Returned From Afghanistan

Returned From Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon says the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is 90 percent complete after seven military bases were formally handed over to the Kabul government.

According to the International News Agency, the Pentagon has said that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is underway in phases. So far, military equipment has been transferred out of Afghanistan by 1,000 C-17 cargo planes.

A Pentagon spokesman said that so far seven military bases have been handed over to the Kabul government, where Afghan security forces have now taken over, while many military equipment has been handed over to the Defense Logistics Agency.
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A Pentagon spokesman expressed satisfaction with the speed with which US troops were withdrawing from Afghanistan, saying that the withdrawal was 90 percent complete and that the last batch would have returned to the United States by September 11.

Asked about the statement by Bagram Airbase Commander General Assadullah Kohistani, a Pentagon spokesman said the last meeting with the Afghan leadership took place 48 hours before leaving Bagram Air Base, in which all details were shared.

A Pentagon spokesman added that the Afghan political and security leadership was fully aware of the Bagram base but did not know why the information was not passed on to lower levels.

It should be noted that the United States as well as other NATO member states are rapidly withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan, while the Taliban and Afghan security forces are fighting a fierce battle for control of several districts in which the Taliban often Areas have been conquered.