’, a cyber dog can move on its owner’s voice as well as stand on its hind legs. A practical demonstration of this is shown in the YouTube video released by Xiaomi:

Other details indicate that the Cyber ​​Dog has servo motors that enable it to walk on all fours. It can run at a maximum speed of 11.5 km per hour.

In addition, it is equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras that allow it to identify obstacles in its path with great precision and decide for itself whether to cross them or avoid them.

Touch sensors, GPS modules, ultrasonic sensors, wide angle fish camera and artificial intelligence cameras are some of the important devices in ‘Cyber ​​Dog’.

It can also be trained to recognize different situations and environments with the help of computer vision algorithms.

If you are an expert in robotics and want to try a new program on computer vision, you can also change the built-in program of Cyber ​​Dog as it is open source. Not only that, but you can also install brand new and different computer vision software in it.

In addition to standing on its hind legs, the robot dog can also eat ‘inverted somersaults’, while it can also recognize human postures and facial expressions.

This ability enables him to follow his ‘owner’ like a loyal pet, while using his six microphones he can recognize his owner’s voice and follow his orders.

It also has a remote control, but it can also be controlled with a smartphone app if needed.

The ‘brain’ of the ‘cyber dog’ is the powerful ‘Jetson Xavier NX’ made by NVIDIA, also known as the ‘supercomputer in the size of a computer’.

It also has a built-in ‘Solid State Drive’ (SSD) with 128 GB capacity to store all the necessary programs / software and data obtained while performing various tasks.

It has three TypeC ports and one HDMI port. These ports will be able to attach a variety of additional hardware, including searchlights, panoramic cameras and ladders.