Richard Brains Successfully Completes Space Travel

New Mexico: Richard Branson, a 70-year-old British businessman and owner of technology companies, has spent a few minutes in space fulfilling his life’s greatest desire.

Richard Branson completed the voyage in an hour and a half and boarded his own Virgin Galactic rocket plane to the edge of the ground horizon. At an altitude of 90 km, the sky became dark and the weight of space began to feel. Richard and the other passengers spent a few minutes in this environment which made them feel like they were in space.

It should be noted that Virgin Galactic Company is owned by Richard Branson and he wants to take ordinary passengers to the edge of space by his rocket plane. Before the regular start, Richard himself wanted to go on this journey and feel it. The entire trip was watched live online and people showed great interest.

Richard announced the construction of the spacecraft in 2004 and said he would provide the facility on a commercial scale in 2007, but it took 17 years to reach the destination.

Richard said he had been interested in space since he was a child and he wanted to take tens of millions more people into dark space beyond Earth.

His space ride is called Unity, which was placed on a special plane and carried to an altitude of 15 km. The spacecraft then detached from the aircraft and its engines burned for 60 seconds. With Richard D and passengers and pile TM PM, The trip also had a rack.

In a short time, the spacecraft reached an altitude of 90 km, where all the crew was weakened by gravity and spent a few minutes in the weightless space. Here Richard and his colleagues enter the window or of instituting the what and the when he described his trip as “surprising” given.

The plane then packed up and landed safely at the New Mexico spaceport.